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Derek Clark will have some explaining to do & UKIP’s electoral chances

Posted by juniusukip on April 30, 2012

Dead man speaking

Derek Clark to face the music

Derek Clark faces a meeting of members in the East Midlands tonight. He will certainly have some explaining to do! For instance, why did he repeatedly lie to them – along with Farage – about the OLAF investigation and the fact that he had to pay back £31,000 after being found guilty of misusing his allowances to pay staff?

We await the outcome of the meeting with interest as many UKIPPERS now want him to resign as an MEP.

UKIP’s electoral chances

Why doesn’t Farage tell UKIPPERS about the £11,000 he had to pay back to the EU?

The latest polls put UKIP between 5% and 10%. The usual useful idiots are busily patting Nigel on the back for this ‘fantastic’ breakthrough! They seem to forget that under Roger Knapman UKIP was on 15%. And the result? Not a single seat was won in the 2005 general election.

10% is hardly cause for celebration. Such a percentage would not return UKIP a SINGLE MP to Westminster.

And let us not forget that there are well over 19,000 election positions in the UK. And how many of these has UKIP won? The answer is under 40 – and that includes the MEPs.

Here is an article that gives a more balanced view – no Farage spin doctors around! – of UKIP’s chances on Thursday:

Remember when UKIP was going to take out John Bercow?

April 22nd, 2012

ConservativeHome poll September 2009

Why’s Farage’s party so poor at the ground war?

This post has been going round my head since Thursday night’s PB party following a couple of conversations with those who were there. The first was an observation from John O, a regular since the early days of the site, about how few PBers appeared to have little direct experience of the grunt work and expertise required to win elections on the ground.

The second was with a long-standing lurker who posts only occasionally about Nigel Farage’s failure to become the first elected UKIP MP at Buckingham at the last general election – an outcome that led to my biggest losses in any seat at the general election.

Nigel Farage had resigned as leader of his party so he could devote himself full-time to fighting to win John Bercow’s seat. Because the main parties traditionally give the Speaker a clear run potential Farage backers never faced the dilemma of UKIP supporters elsewhere – that not voting Tory could help keep Gordon Brown at Number 10.

ConservativeHome ran a poll, see the panel above, which concluded that “Nearly two-thirds of Tory members would back Nigel Farage against John Bercow”.

    So if ever there was a constituency that was tailor-made for a UKIP victory it was Buckingham in 2010.
    They had their best-know figure as candidate, there would be few clashes of loyalty with Tory activists, and many were fired up at the prospect of bringing down Bercow.
    In the end UKIP flunked it appallingly securing a pathetic 17.4% of the vote and, even worse, being pushed into third place by a former Tory MEP and prominent figure in the Pro-EU Conservative party.

This terrible result was masked by the disaster that hit Farage on election day when the light plane he was in pulling a UKIP banner crashed.

It is against the back-cloth of UKIP’s 2010 Buckingham performance that you have to judge their current opinion poll ratings. If there’s not even a basic comprehension of what it takes to win a first past the post election in a single parliamentary constituency then Westminster voting intentions matter very little.

Maybe UKIP will surprise us with a clutch of council seat gains in the local elections on May 3rd.

More likely they won’t.

To read the original: LINK


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UKIP: A libertarian party?

Posted by juniusukip on April 29, 2012

UKIP’s leadership are often heard to claim that the party is libertarian. That this is said firmly tongue in check is evident by the dictatorial stance taken by the leadership when it comes to gagging their own members.

UKIP’s own party forum is one such case in point. Jonathan ‘Frightened Rabbit’ Arnott has been busy removing any criticism of Derek Clark after some members had the audacity to express discontent over the fact that Clark had lied to his own regional committee about misusing his allowances to pay staff.

Another example of their intolerance can be found in the following two articles. The articles in question concern anti-homosexual comments made by Roger Helmer MEP and a UKIP candidate. That UKIP’s corrupt leadership have failed to condemn their comments can only be taken as an endorsement of such views. UKIP under Farage is about as libertarian as the Nazi Party:

UKIP candidate suggested gays ‘stop complaining and start thanking straight people’

A former UKIP parliamentary candidate and current Oxford City Council hopeful has said people who ‘choose’ to be gay should stop ‘complaining about persecution’ and start thanking straight people for giving birth to them.

