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UKIP: Nigel Farage to fix MEP lists to favour sycophants and the highest bidders … again!

Posted by juniusukip on May 31, 2012

Harry ‘puppet on a string’ Aldridge demonstrates the best way to win an MEP seat in Nigel Farage’s UKIP
We note that Farage has told the NEC that HE will announce the MEP candidates lists and order of standing on 1st April 2014.
Thanks to the recent constitutional changes, Farage now has the final say on who stands for UKIP and their position on the list: LINK.
How apt that he has chosen April Fools Day for the announcement. No wonder Farage looks on the ordinary members with contempt and smirks at their foolishness in allowing him to get away with turning UKIP into a dictatorship.
Farage has already been busy offering places to his sycophants. These include:

Neil Hamilton – South West.

Harry Aldridge – South East
Steven Wolfe – London
Alexandra Swann – East Midlands
And holding back the announcement till April gives plenty of time for potential bidders to buy their place on the list. Now how much did Stuart Agnew and Godfrey Bloom promise the UKIP leader last time?
And Godfrey, did you pay £30,000 or was it the full £50,000 in 2004?

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Nigel Farage – The Messiah?

Posted by juniusukip on May 30, 2012

Nigel’s Messianic complex seems to get worse with every passing year.

The latest UKIP leaflets now describe him as:

“the most charismatic and plain speaking politician in British and European politics”. LINK

And Farage actually believes this crap! It can’t be long before the sycophants start claiming that UKIP’s Fuhrer can turn water into wine, raise the dead and walk on water.

Can we offer some advice to the person behind UKIP’s latest leaflet? How about changing the words charismatic and plain speaking for corrupt and egotistical? That would provide a far more accurate description of the UKIP leader.

The phenomena that is Young Independence ….. or maybe not

The latest YI recruits shudder with anticipation after hearing that Nigel is on the lookout for another mistress

Young Independence continues to stagger into insignificance. Doubt our word? Then check out the YI website: LINK

The What’s Happening section has not been updated since December 2011.

The News section has not been updated for 85 days.

And what of the YI Forum?

Elections. No posts

Q &A. No posts.

Resources. No posts.

Policy. No posts.

General. Two topics. Three posts. Last post was made on 21st February 2012.

Admin & Organisation. One topic. One post. Posted November 2011.

Professionalise UKIP? UKIP on the up? Don’t make us laugh!

And finally………..

Police have released a photo (above) of a man wanted in connection with Nigel Farage’s plane crash. Our readers may recall that Farage tragically (Junius Editor: Shouldn’t that be magically?) survived a plane crash just before the last General Election.

However, a senior UKIP source has rejected the claim that the crash was due to sabotage.

“All this talk about guided missiles is pure hogwash. Nigel spotted two busty 20 year olds sunbathing nude in a field and grabbed the controls for a closer look. End of story”.

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UKIP: Nigel Cabbage over Europe!

Posted by juniusukip on May 29, 2012

Nigel’s EFD campaign plane finds a novel way to persuade Irish voters to say No to the EU
Some light relief!

In the first of a weekly series, the United Kingdom Independence Party’s Nigel Cabbage flies over the skies of an enslaved Europe to point out what’s going on …

“HARRUMPH! I’m Nigel Cabbage and I’m here in my plucky little British plane flying over an enslaved Europe so I can give you, the Great British Public, some idea of what’s going on over here. NUUUUURRRR! RAT-A-TAT-A-TAT-A-TAT-A!”

“TSK! Look at these bloody Belgians. It’s thanks to this lot that you, the Great British Public, can’t sit down to a Sunday roast without first filling in a form. The bloody country didn’t even exist a hundred years ago probably, and it’s a damned disgrace that they can lord it over our country which is hundreds and hundreds of years old. A disgrace! NUUUUUURRRRR! AK-AK-AK-AK-AK!”

“BAH! The bloody Frogs! While this lot do as they damn well please, they make sure that you, the Great British Public, tow the Euro-line by swamping you with endless rolls of red tape and bonkers Brussels bureaucracy! It’s alright for a Frog to eat a banana that’s bendier than a boomerang, apparently, but just you give it a try and they’ll have you up before the European Bloody Court of Human Bloody Rights! It’s a disgrace! NUUUUUURRRRRR! NUH-NUH-NUH-NUH-NUH-NUH-NUH!”


Next week, Nigel flies his wee little plane over the skies of Ireland, Portugal and Greece.

