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UKIP: Nigel Farage is a liar

Posted by juniusukip on September 29, 2011

We can now confirm that the convicted violent racist Mario Borghezio has not been suspended from the EFD group in the European Parliament.

He was suspended from his own party, Lega Nord, in Italy for one month, but has remained a full member of the EFD. This followed his comments in response to the tragedy in Norway where seventy-six people were killed by Anders Behring Breivik.

Borghezio, described the ideas of Breivik as “good” and excellent”.

Farage’s claim that Borghezio was to be suspended from the EFD for 3 months would appear to have been a lie.

How can anybody trust this jumped up little oik now?


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UKIP: True Finns MP calls for tanks to deal with Greek rioters

Posted by juniusukip on September 28, 2011

‘True Finns’ MP, Jussi Hallaaho – chairman of the Administration Committee of the Finnish Parliament – recently made this comment on the Greek protests:

“What Greece needs at this particular time is a ‘Military Junta’ that would not have to worry about its popularity and could use tanks to enforce some order among strikers and rioters”.

Source: http://rt.com/programs/keiser-report/episode-187-max-keiser/ (approx 8-9 mins into the show). The comments were originally made on the MP’s Facebook page and soon sparked outrage in Finland and Greece. In a face-saving exercise, he was later suspended from his party for a mere two weeks.

So does the MP support a ‘shoot to kill’ policy in Greece? And does Farage endorse his comments? After all, Nigel happily sits with the True Finns in the EFD group and has chosen to remain silent when it comes to the MP and his sordid views.

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UKIP: Pity Poor David Bannerman

Posted by juniusukip on September 26, 2011

It’s interesting to note that Bannerman gave UKIP £1500 in the two months before joining the Tories.

Given that he borrowed £30,000 from friends and UKIP members in the Eastern Region and spent some of it on a sports car, where did he get the £1500 from?

And don’t forget that Bannerman is still under investigation by OLAF. See: LINK

Interesting article from The Mail blog. It seems that Bannerman is in for a rough ride. What a shame!

Does David Campbell Bannerman know what he’s getting himself into? This MEP is best known as the UKIP politician who defected to the Tories. Tonight, he is speaking to the Freedom Association’s youth wing, and if the messages being posted about him on Facebook are anything to go by, he’s in for a tough time.

“Turncoat! Judas!” exclaimed one member. Another wrote: “Hell would have to freeze over to miss this once in a lifetime event. What a booking!”

The reason people hate Mr Bannerman is not that he defected, but the way he did it. He didn’t quit after a bust-up or after gradually drifting away from the party – it was entirely without warning.

In fact, in the month that he joined the Conservatives, he was published in the Campaign for an Independent Britain’s magazine, saying:

“The ridiculous choices of the Coalition Government, to spend more on EU membership (now £48 million a day) and foreign aid (£23 million a day) when we are making dangerous cuts to our own military services speaks volumes. They cut at home to squander money abroad. And we call these politicians our public servants!”

Yet on the day of his defection, he claimed that he was “impressed” by David Cameron’s leadership. He said: “I have been pleased with the robust stance taken by David Cameron and Conservative MEPs over the EU Budget negotiations and I believe that it is Conservative MEPs who are working hard to defend Britain’s interests.”

Needless to say, UKIP members feel let down after investing time and considerable sums of money to help get him elected.

But Mr Bannerman has probably made the right choice politically. Several months before he defected, I was told by a senior UKIP source that the members were unlikely to reselect him for the next European elections. His future now seems pretty secure. At the last European elections, the Tories automatically put incumbent MEPs at the top the top of party lists. If the same system is repeated for the 2014 elections, he is effectively guaranteed reelection.

Anyway, back to tonight. Around half the audience are likely to be Tory supporters – and a Tory MP is listed on Facebook as attending. So although there will be critics, I wonder if Mr Bannerman will also have some defenders. Whatever happens, the Q&A is sure to be riveting.

To read the original: LINK

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Gary Cartwright on why UKIP is the ‘Alternative Reality Party’

Posted by juniusukip on September 26, 2011

From Mr Cartwright’s blog:

A study by the University of Cardiff has revealed that 82% of Britons are in favour of wind energy. The Danish island of Samsø takes 100% of its elecricity from wind power, and now exports energy to the mainland, and guess what – the lights don’t go out when the wind stops blowing! Last year, wind generated elecricity in Spain peaked briefly at 52% of total national demand. UKIP, however, has a different take on all this. A few years ago an e-mail was circulated by a UKIP member stating that it takes a single wind turbine 2 years to generate enough electricity to boil a kettle. Most famously, a UKIP researcher once wrote that wind turbines adversely affect the rotation of the Earth.