Dr Julia Gasper was selected by UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party)to run for Parliament in 2010 in Oxford East and is now campaigning for election to the city council in next week’s elections, prompting a concerned resident to draw attention to her blog.

This month, UKIP, which advocates withdrawal from the European Union, overtook the Liberal Democrats in a national YouGov poll of voting intentions, though in more recent polls they have reverted to tying with the party.

In 2010, Dr Gasper said gay rights had “gone too far” and suggested homosexuality is a choice.

She also suggested a link between homosexuality and paedophilia should be examined when selecting gay couples to adopt a child.

She wrote: “Homosexuality (as Jean-Paul Sartre said) is simply a form of behaviour, not like being black at all. Black people could and did for thousands of years live independently on another continent, but homosexuals can only exist as a by-product of a heterosexual society.

“Homosexuals are completely dependent on heterosexuals to create them.

“Curiously they never express any gratitude for this, while complaining constantly of persecution.”

On adoption, she wrote: “It makes no sense to argue for the “equal rights” of a homosexual couple because nobody has a right to adopt. Adoption takes place in the interests of the child, not the adults […]

“To talk about gays having a right to adopt is to treat the child like a form of merchandise. It is wholly unacceptable.”

Suggesting homosexuality is a choice, she continued: “If fairness is the issue, it seems fair to me to give a child to couples who have experienced biological sterility or repeated miscarriage, because they really can’t have a child of their own. Their need is greater than that of those who simply choose a same-sex partner.”

“Undoubtedly in my view, it is wrong to force any adoption society to go against its ethics. We ought to reflect that there is a strong connection between male homosexuality and paedophilia. Why hush it up?”

More recently, Dr Gasper has written on marriage equality for gay couples, which UKIP opposes.

When a schoolboy told her earlier this month that gays should not be barred from marriage as polygamy was accepted in Biblical times, Dr Gasper accused him of “corkscrew logic”.

Using the Old Testament story of Jacbob’s polygynous marriage to two women, Rachel and Leah, with whose slave-girls he also had children, Dr Gasper wrote: “Both marriages were regarded as valid. Does this mean that marriage was polygamous? Not at all. Jacob’s marriage to Leah united two people, a man and a woman. His marriage to Rachel also united two people, a man and a woman. Rachel and Leah did not marry each other!!! […]

“It is still strictly accurate to say that each marriage was the union of one man to one woman, for life.”

The City of Oxford will be voting for 24 of its city councillors on 3 May, with Dr Gasper contesting a relatively safe Labour ward.

PinkNews.co.uk was unable to reach Dr Gasper this afternoon to express gratitude.

To read the original: LINK

New UKIP MEP: Will gay marriage lead to incest?

An MEP who last year asked why doctors should perform gender reassignment surgery but not ‘gay cure’ therapy has suggested gay marriages will lead to incestuous and polygamous unions.

Roger Helmer MEP’s wrote on his blog, Straight Talking, that Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s comments about “grotesque” plans to introduce gay marriage were “impressive” and “brilliant”.

Helmer defected to UKIP from the Conservative party four days ago having previously said he would stand down from the European Parliament over his disillusionment with the party.

Of the Cardinal’s comment that gay marriage was ‘a grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right’, Helmer continued: “I wish I’d thought of the phrase. Perhaps he ought to be a politician.”

Helmer, who once described the Catholic church as ‘systematically paedophile’ wrote yesterday:

“Archbishop Keith O’Brien also makes the point, quite reasonably, that once you start to tamper with the institution of marriage, you get into some very murky water indeed. If two men can be married, why not three men? Or a two men and a woman?

“He could have gone further. Why not a commune? If two men have a right to marry, how can we deny the same right to two siblings? Are we to authorise incest?”

In the same blog post, Helmer also wrote: “I believe that Christian moral principles are not a bad basis for a free and fair society (even if I don’t always live up to them).”

Helmer stood down from the Conservative party in 2011 and joined right-wing UKIP four days ago.