To read the original version in glorious Nigel Cabbage 3D Vision: LINK

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UKIP: More from liar Monckton

Posted by juniusukip on May 29, 2012

Only UKIP’s inept and corrupt leadership would allow this serial liar and fool to hold a senior position in the party!
From grist:
Lord Monckton delights Heartland conference with birther antics

Lord Christopher Monckton, climate denier extraordinaire.

A version of this article originally appeared on Climate Progress.

With the Heartland Institute suffering from a public relations disaster that caused 11 donors to abandon financial support, one might think the organization would attempt to moderate messaging tactics at its climate denial conference this week.

Or maybe even find an expert who doesn’t freely admit that he “has no scientific qualification” to challenge the science of climate change.

Not quite.

After comparing people who understand global warming with serial killers in a billboard campaign, the organization featured a presentation yesterday that called into question the legitimacy of President Obama’s citizenship.

Enter Lord Christopher Monckton, Heartland’s “mystery guest” who popped in to the conference Tuesday to perform a quirky stand-up comedy routine for a couple hundred eager attendees.

His presentation peeled back yet another layer on the conspiratorial beliefs of many within the climate disinformation community.

Monckton, a man frequently held up as an expert among deniers, started his speech off by boldly admitting his lack of scientific qualifications. He thanked the attendees for having the “courage” to challenge climate scientists, explaining: “It is particularly hard, if like me, you have no scientific qualification to do so.”

Monckton then joked about what he needed to do in order to build his credibility in America.

“I have concluded what one needs to have is a freshly minted Hawaiian birth certificate,” he said, referencing the belief among “birthers” that President Obama’s birth certificate is forged. He displayed a picture of a Hawaiian birth certificate with his personal information filled in. The crowded erupted in laughter.

“I was born at a military hospital. What is marvelous is that this [birth certificate] is just as genuine [as] that of the president of the United States,” said Monckton.

Even with the release of official documents and repeated confirmation from Hawaiian officials, Monckton is an outspoken believer that President Obama’s birth certificate is forged. The conspiracy has gotten so ludicrous in the face of documentary evidence, the Washington Post labeled remaining birthers “crackpots” who “live for their pet conspiracy theory.”

Explaining that his forged birth certificate prepared him to run for president of the United States, Monckton presented Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast with a freshly minted campaign button. Bast shook Monckton’s hand, jokingly saying he would endorse the candidacy.

The opening skit raised resounding laughter and applause throughout the room.

Monckton, a former policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher, has become a form of comic relief for the climate disinformation community. Australian satirists did a hilarious interview with him in which they “mistook” him for an act by Sacha Baron Cohen. But Monckton has also said those who embrace climate science are “Hitler youth” and fascists. He travels around the world making grossly inaccurate presentations filled with peculiar jokes poking fun at climate scientists, whom he labels “bullies” and “liars.”

However, the scientists he attacks have done nothing more than factually debunk, point by point, every single argument that Monckton has laid out throughout his career as a climate disinformer. (In fact, Monckton is one of the most widely discredited figures among the community of widely discredited deniers).

Then again, Monckton himself admitted up front in yesterday’s speech that he has no “scientific qualification.”

In the wake of Heartland’s Unabomber billboard campaign, 11 donors representing roughly 35 percent of the organization’s funds for 2012 pulled support, according to the advocacy organization Forecast the Facts. The pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly said such tactics “were not consistent” with how the company “engages in public debate.”

Helping spread the fringe conspiracies of birthers probably isn’t the best messaging strategy for the Heartland Institute right now.

Ironically, Monckton’s birther routine came directly after a speech from Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), who alluded to the billboard campaign by saying “we can continue to win these debates out of the strength of our arguments, without recourse to unsavory tactics that only serve to detract from our message.”

Sensenbrenner’s message at the conference: Carbon dioxide is a “natural gas” that couldn’t possibly harm the planet. “Does this mean that all of us need to put catalytic converters on all our noses?” he asked the crowd, which chuckled at his suggestion.

To read the original: LINK

For more on this serial liar: LINK

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UKIP: A Faragian Pact

Posted by juniusukip on May 28, 2012

An interesting view on Farage’s proposed election pact with the Tories. Taken from Witterings from Witney:

A Faragian Pact

According to Dan Hodges, writing in the Daily Telegraph, Ukip are preparing to offer Tory MPs a Faragian pact at the next election, with the smaller party reportedly ready to stand down candidates against those embracing its slightly eccentric brand of Eurosceptic nationalism. At the last general election Ukip did indeed not stand candidates in certain constituencies, a decision which caused a sizeable number in the party to become extremely unhappy bunnies.