UKIP is now in danger of becoming the ‘Alternative Reality’ party.

The party’s Head of Policy is one Christopher Monckton, a man who has recently been chastised for pretending to be a member of the House of Lords. Prior to the Copenhagen conference he claimed to have seen a secret treaty that would be signed by world leaders handing over power to a new world government. That this failed to happen, is something he has yet to address. His testimony to the US Congress on climate change was greeted with derision, and he was again humiliated over his claim to be a member of the House of Lords.

On the day the eurosceptic MEP Derk-jan Eppink presented his excellent book ‘Bonfire of Bureaucracy in Europe’ in Brussels, UKIP MEPs were supporting the launch of a book about the Bilderburg group. Personally, I am not particularly worried about the activities of an NGO, but some seem to think that this group is planning world domination. Another one of those ‘secret governments’?

Society needs dissent. Dissent is good for debate, and it is good for democratic integrity, as it keeps the centre ground fluid. A stagnant polity is vulnerable in terms of the strength of its democratic process. Dissenters come in two types – ‘disclosers’, who are there to challenge the system and ensure transparency, and ‘contrarians’, who serve little purpose at all. UKIP now falls into the latter category, with all received wisdom seemingly being rejected on no firm basis whatsoever. This is a great shame, as UKIP made a huge contribution by being the catalyst and rallying point for many thousands of people who felt that their voices were not being heard, or that their concerns about the EU were not being taken seriously. Good people who had grown disillusioned with the established parties got out onto the streets, delivered leaflets, challenged their MPs, and stood in elections they knew they could never win. The contribution of UKIP to British politics has been immense – that makes it even sadder to see what the party has now become.

To read the original: LINK

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UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire & Mike Nattrass

Posted by juniusukip on September 22, 2011

Nikki Sinclaire

We would urge all UKIPPERS to read Nikki’s website. It contains a wealth of information regarding Nikki’s sterling working in the EU parliament – plus details of her referendum campaign in the UK.

Here is an example:

Strasbourg Report

This week saw the return of the European Parliament to Strasbourg after the summer break. To make up for missing a month in August we will be here twice in September. Next year, this may not happen, as MEPs recently voted to have just 11 sessions here in 2012. The French government, however, is challenging this in the courts. The arrival of the traveling circus in Strasbourg each month is accompanied by skyrocketing hotel charges and a massive demand for casual workers in the service sector. One can understand why the French would be keen to continue with this boost to their economy, but in these times of austerity, we should question the morality of using taxpayer’s money in this way.

Calculating the actual expense of all this is difficult, as many costs are hidden. Documents and equipment are transported from Brussels in convoys of lorries, and thousands of staff, all on generous expenses, make their way to Alsace. There are special trains and charter flights laid on, it is often joked that canceling the Strasbourg sessions would enable the EU to meet its carbon emissions reduction targets at a stroke!

Challenging the Commissioner

Karel De Gucht is the Belgian Commissioner for Trade. On Monday 12th in Strasbourg he made an official statement on the ongoing Doha negotiations, by which it is hoped to stimulate development through free trade. I was able to challenge him on the hypocrisy of the EU in such matters, pointing out that whilst on the one hand it calls for an end to trade tariffs, on the other hand it implements tariffs itself. I also pointed out the damaging effects of non-tariff barriers to trade, such as quotas, licensing requirements, etc.


I finished by pointing out that the EU, which is having to bail out its own bankrupt states, might not be the best place to go for advice on trade and economics!

To read the original: LINK

Mike Nattrass

Next month, Mike Nattrass will be attending an open meeting in Sheerwater, Woking. The meeting is free. Be there for 8pm. Mike will be talking about the EU and then taking questions from the floor.

Public Open Meeting

Dear All,

Attached are details of an Open Meeting at Bishop David Brown School, Sheerwater, Woking on Wednesday 19th Oct 2011. You are all cordially invited to attend, together with friends.

Please circulate as widely as possible as I would not like Mike to travel from Birmingham to address just a handful of people.

Best wishes

Robert Shatwell
UKIP Woking Branch
tel 07818441148

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More Bits and Pieces from the Wacky World of UKIP

Posted by juniusukip on September 19, 2011

Chumbawamba have Farage in their sights

How we laughed after hearing that Chumbawamba were far from happy after UKIP’s leadership used the band’s ‘Tubthumping’ hit to accompany Farage on his walk to the podium during the last Fuhrer Rally in Eastbourne.

Singer Dunstan Bruce, who is not in the current incarnation of the group, said:

“This song being used by Ukip is so wrong. I am absolutely appalled that this grubby little organisation are stealing our song to use for their own ends. It’s beyond the pale and if they use it again we will consider legal action.”