At the begining of 2011, he had tweeted: “Why is it OK for a surgeon to perform a sex-change operation, but not OK for a psychiatrist to try to ‘turn’ a consenting homosexual?”

Although had had pledged to stand down, he later announced he would be completing his term in office with UKIP. He told BBC News: “UKIP better represents the views of Conservative voters than David Cameron’s Conservative Party.”

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, said: “A senior MEP from the Conservative Party, like Roger Helmer, defecting to us sends a message that people are taking UKIP very seriously.”

When he was the Conservative MEP for the East Midlands in 2009, he wrote on his blog:

“Homophobia’ is merely a propaganda device designed to denigrate and stigmatise those holding conventional opinions, which have been held by most people through most of recorded history.

“It is frightening evidence of the way in which political correctness is threatening our freedom.”

To read the original: LINK

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Greg Lance-Watkins has a new blog devoted to UKIP corruption

Posted by juniusukip on April 29, 2012

We would like to inform our readers that Greg Lance-Watkins now has a new non-UK based website devoted to exposing UKIP corruption. Here is the link: http://ukip-vs-eukip.com/

He has done this – like many Richard North and other bloggers – as google has now decided to remove or censor posts without even having the decency to contact the blog owner/owners. Freedom of speech is now under threat due to this decision. Two of our articles on Gregory Lauder Frost, Gerard Batten and the far-right were removed from the UK version of our website by an organisation called ‘Clearinghouse’.

They didn’t have the decency to inform us of this decision. They also failed to respond to our requests for a reason for this decision. Both articles simply reported details of a meeting Batten attended – a meeting organised by Frost. They also gave information regarding Frost’s past . The articles can still be read outside the UK.

Their is no truth in the rumour  – as promoted by Farage’s sycophants and useful idiots – that GLW has deleted his old blogs to escape prosecution in the UK courts. We can confirm that ALL his old blogs still exist.

Here is the proof:






Farage’s sycophants claim that GLW’s blog are a tissue of lies. And yet they have failed contact him to identify a single incorrect statement or fact. They have also failed to take him to the UK courts for libel or slander. But how can you prosecute someone for telling the truth?

Instead, they get the likes of Mick ‘Wolfman’ McGough to send over 20,000 offensive and childish messages to GLW’s email account in the pathetic hope that this will intimidate him!

Such is the nature of Farage’s EUKIP!

GLW’s new blog can be viewed by clicking on the EUKIP v UKIP picture on the right hand side of this blog:

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UKIP: The hypocrisy of Young Independence

Posted by juniusukip on April 28, 2012

Click on the picture for a closer look

UKIP’s Young Independence has always been regarded as a joke since the removal of Del Young as their leader. LINK. He was replaced by Lisa Duffy. Her inept leadership skills and incompetence as an administrator soon had UKIPPERS wishing that she had stayed stacking shelves. LINK

The membership of YI could easily fit into a small village hall and largely consists of assorted Tory failures and Farage sycophants.

The Mirror has now highlighted the hypocrisy of the group after they revealed that members were planning to use taxpayers money (£8,170) to fund a booze fuelled trip to Brussels. UKIP events co-ordinator Sanya-Jeet Thandi told members that they were going to enjoy “bar hopping” and a “session” in a bar “with it’s 2,400 beer varities and 400 absinthes”. She added that “I’m sure it will prove to be an ace few days”.

But we should not be too critical of UKIP’s younger and more naive members. They are simply following the example set by Farage, and others, who pay lip service to anti-EU sentiment and yet  live a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the EU and the UK taxpayer.

Young Independence members get ready for a taxpayer funded jolly to Brussels. Nigel can’t wait!

Young Independence members are hypocrites. Their hatred of the EU is clearly measured by how much money they can get out of Brussels. That’s why so many of them want to become MEPs.

Also see: LINK

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UKIP Election Broadcast and Greg Lance-Watkins

Posted by juniusukip on April 27, 2012

Election Broadcast

The recent UKIP election broadcast was laughable. The sound quality was poor in places and Peter Reeve’s wooden and stilted performance – interspersed with numerous edits due to Reeve fluffing his lines – was an embarrassment from start to finish.

