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Fascism in UKIP: The proposed changes to UKIP’s constitution

Posted by juniusukip on November 30, 2008

Derek Clark MEP has been asked to draw up amendments to the constitution . Paul Nuttall will be given dictatorial powers to remove the so-called malcontents. Disciplinary committees will become a thing of the past because Farage can’t take the chance that some of those accused of ’bringing the party into disrepute’ may get off.

The NEC will vote in favour of the amendments on Monday. Only Del Young is expected to oppose the motion. In January, the membership will be asked to vote in favour of the changes. It is proposed that an article be put in the next issue of Independence informing members of why the changes are necessary. Farage and Nuttall will then start a campaign of spin and lies in order to persuade the membership that a number of members are out to wreck UKIP and must be removed. Dark hints of BNP infiltration will be used to fool the gullible. Phone calls will be made in a further effort to win over the doubters. The RO’s will be working overtime. Once the amendments are approved the mass expulsions will begin in February or March. Paul Nuttall, who a few still think of as a nice guy, approves of this move to total dictatorship. No wonder he is so keen to model his appearance on Benito Mussolini!

Farage and Nuttall’s hate list: David Abbott ,Geoffrey Collier, John West, Robin Page, Martin Harvey, Peter Cole, Gary Cartwright, Eric Edmond, Gerard Batten, Del Young, Bruce Lawson, Greg Beaman, Len Baynes, Ian Gilman, Victor Webb, T.N Warry, Piers Merchant, Alison West, Lynnda Robson, Roger Knapman, Trevor Coleman, Dave Hudson, Ron Hurrell & Martin Haslam.

Ladies and Gentleman, UKIP will shortly become a fully fledged dictatorship. However, they will not be allowed to get away with it. The counter- revolution has already begun.

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Del Young: The last man of integrity

Posted by juniusukip on November 30, 2008

Del young is now a lone voice on the NEC. He is the only man with the integrity, decency and courage to appose the fascist style dictatorship proposed by Farage, Nuttall and their nodding donkeys on the NEC.

Mr Young, I applaud you for fighting for democracy and probity. Despite being mocked by the rest of the NEC you have stood your ground. Despite being unlawfully removed as head of UKIP’s youth movement you have refused to be intimated. You still fight on.

We all admire you for your bravery and keen sense of British justice. Keep up the fight and never doubt that the vast majority of honest members are behind you. We know that you won’t let us down at the next NEC meeting. Resist tyranny at all costs. We are with you!

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More from the UKIP shop. Signed photos of Lisa Duffy, Douglas Denny, Christopher Gill and Rachel Oxley.

Posted by juniusukip on November 30, 2008

Paul Nuttall, UKIP’s very own wannabe Mussolini, is pleased to announce an exciting series of high quality signed pictures featuring members of UKIP’s revered NEC. The first photos in the series are now out. Buy now while stocks last!

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Fascism in UKIP: The disgraceful treatment of Eric Edmond

Posted by juniusukip on November 30, 2008

You may recall that Dr Eric Edmond was expelled from the NEC earlier this month. His ‘crime’ was to voice concerns about the MEP selection process and Farage’s leadership.

David Bannerman was one of the prime movers behind the disgraceful treatment of Eric Edmond. Like a venomous spider he poured his poison into Nigel’s ear. He compiled the nine page travesty of a document that was presented to the NEC. Paul Nuttall, in a cowardly attempt to rig the meeting, refused Mr Edmond the right to have legal representation. In a further travesty of justice, Bannerman was allowed to be both prosecutor and judge!

UKIP has now become a fascist style party. Any criticism is ruthlessly crushed. Elections are declared null and void if the candidates face doesn’t fit. If you dare to speak out you are targeted, smeared and removed.

And Farage, Nuttall and Bannerman have the audacity to criticise the EU!

Perhaps members will now realise that Nuttall is no better than Farage. This ‘new broom’ is just another career politician who wants his snout in the trough. He will do anything to please his master. The NEC is now corrupt and beyond redemption. Those who sit on it are without decency and honesty. With the exception of Mr Young they are all Farage’s nodding donkeys.

Incidentally, who does Bannerman really work for? Has he really severed all links with the Tories? Why did he stay with a senior Tory in Brussels? Why have talks taken place between senior members of UKIP and members of the Tory Party? Is UKIP just a Tory pressure group or a real political party?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bannerman, like Farage and Nuttall, is using you.

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Nigel Farage writes to Junius

Posted by juniusukip on November 30, 2008

Nigel Farage has kindly sent me the following letter:

Dear Junius,

As an avid reader of your blog can I please be allowed to make my own humble contribution to your site? In anticipation of your agreement I enclose some of my family snaps. I am sure that your readers will enjoy them!