It may be that I exhibit the traits required in a politician by appearing a tad thick but, presuming that this “offer” is true, I fail to understand just what Farage hopes to gain. Just what is to stop any Conservative candidate making the sort of noise that pleases Farage, who then ‘stands-down’ his candidate, only for said Conservative candidate to turn round when elected and, in effect, stick his tongue out?

A number of decisions that Farage has made in the past have been questionable and this latest is no different – mind you, for a party that totally ‘cocked-up’ its campaign during the London Mayoral election this year, this latest does but join what is quite a long list of what may, in polite circles, be called a Gaffarage. Ukip are only polling an average of 9% at the moment, meaning the party is approximately 20% short of attaining one or more MPs and if the Buckingham campaign is any yardstick Ukip could poll 30% and still not get a single MP.

It may well be that I am totally wrong – but I would ask any of my readers: who among you is blessed with the ability to understand the logic of any decision made by a politician – because I am buggered if I can.

Original Article at Witterings from Witney: LINK

Tory HQ has already confirmed that any Tory MP candidate accepting Farage’s offer would be deselected and any association that endorsed it would be disbanded. And let us not forget that a large number of UKIPPERS also reject ANY proposed deal with the Tories.

Witney also mentions the farce that was UKIP’s London election campaign. LINK. You will recall that UKIP stood as Fresh Choice for London. The leadership assumed that that both the UKIP name and the Fresh Choice description would appear on the ballot papers. This was despite being warned by UKIPPERS in London that this assumption was incorrect. It was only when the first set of nominations were published that Farage and his not so useful idiots finally accepted that they were in the wrong.

We should point out that a number of UKIPPERS still believe that Farage deliberately set out to damage the London campaign by re-branding UKIP as Fresh Choice. We don’t share this view. Farage lacks the brains to be that Machiavellian!

It is interesting to note that registration of Fresh Choice required the signatures of Nigel Farage, Peter Reeve and Stuart Wheeler. So the ultimate responsibility must lie with them.  But let us not forget that the NEC endorsed Farage’s decision to use the Fresh Choice tag.

So have heads rolled over this farce? Not on your life. This is UKIP we’re talking about!

Incompetence, corruption and  unprofessionalism are the norm when Nigel Farage leads you.

Nigel, you have been claiming for years that you are going to ‘professionalise’ UKIP. So how about starting the process by sacking yourself and those other chumps named above?

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UKIP professionism and going in with your eyes wide shut

Posted by juniusukip on May 27, 2012

How to win friends in the media

From Independent.ie:

During our interview, one of UKIP’s fixers entered the room and sat down opposite us. He got aggressive when I pressed Mr Farage on the amount of money they were spending on their No campaign in Ireland.

The money topic came up after Mr Farage had boasted about how they were distributing their anti-treaty leaflets to every household in Ireland. When I asked him how much it was costing to print and distribute them, he inadvertently blurted out that it was around €200,000. I was shocked at the high figure and I pressed him further on it. At that stage, his fixer got aggressive and he threatened to pull the interview.

“Karen, if you continue on this f****** line we’ll just f****** wrap up and go, all right?” he warned me.

The quote above is taken from an Irish article concerning the referendum on the EU’s fiscal treaty. The journalist concerned may display alarming signs of ignorance when it comes to the EU but she had every right to question Farage on how much UKIP had spent on the ‘No’ campaign.

Farage and his cronies clearly think that is acceptable to respond to such questions with a torrent of abuse.

So much for Farage’s pledge to professionalise UKIP. But what can you expect from a man who surrounds himself with sycophants, idiots, drunks and terminal failures from the Tory party?

For more on this see: LINK

UKIP man seeks election with eyes wide shut

Asleep on the job? Mr Stedman starts his campaign with his eyes wide shut 

We were amused to learn that UKIP’s Leon Stedman recently sought election as a governor of a mental health trust in East Anglia – a seat that had been held by John West. We understand that Mr West chose not to seek re-election due to media commitments.

Many of our readers may recall that Mr West walked away from UKIP after witnessing widespread corruption in the party. He later turned down an offer by Lord Pearson to rejoin the sinking ship.

One of our contacts in the East has told us that UKIP assumed Mr West would be standing again and were very keen to see Cllr Stedman defeat him.

So did Mr Stedman win the seat? The answer is no.

So much for UKIP’s continued claim that the party is on the up!

For more on this: LINK

And finally……..