Let us not forget that Peter Reeve was exposed by the Sunday Times after Stuart Agnew admitted on camera that he was misusing his MEP allowances – along with Bannerman – to pay Reeve. LINK.

And let us also not forget that Reeve is STILL working for David Bannerman. That Bannerman is now a Tory MEP is something that doesn’t bother UKIP’s Matt Lucas lookalike in the least. But we should not be too surprised by this. Making money is all that Reeve cares about. His ‘patriotism’ is based on how much he can fleece off the British taxpayer AND how high he can rise in UKIP.

It was interesting to note that Tom Bursnall – failed Tory – was heavily featured in the broadcast. This is the man who wants to deny the unemployed the vote. LINK. We note that UKIP’s leadership has still failed to condemn or even distance themselves from his offensive views on the unemployed. Indeed, they have made him a spokesman for the party! This can only be taken as an endorsement by Farage. We had no idea that Nigel shared Bursnall’s contempt for those unable to find work.

Bursnall’s appearance in the broadcast has caused something of a stir in UKIPPER circles. Many are unhappy that this relative newcomer – and one with such extreme views – was featured in the broadcast. As one UKIPPER has said to us:

“This man has only been in the party a few weeks (Junius: It was actually 23 days since he betrayed the Tories) and his views on the unemployed are bang out of order. He should never have been allowed near the camera”.

However, Lawrence Webb must be commended for his excellent performance in UKIP’s election broadcast for London. His professionalism and commitment to the Euro realist cause is beyond reproach! We wish him the best of luck in the mayoral election!

Greg Lance-Watkins

We note that GLW has been the subject of the usual inane drivel on the British Democracy Forum. The usual Farage sycophants and mental incompetents – of which Mick ‘Wolfman’ McGough is the main spokesman – have been busy laying all sorts of horrendous allegations at Greg’s door. McGough is convinced that GLW is in the pay of ‘secret forces’ because he can’t believe that someone would devote themselves to exposing UKIP corruption unless they were paid to do so by some shady organisation or individual.

Wolfman McGough. Another member of the Farage ‘Useful Idiots Club’

We all know that the Wolfman is motivated solely by a desire to please Farage and become an MEP.

It is sad to relate that McGough’s limited intelligence will prevent him from grasping these few simple facts:

McGough shouldn’t judge others based on his own lack of ethics.

GLW cares about his country and hates the EU.

He wants to see UKIP reformed and free of corruption.

He wants to see UKIP prosper under a leader untainted by scandal.

He wants to live in a Britain free of the EU.

It may surprise McGough but many people – unlike Batten’s former bag carrier – are motivated solely by patriotism. Greg is one such person.

And we speak from conviction because we asked GLW for his thoughts on the BDM attack thread. We don’t lie, fantasise or speculate about Greg’s motivation. We print the truth – unlike McGough and the other mentally challenged Farage worshippers!

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Norway mass murderer was inspired by UKIP’s allies in EFD Group. True Finn politician circulated Breivik’s manifesto by email just hours before shootings

Posted by juniusukip on April 26, 2012


And yet Nigel Farage, Godfrey Bloom, Derek Clark, Gerard Batten, Stuart Agnew, William Dartmouth, Marta Andreasen, the odious Paul Nuttall and John Bufton are still happy to sit alongside the True Finns in the EFD group.

Norway mass murderer emailed True Finn MPs

According to Iltalehti, a True Finn regional leader Terhi Kiemunki, and several MPs of the True Finn party received an email from the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik just hours before the shooting. The email reportedly contained the far-right murderer’s 1500 page anti-immigrant manifesto and was titled “The Islamisation of Western Europe and the status of the European Resistance Movements.” The message also contained several photographs of the mass murderer, dressed in military gear and posing with various firearms.

Mrs Kiemunki proceeded to do the smart thing, and forwarded the manifesto to her entire mailing list. “It looked like it was about Islam, and we have a lot of people who are researching that kind of stuff,” she explained. The mistake is made a bit more understandable by the fact that the manifesto mentions the True Finn party and Suomen Sisu in his list of the “indigenous european resistance organisations” that Anders Behring Breivik supports, naming True Finn MP Jussi Halla-aho in particular as an inspiration. Jussi Halla-aho has since denied knowing of mr Breivik or his manifesto.