We hear that Farage was inspired to use the song after hearing the line ‘He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink, he drinks a Lager drink, he drinks a Cider drink.’

Annabelle gets some lip

Annabelle Fuller has recently been sporting a rather nasty sore on her lip. It has attracted some comment in UKIPPER circles. Here is one joke now doing the rounds …….

What’s the difference between Nigel’s love and herpes? A: Herpes lasts forever

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

More great publicity for UKIP. But how about auctioning something that’s really on the endangered list – Derek Clark and Stuart Agnew’s career in the EU parliament. Just ask OLAF!

From the BBC:

UKIP lion skin auction ‘stupid and insensitive’

The planned auction of a lion skin and head by the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has been condemned by conservationists.

The item is being auctioned at UKIP’s annual gala dinner in Eastbourne.

Chris MacSween, of Kent-based charity Lion Aid, said it was “stupid and insensitive” and UKIP was effectively “condoning lion trophy hunting”.

UKIP said it was donated by a party member and it did not support “modern day hunting of lions for their skins”.

‘Zimbabwe gift’

The party’s website listing of the item says: “Antique skin, with head, of a lioness shot in Zimbabwe. (Reserve £200) Donated by Geoffrey Clark (who did not shoot it!).”

A party spokesman said: “We appreciate that such an item is not to everybody’s taste.

“The lion head and skin is an antique which was donated to the party by a member. The member in question originally received it as a gift following a stint working in Zimbabwe.

“It is approximately 45 to 50 years old and came into the country long before modern day legislation was in place to halt such imports.”

Ms MacSween expressed “shock and horror” and said the auction was “in the worst possible taste”.

“UKIP has not only accepted this trophy in as an auction item, but now they want to earn money from it,” she said.

“You don’t sell trophies onwards. Secondly, anyone who bids for that trophy is also exhibiting the worst possible taste here. Thirdly, buying trophies stimulates the market for more lions to be hunted.”

‘Trophy hunting’

She called for UKIP to remove the item from the auction list and for it to be confiscated and a full investigation to be conducted as to how it came into the UK.

“Maybe it did come in through a legal means, but we are working so very, very hard with a lot of politicians both in Europe and in the UK, cross party, to try and get trophy hunting stopped,” she said.

Will Travers, chief executive of the Born Free Foundation, also condemned the auction.

“Born Free is not interested in politics. It is interested in animal conservation and animal welfare,” he said.

“Selling animal trophies of any kind – whether it be lion, rhino or tiger – draws attention to the trade and may stimulate unscrupulous dealings.

“Therefore we would urge all parties, from whatever persuasion, to abandon ideas of selling wildlife for political gain.”

The auction is due to take place on Friday evening during the gala, which is part of the party’s annual conference.

To read the original: LINK

Stockton on Tees

We note that the Stockton on Tees Branch recently folded. The £1000 in the branch kitty has been sent to UKIP HQ. Gordon Parkin cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ between him and Alan Hardy as the reason behind the decision. In other words, Gordon is a bad loser. See: LINK

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UKIP Glasgow gets rather rude

Posted by juniusukip on September 17, 2011

It appears that some wag hacked into UKIP’s official website and change the section devoted to our old friends at UKIP Glasgow. Or did a member of UKIP Glasgow get carried away after having a wee dram? The offending text was quickly removed but not before the Junius Team got hold of a copy. Double left click on the picture to read a rather interesting alternative UKIPPER viewpoint.

And it was nothing to do with us. We would have been more subtle!

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UKIP: Farage and Racism

Posted by juniusukip on September 15, 2011

Ever wonder why UKIP is so often accused of being racist? On September 3rd, Nigel Farage tweeted “John Cleese has a point: every time I go on public transport in London (which is often!) I’m surrounded by people who don’t speak English”.

One would question the judgement of a party leader in making such a comment. But then, of course, one would also question who it is who actually makes these postings. Possibly somebody in the UKIP/EFD (UK delegation) press office?

Ms Annabelle ‘Bury Me in a Y-shaped coffin’ Fuller

The press office has always been a source of amusement for journalists. Whether it be Annabelle Fuller, The Hon. Steven Sobey Nevile, Ralph Atkinson, or blokes who hit women live on air, it has never been something one might describe as a ‘slick’ operation.

Norman Tebbit’s website Critical Reaction pulled no punches in its analysis of the UKIP/EFD press office after the 2010 General Election debacle in Buckingham, highlighting “one of the most stupid pieces of spin imaginable, that Farage was ‘the leading candidate amongst the ten who had (challenged) Bercow … in third place behind John Stevens’.”

The latest addition to the team is Lee Allen, the YI press officer, heavy metal fan, and Faragista extraordinaire. We will watch with interest.