Jonathan ‘frightened rabbit’ Arnott must be the only person in Britain who thinks that wearing a shell suit to a political meeting is the right thing to do. But at least he gave his fellow UKIPPERS a damn good laugh as he strutted around Westminster trying to look cool and impress the ladies.

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Farage’s offer of a UKIP/Tory election pact

Posted by juniusukip on May 26, 2012

You may be aware that Farage has said that he is prepared to consider approaches from eurosceptic Conservatives to run joint candidates in some constituencies. LINK. It reminds us of the farce that was Lord Pearson and his idiotic support for so-called euro-sceptic Tory candidates during the last General Election. LINK.

We can confirm that several members of UKIP branches have contacted Junius to confirm that they will oppose ANY co-operation with the Conservative party. And they would certainly reject any attempt by Farage to force them to accept his proposal.

Several anti-Tory UKIPPERS expressed surprise when we told them that UKIP already has a close working relationship with members of the Tory ECR Group.

As one said:

“What is the point of our party claiming to be an alternative to the Tories when we are prepared to jump into bed with them at every opportunity?”

UKIP/Tory bedfellows

Examples of UKIP/Tory co-operation:

“The Church and the Market”

Sponsored by the office of Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP, with co-operation from the office of Nirj Deva, MEP.

: Vincent de Roeck.

Time/date: Tuesday 29 May 2012, 6-7pm

Venue: European Parliament, ASP A1H1

Organised by: Michael Jose and Niels Meyer

Vincent de Roeck, a founder member of the Mises Circle in the Brussels Parliament, will present “The Church and the Market”, by Tom Woods.

Myth and reality of the Pinochet regime of Chile

[He wasn’t so bad as they say]

Sponsored by the office of Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP, with co-operation from the office of Nirj Deva, MEP.

Speaker: Sasha Renate Bermann

Presentation: “Myth and reality of the Pinochet regime of Chile“, by Hernán Büchi,

Time/date: Tuesday 24 April 2012, 6-7pm

Venue: European Parliament, ASP A1H1

Organised by: Michael Jose and Niels Meyer

The Tragedy of the Euro”, by Philip Bagus

Sponsored by the office of Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP, with co-operation from the office of Nirj Deva, MEP.

: Andreas Kansouzidis, European Conservative Rand Reformists Group (ECR)

Book presentation: “The Tragedy of the Euro“, by Phillip Bagus,

Time/date: Tuesday 27 March 2012, 6-7pm

Venue: European Parliament, ASP A1H1       

Organised by: Michael Jose and Niels Meyer

“Currency Wars”, by Jim Rickards

Sponsored by the office of Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP, with co-operation from the office of Nirj Deva, MEP.

Speaker: Richard Byfält, previously of Open Europe, currently a European Commission employee.

Book presentation: “Currency Wars“, by Jim Rickards.

Time/date: Tuesday 28 February 2012, 6-7pm

Venue: European Parliament, ASP A1H1 (see directions here)

Organised by: Michael Jose and Niels Meyer

The four events above can be seen listed via this link http://misescircle.org/events/

Farage’s offer of a deal with the Conservatives again confirms a simple sad fact – UKIP is nothing more than a Tory pressure group.

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UKIP: Godfrey Bloom and Marta Andreasen fail to Battle for Britain

Posted by juniusukip on May 23, 2012

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a Financial Transaction Tax.
HMG and the City of London are both vehemently opposed to this. It emerged today that when it was passed in a parliamentary committee in Brussels, one vote could have stopped it. Godfrey Bloom sits on that committee, but guess what? He didn’t turn up to cast his vote.

Perhaps he was nursing a hangover or chatting up some Belgian totty, but his vote could have stopped the tax. Tory MEP Vicky Ford gave Bloomers both barrels – no wonder he turned bright red with embarrassment!

Yet another example of how UKIP MEPs have betrayed the British people!

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UKIP: Gerard Batten racism accusations

Posted by juniusukip on May 22, 2012

Hello Campers!
You will recall that allegations of racism were made against Batten by a former member of his staff. He was also accused of electoral and financial irregularities. We note that the case against him continues. We also note that REPORTING RESTRICTIONS have been removed by the Judge. This was despite Batten’s desperate attempts to gag the press and use the police to intimidate those who dared to mention the hearing on their websites or blogs. LINK
The Judge has quite rightly rejected Batten’s pathetic attempts to silence the truth.
An insider has this to say:
It is untrue he was found not guilty because the case was not fully heard. All that happened was that he lost his precious reporting restriction and now everything can be openly written about. Judge rightly said he is politician, is open to public scrutiny, is nothing special and reporting restriction discharged.
Batten’s actions make a mockery of Farage’s so-called support for the reform of Section 5 of The Public Order Act:

“Not that I have ever been known to insult anybody in the course of my work, nor indeed that anybody has ever felt the need to insult me or UKIP for that matter.