To read the original: LINK

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UKIP: Mike Nattrass slams Nigel Farage over EFD Group

Posted by juniusukip on April 24, 2012

—–Original Message—–
From: mike nattrass <mikenattrass@hotmail.com>
Sent: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 10:05
Subject: FW: What has it all come too?

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If you read the third para of the extract from “New Europe” you may understand why I and others left the EFD Group in the EU Parliament.

There is no chance of having any control, or even small understanding of these other members sitting next to UKIP in the group.

We are about UK Independence to trade with the world and not this!

UKIP just do not need this kind of damage to personal reputations by association.

If it had not been for the UKIP membership vote, restraining him, Nigel would have had UKIP in a fully blown European Party by now with the lack of any control that would bring.

Yet the same UKIP membership have voted Nigel autonomy to do as he wishes at election time, by surrendering to him the UKIP constitution. Committees organising local campaigns will be demotivated and ignored.

Those who know me will realise that I am concerned that UKIP is being damaged by mad Italians and others (within Nigel’s EFD Group) who want to divide Italy or similar none UKIP objectives, destroying all the credible hard work we have put in over many years in making a sound economic and social case for UK Independence.

Click below.


Knight of nothing
Article | April 22, 2012 – 10:27pm | By Andy Carling

I’ve got a little advice this week, if that doesn’t sound too presumptive, but here we go: If you’re thinking of doing anything specific on the grounds that it will trigger off a ‘race war’ or something similar, just stop right now and forget about it and visit a doctor.

There’s a reason for this; it doesn’t work and you’re a nutter. From Charles Manson to bin Laden to batty Breivik the dangerously deluded believed that topping a few people would lead to an inevitable clash between Gods chosen few and Johnny Foreigner.

I thought I should mention this, on the off chance, because there’s going to be more Breiviks. Not because of some Holy immutable law, but because the language, symbolism and world view of the Norwegian killer is all too common, even in the European Parliament. There is a frighteningly large number of MEPs who use exactly the same imagery and even praise the killer, like Mario Borghezio, whose Lega Nord share the leadership of the EFD Group with Nigel Farage’s UKIP. There are, of course others.

What is deeply scary, is that many of these deluded deputies were about to get up to a million euros a year for forming two right of sanity pan-european political parties, thanks to the generosity of the Parliament Bureau.

Just imagine watching the Breivik trial, knowing that taxpayer’s money was being given to the defendant’s ideological buddies.

Anyway, the narcissistic Norwegian proceeded to bore the court rigid with a prolonged nonsensical ramble, this time limited to half an hour. I read his previous missive, some 15,000 words of utter drivel. It was a glimpse into an utterly tedious mind, a dull, repetitive one, but the savior of the white race wasn’t just a bore, but a lazy one. Most of the manifesto wasn’t so much the product of extensive research and study, but an over excited use of copy and paste.

Yet, in his head, he had become a member of the Knights Templar, seeing himself as a noble knight of old, upholding the purest values. Of course, he had to make his own uniform, with the assistance of e-Bay and photoshop. Then our brave heart went off and killed a lot of unarmed children who were trapped on an island, having chosen the target because it was a youth camp for ‘multiculturists’ and, going that step beyond sanity, the camp was also just like the Hitler Youth.

I might be wrong in this, but I don’t recall that organization fully embracing multiculturalism.

However, his claim to be the world’s most boring man was given credibility as he gave his account of his actions, because the audience in the court, who were relatives of the deceased and survivors of the murders, couldn’t stop yawning.

There’s nothing to fear in his manifestos or other utterances, no cause that is going to attract anyone but the losers and wasters who want to blame others for their failings, indeed, the prosecutors are demolishing his beliefs and actions, piece by piece, revealing a man made from lies.

But we should fear those who share Breivik’s world view, those who parrot the same rubbish, the same lies. Some of them are nonentities, who may go rogue, some are high level politicians on the election trail.