A final question. When, or if, Farage uses public transport in Brussels, does he speak Flemish or French?

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UKIP: Neil Hamilton

Posted by juniusukip on September 14, 2011

Are we seeing an effort to undermine existing structures in UKIP South West?

Sometimes UKIP member Neil Hamilton has Farage’s support for his NEC candidacy, and has been shoehorned into place as Chair of UKIP Wiltshire with barely a nod to due process. Hamilton has “not ruled out” standing as an MEP in 2014.

Hamilton is a friendly chap, and enjoys good relations with the membership, to whom he gives a lot of his time. But he does seem to carry a lot of baggage….

In 2002, the BBC alleged that he had given a “Hitler Salute” whilst on a visit to Germany. He successfully sued for libel, but then admitted that he gave “a little salute with two fingers to his nose to give the impression of a toothbrush moustache.”

During a debate, Greville Janner said he that lost half of his family in the Holocaust. Hamilton allegedly replied “Unfortunately, the wrong half”.

In 1994 Hamilton was accused of taking cash for tabling parliamentary questions. He was found guilty, an enquiry found the evidence that Hamilton took cash from Mohammed Al-Fayed for asking questions was “compelling” and that he was unlikely to have taken less than £25,000. He resigned his position as Corporate Affairs Minister. The incident resulted in a court case, which ultimately led to his bankruptcy.

Edwina Currie, the former health minister, told the cash-for-questions inquiry how Hamilton had been unmoved, in May 1988, by a set of photographs showing cancers that could be caused to young people by a product he was promoting.

In 1997, Hamilton lost the 4th safest Tory seat in the country, Tatton, to independent anti-corruption campaigner Martin Bell.

In 2001, Hamilton was arrested on suspicion of rape. The allegations against him were unfounded, but such an incident, in the context of someone with such a dubious track record, will always be likely to resurface in the media.

And so, we might ask, is Farage trying to promote Hamilton for altruistic reasons, or is he setting him up to damage the South West region by foisting a controversial candidate on them?

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UKIP Conference

Posted by juniusukip on September 12, 2011

And so the UKIP conference is over. The Farage spin machine claimed over 800 attended. Indeed, they said that the ‘Conference drew record numbers’. Actually, the real figure was just over 400. How can you possibly trust a party that can’t even be honest about how many members bothered to attend?

The event was largely ignored by the media. The BBC did cover it but were more interested in highlighting the various splits in the party and the fact that Marta Andreasen had called on Farage to stand down as leader.

One stall is fronted by Marta Andreasen – a sitting UKIP MEP – who has called for the leader Nigel Farage to resign.

Another promotes the cause of Nikki Sinclaire, who was elected as a UKIP member but now sits as an independent in the European Parliament.

She claims Farage has fallen out with half of the MEPs in the party’s history, adding: “We can’t all be wrong.”

Then there is UKIP’s founder Alan Sked, who wrote to the The Times to say: “UKIP has been fooling its voters and members for far too long. Its third-rate leaders, propagandists and MEPs all need to be sacked and the party re-established.” See: LINK

And how can you take UKIP’s leadership seriously when they invite Neil ‘Cash for Questions’ Hamilton to be one of the ‘star’ speakers? And it’s no surprise that he wants to join Nigel on the EU Gravy Train as an MEP!

UKIP’s leadership also invited representatives of extremist/pan-European parties such as the leader of the True Finns. This is the same party that thinks ethnically Finnish women should study less and spend more time having babies. And let us not forget that in April 2009, all the leaders of Finland’s political parties signed a declaration condemning racism. Only Soini refused to sign. The party also believes homosexuality to be an “aberration”. That UKIP is happy to invite such people to their conference clearly proves that the party is now firmly on the extreme right of British politics. Indeed, one senior member of UKIP has said to one of our contacts that ‘we intend to capture the BNP vote’.

A UKIP spokesman pathetically tried to defend the presence of extremists by highlighting their so-called ‘Euroscepticism’. She said the invitation was not an endorsement of their entire policy programme, adding: “We wouldn’t seek to tell other political parties how to run their domestic affairs.”

It’s a good job UKIP wasn’t around in the 30’s. No doubt members of the Nazi Party would have received an invitation on the basis that Hitler wished to see Britain and her empire remain aloof from European issues!

One attendee told a member of the Junius Team:

The same speeches, the same faces and the same old soundbites from Nigel. Nothing changes. Why did I bother?

Nuff said!

However, we are pleased to note that Nikki Sinclaire attended the conference and was warmly welcomed by the majority of the membership. Many UKIPPERS congratulated her on the success of her referendum petition. Farage’s attempts to smear her in the eyes of the membership have failed!

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