Love Nigel.

PS. Mr Snuggles sends his regards.

Thanks Nigel. Your wish is my command. Here is the first photo. On the back it reads: ‘Nigel, aged 1’.

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Nigel Farage’s proposed deal with the leader of the Tories

Posted by juniusukip on November 29, 2008

Clive page, UKIP press officer and convicted benefit fraudster, should really learn to hold his tongue. Singing like a canary after you’ve had a few is not a good move. After all, you never know who may be listening!

Earlier this year an offer was made to the Tories. Nigel was willing to do a deal with David Cameron if the price was right. Nigel offered to withdraw all of UKIP’s parliamentary candidates if Cameron allowed UKIP to stand uncontested in three safe Tory seats. As you would expect, Nigel wanted a seat. The others seats would go to David Bannerman and Bob Spink.

Sadly, for Nigel, the Tories were not interested in his grubby little pact. Why should they want to do a deal with a party in decline? The Tories have far more sense than to align themselves with someone who is currently involved in so many scandals that he makes Peter Mandleson look like the Pope.

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Gawain Towler: Don’t sit on the Grass

Posted by juniusukip on November 29, 2008

From my dusty files:

The Evening Standard (London) October 4, 2000

‘My parents tell me they’d rather I had a joint than got drunk’; … AND EVEN THE YOUNG CONSERVATIVES THINK SHE IS BONKERS

THE YOUNG Tories of old had a reputation for drunken abandon – the organisation has since been rebranded as Conservative Future to improve its image – but drugs of any kind were apparently always taboo.

However, at least some of the new generation have managed to combine a love of strong policies on law and order with a discreet puff of cannabis.

Shadow home secretary Ann Widdecombe’s proposal today that there should be zero tolerance of cannabis use received a mixed reaction among younger delegates in Bournemouth – with several young Conservatives, including a would-be MP, admitting they had smoked the drug.

The most open on the subject was 18-year-old Cara Cuthbertson, a politics, business and English student at Llandudno College, who said that not only does she smoke cannabis regularly but does so with the approval of her Conservative-voting parents. “I don’t think this new policy is a good idea at all,” she said. “Drinking makes people violent and that is a real social problem, especially where I live in Wales. But people who are stoned tend to want to stay indoors where they don’t cause any trouble. I smoke dope and my parents have smoked it. They tell me they’d rather I had a few joints than get drunk as it is less harmful.

“I wouldn’t advocate legalising cannabis because I think a lot of older people would have a real problem with that.”Perhaps surprisingly, given Miss Widdecombe’s hard line, even a young would-be MP was today prepared to admit having smoked joints – and having inhaled. Prospective parliamentary candidate for Glasgow Maryhill, Gawain Towler, 32, said: “When I went before the selection committee I had to tell them that I had smoked pot as a student a few years ago. But they didn’t seem to have a problem with that.”

End of article.

Gawain Towler is currently a UKIP MEP candidate in the South West.

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Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall to move against Piers Merchant

Posted by juniusukip on November 28, 2008

Members of the NEC are now claiming that they did not receive a written copy of Mr Merchants report on the MEP selection/election process. They argue that as they did not get the report it could not have been sent to Greg Lance-Watkins by a member of the NEC. This has been done in order to suggest that Piers is the source of the leak. This is, of course, pure nonsense. I can assure you all that Mr Merchant is not the leak.

The NEC has been leaking for years. But is it so surprising that it leaks like a sieve? There are still good men and women in UKIP who are not prepared to tolerate corruption, dishonesty and deceit. Farage and Nuttall need to realise that their days are numbered. Tyrants never prosper. They will soon face their Waterloo.

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Another bargain from the UKIP shop!

Posted by juniusukip on November 28, 2008

The Paul Nuttall fright-mask.

Now you too can be Paul Nuttall!

Put it on and scare your friends by re-enacting the now legendary NEC meeting where Paul lost control and had to call for the police!

Price £3.99.

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Mike McGough: Still confused

Posted by juniusukip on November 28, 2008

I see that Michael McGough (pictured here on the campaign trail) still refuses to apologise for lying in his MEP election address. He has consistently declined to give a reason why he falsely claimed to be the UKIP PPC for Harlow. He even states on the British Democracy Forum that “I have nothing to hide”.

Mr McGough, if you have nothing to hide why are you not prepared to come clean and provide the membership with a detailed explanation of how you came to believe that you were the PPC for a town in Essex?

If Mr McGough had any integrity he would apologise both to the members and the chairman for Harlow. However, don’t hold your breath as it appears that misleading members is of little concern to Mr McGough.

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