These are the ones we should be worrying about.

To read the original: LINK

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UKIP: More snippets, more Farage and Nuttall hypocrisy

Posted by juniusukip on April 24, 2012

And yet more hypocrisy from Nigel Farage

Farage appeared on Newsnight and was heard to condemn the racism and xenophobia of the French National Front. And yet this is the same man who is happy to sit with fascists, racists and anti-Semites as the president of the EFD group. What a pity that the interviewer didn’t tackle him over that!

The usual sycophants have been quick to rush to the defence of their corrupt leader by claiming that he doesn’t share the views of his EFD colleagues. More lies!

Here’s the official rules on forming a group:

Rule 30 : Formation of political groups

1. Members may form themselves into groups according to their political affinities.

Parliament need not normally evaluate the political affinity of members of a group. In forming a group together under this Rule, the Members concerned accept by definition that they have political affinity. Only when this is denied by the Members concerned is it necessary for Parliament to evaluate whether the group has been constituted in accordance with the Rules.

And don’t forget that Farage has been more than happy to campaign on behalf of his fellow EFD racists! He even went to Finland to campaign for the True Finns. You can’t get more of an endorsement than that! LINK

Two hypocrites enjoying the Brussels highlife at your expense

And yet more hypocrisy from the odious Paul Nuttall

Gary Bushell – the plastic nationalist – recently went to Brussels to look into the corruption, sleaze and waste that is the EU. Most laudable! But how sad that he conveniently ignored the undisputed fact that UKIP’s leadership are now part of that corruption, sleaze and waste!

Bushell was heard to bemoan how Brussels was wasting taxpayers money. Yet he was strangely silent on how Nigel Farage has openly boasted that he has claimed over £2 million in expenses and yet refuses to say where the money went. He was also strangely silent regarding the fact that Farage is the only South East MEP not to publish his allowances. LINK

Bushell was also most upset to learn that:

“They have chauffeur-driven limousines laid on for them at a cost of £4.25million a year; all drivers sign a confidentiality clause “guaranteeing absolute discretion.”

What a pity that he didn’t ask Farage about his taxpayer funded limousine!

Bushell was shown around Brussels by the odious Paul Nuttall MEP. Nuttall was heard to bleat that:

“Life in the Brussels bubble is completely cut off from the reality of life outside”.

Godfrey Bloom was also quoted:

“Nothing prepares you for the reality, the waste, the remoteness of it all. When I first arrived in 2004, I was saddened and sickened by what I found.”

So say the men who lead a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the very thing they professes to hate. LINK. Sadly, this fact was clearly lost on Bushell who seemed unable or unwilling to highlight their sickening hypocrisy.

Bushell also highlighted ‘f*ck hotels’ where EU bureaucrats and MEPs can enjoy the services of prostitutes. We can only assume that Bloom and Farage’s intimate knowledge of the Brussels sex industry proved invaluable on this subject.

Mr Bushall does appear genuinely disgusted by Brussels corruption. However, there is little point in complaining about it if you’re going to ignore the corruption and hypocrisy of those showing you round the place!

UKIP bomb in yet another by-election

Barking and Dagenham. Goresbrook by-election result

1933 in total voted.

Labour 1113
British National Party 593
Conservatives 81
Liberal Democrats 48

And finally ….  a humorous article from the internet …….

Shopkeepers near UKIP leader’s home pretending not to speak English

goodbye please

Shopkeepers and local services in Kent are conspiring not to understand a word that UKIP leader Nigel Farage says whenever he comes into their shops. Rashish Mahmoud, of Mahmoud’s Food & Wine told reporters, ‘It’s just to mess with his head really, nothing…oh shit, here he comes…what what? Hello please? No paper deliverings today? Yes, yes… We have many, many newspapers…Goodbye please? As I was saying it’s nothing personal, it’s just a bit of a laugh…’

Other shops have refused the UKIP leader’s money saying they only take Euros, Indian rupees or Eastern Caribbean Dollars. A creative rivalry is developing amongst his local shopkeepers as they stop serving him to pray to Mecca or cover the face of all the women on the packaging. His local butcher said ‘Nigel knows I’m English so I put my finger to my lips and then wrote him a note saying that I’d been told that under the latest Brussels directive I wasn’t allowed to speak English out loud because it was racist. He didn’t want our Halal goat’s testicles either, which I claimed is all I’m allowed to sell.’