But the principle that freedom of speech, a basic Liberty, must be defended and protected from well meaning legislation is one that UKIP has supported for years. We have had a commitment to reform Section 5 almost since we had any commitments.

In a robust democracy people must be free to insult and be insulted. We have laws that protect against incitement to violence and hatred, that should be enough. To protect my feelings from those who wish to laugh at me or hold me in contempt is a freedom I never wanted, nor hoped for.

So three cheers for this campaign, three cheers for those like Peter Tatchell, The Christian Institute, David Davis, The National Secular Society, the Freedom Association, Big Brother Watch and all the others standing up for the liberty of people to throw verbal brickbats around.”

What a pity that he doesn’t apply this to his own party where censorship and intimidation of members are the norm! The UKIP members only forum is just one example of this. Posts are regularly removed if they dare to criticise Farage and his cronies. See: LINK

And remember how Dr Eric Edmond and Dr David Abbott were thrown off the NEC for daring to raise concerns about corruption in UKIP? The so-called leadership then tried to smear them by claiming they were BNP supporters. LINK

And remember when Del Young was subjected to similar treatment? LINK

The reform of Section 5 is just another bandwagon for Farage to jump on in a desperate bid for more publicity. Yet another example of UKIP hypocrisy from UKIP’s Hypocrite-in-Chief!

Also see: LINK

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UKIP councillor is a tweet

Posted by juniusukip on May 20, 2012

Farage will probably ask him to become an MEP after reading this. He’ll feel right at home exploring the fleshpots of Brussels with Nigel, Godfrey and chums!

From the Shields Gazette:

CONTROVERSIAL councillor David Potts today has come under fire from a former political ally for publicly tweeting American porn stars.

The 29-year-old – who is facing fresh calls for his resignation after being labelled as vindictive and a bully by Town Hall chiefs for saying the borough had a “poxy backwater council” – is facing more flak for his actions on social networking site Twitter.

Councillor asked to quit over new Twitter slurs

Coun Potts, who represents UKIP in the borough’s Cleadon and East Boldon ward, asked former American porn star Mercedes Ashley – described on her profile as LA-based who has starred in more than 183 adult movies – to send a congratulatory message to his fellow ward councillor Jeff Milburn for being re-elected earlier this month.

However, the borough’s only Conservative councillor was horrified to discover he had been associated with such tweets.

He said: “I must admit I don’t go on Twitter daily, so I wasn’t aware of this, and as far as I am aware, I have not been contacted by any American porn stars.

“But I do not think this behaviour is acceptable or appropriate for a councillor. He should not be sending tweets like this in the public domain.”

But a defiant Coun Potts is standing by his actions, and says if people are offended they shouldn’t read his Tweets.

He said: “I have not encouraged former porn stars to contact my ward colleagues.

“I asked a personal friend, who is a former adult entertainment professional, to e-mail Coun Jeff Milburn congratulating him on his victory.

“I do not in any way judge people by what they do for a living.”

Yesterday’s Gazette, pictured, revealed how a constituent was angered at being invited to a possible wives and swingers ‘W&S’ party by Coun Potts, who also likened the event to a ‘bunga bunga’ gathering – an Italian word to describe an orgy.

Coun Potts protested his innocence and said ‘W&S’ simply stood for wine and sandwiches.

However, earlier this month he also entered a Twitter conversation with online sex website @AdultPlayParlour, during which the adult website congratulates him for being so ‘hardcore’.

When the Gazette contacted the former Tory councillor over whether the nature of some of his tweets were appropriate, he said: “My personal sexual preferences are an issue entirely for me. I do not do anything illegal or immoral.

“I confess that I have a libertine attitude towards sexual relations between consenting adults.

“My attitude is that if we all made love and not war, the world would be a much better place.

“Finally, I would add that I do not write my tweets as a councillor, but rather as a trader. If you don’t like them, then I suggest you don’t read them.”

Coun Potts will face the standards committee – an independent council watchdog – after he received a criminal caution for unauthorised disclosure of personal data earlier this year.

He took documents from a behind-closed- doors Town Hall meeting and handed them to the Gazette earlier this year.

To read the original: LINK

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