Speaking in the European Parliament yesterday, Nigel Farage complained that shopkeepers near his home were apparently compelled under EC law to wear German lederhosen and sing the Horst Wessel song every time anyone walked into their shop. However the rest of the British Euro MPs pretended not to understand him, saying they were just doing this job until they had earned enough to go home to Poland.

To read the original: LINK

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UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire exposes another Nigel Farage scam

Posted by juniusukip on April 23, 2012

What ho and chocks away! Nigel takes to the air in his new UKIP/Derek Clark funded biplane. Time to bomb those sausage loving Germans and offer another tax funded jolly to the Lega Nord!

Nigel Farage is not best pleased that another one of his scams has been exposed by Nikki Sinclaire MEP.

We sympathise with his UK regional staff who were recently subjected to  a torrent of abuse from the UKIP leader. The pressure is certainly getting to Nigel!

From Nikki’s blog:

When taking up my seat as an MEP I was told, along with my colleagues, that UKIP would not take part in these delegations as they were simply opportunities for ‘taxpayer-funded jollies’. In fact, this was not the full truth.
Without our knowledge or permission, our seats on delegations were being traded away in order to attract more members into the EFD group. One Danish MEP, who has subsequently left the EFD to sit alongside the British Conservatives, at one point sat on no less than 6 delegations.

Our seats were traded away and given in some cases to pro-EU MEPs. Instead of giving us the opportunity to engage with foreign governments and tell them the truth about the EU, we were handing our swords to the enemy. All this was hidden from us.

Of course, we could have taken our seats on the delegations and refused the junkets; much of the work is done in Brussels and through one to one meetings anyway.
The value of this work to the national interest cannot be underestimated, and I will give just two examples. The delegation to Chile, for example, was until recently chaired by a Spaniard, and at the time of writing there are no less than 5 Spanish members compared to one Briton. The Spanish have strong economic and political interests there, of course.

More significantly, the delegation to Mercosur, the South American trading bloc that includes Argentina, is also chaired by a Spaniard, again one of five Spanish members, and there is not one single British delegate. There is nobody on that delegation to put the British case to Mercosur. As we approach the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the Falklands, let us remember this: we need to be on the battlefield in order to win the battle.

I am afraid that there may also be another reason why some MEPs are more comfortable not engaging: they simply do not understand what is going on in Brussels and Strasbourg.

It is far easier to sit on the sidelines cat-calling than to enter the debate at a meaningful level. This is a great shame. I remember the debate on whether or not UKIP should take up seats won in euro-elections. That was a divisive time in our party’s history.

What is the point of taking up a seat and then doing nothing with it? Ours is an important and noble cause, surely it deserves more exertion and effort than simply sitting on the sidelines and drawing a salary?

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UKIP leadership try to spin Derek Clark out of trouble.

Posted by juniusukip on April 22, 2012

And so the desperate attempts to spin Derek Clark out of trouble have begun! According to the various sycophants and useful idiots it’s ok to misuse money and then lie about it so long as it belongs to an organisation you hate!

And these are the very people who condemn Brussels for ‘misusing’ UK money to fund various EU projects across Europe. The hypocrisy of this is something clearly beyond their intelligence to understand. Pot calling the kettle black does rather spring to mind.

They also claim that Clark was not doing it for personal gain as he used the money to pay his staff. Another lie! These party officials were working to get UKIP MEPs re-elected, including Clark. And we have already been informed by a source close to Farage that some of this money went straight into the coffers of the UKIP leader. And where did it go from there?

And can we point out that EU money is actually UK money! Clark was misusing UK taxpayers money to get himself re-elected!

The facts are clear:

Derek Clark misused his allowances to pay staff members. This was done with the knowledge of Nigel Farage who APPROVES ALL STAFF APPOINTMENTS.

OLAF became aware of this misuse of allowances. They launch an investigation. Clark is informed by OLAF that he is under investigation.

Derek Clark REPEATEDLY LIES to members in the East Midlands – including members of his own committee – about this investigation. He denies that he is under investigation and claims that GLW and this blog are lying. He even claims that the OLAF case numbers – as published by GLW and Junius – are fakes!

Nigel Farage also lies to members about the investigation. He denies that OLAF is looking into Clark’s finances. He claims that this blog and GLW have lied and fabricated evidence against Clark.

OLAF send officials to the UK to interview various UKIP staff members. Clark and Farage deny this when we publish details of the visit. The Debyshire Times contacts Clark about the investigation. He denies all knowledge of it.

OLAF find Clark guilty of misusing his allowances and demands that £31,000 be handed back to the EU. Junius and GLW publicise this fact. Clark is asked by his own regional committee if this is true. Clark denies it. Farage is also asked. He also denies it.

The Guardian decide to publish the story. Farage and Clark are made aware of this and rush out a pathetic defence of their actions in the Huffington Post. It’s all claimed to be a “misunderstanding” on the part of Clark. It’s also claimed that Clark didn’t use the money for “personal gain”.

The Guardian publish and the UKIP spin starts!

Here is one example written by Steve Crowther, Farage sycophant. Crowther has been promised an MEP seat by Farage. The South West is the favoured region. So one can naturally expect this odious little man to curry favour with his master by publishing such rubbish.

Steve Crowther, useful idiot and Farage arse licker. Hoping to join the Brussels Gravy Train

From:Steven Crowther
To:Stephen Crowther

Dear All
UKIP have just had the temerity to catch and overtake the Lib-Dems in the polls (consistently, not just a one-day fluke). YouGov, Opinium, Survation have all put us level with or ahead of the Lib-Dems over the past week.

(Junius says: Opinion polls don’t get you elected! Just ask Neil Kinnock! And it depends on which poll you read. UK Polling Report currently puts UKIP at 8%. Another poll puts UKIP at just 5%. It comes at no surprise that Crowther ignores the polls that don’t back his claims). And recent council elections do not back up Crowther’s claim either. In the last by-election they got just 91 votes!

This has resulted in two things: first, the mainstream media have become a lot more interested in us, leading to a lot more radio and TV activity coming our way this week; and two, the mainstream media have become a lot more interested in us, as the call goes out to ‘get UKIP’.

(Junius says: So is Crowther suggesting that the media framed Clark? It was Clark who misused his allowances and then lied – along with Farage – to UKIPPERS about it. The fault is theirs. The media wouldn’t be able to “get UKIP” if the party was not involved in such dishonesty. However, we can well understand Crowther’s wish that the press would ignore such corruption when it applies to UKIP MEPs. It puts pay to the lie that UKIP is whiter than white!

The first result is this story in the Guardian today: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/apr/20/ukip-meps-misused-eu-allowances

We did, in fact, release our own statement on this yesterday after it became clear that the Guardian had somehow come by the details of this (very old) case, pointing out that it involved absolutely no suggestion of personal gain. Quite the opposite, in fact.

(Junius says: UKIP only rushed out their statement in an attempt to spin their way out of trouble. Please note that Crowther fails to give an answer as to why Clark and Farage previously denied this investigation to members. We note that Crowther states it’s “a very old case”. That’s irrelevant. Fraud is fraud regardless of the time since the offence. And it was for personal gain. Some of the money was used to get Clark re-elected!

Over the next few days/weeks, we can expect more of this, as the establishment try and slow down our advance. The other parties are very nervous about the forthcoming elections, and extremely upset that we have popped up out of the ‘Others’ bucket.

Every attack proves how much we have them rattled.

(Junius says: More pathetic spin. So it’s all a media plot to bring UKIP down! That Clark was the author of his own downfall is evident for all to see. That Crowther can think otherwise tells you all you need to know about the level of his intelligence).

Regards, Steve

Stephen Crowther, Executive Chairman, UK Independence Party
Eastacombe House,
N. Devon
EX31 4DG
Phone 01271 813844 Mobile 07775 787579

In conclusion:

UKIP’s leadership are all too WILLING to steal from the tax payers for their own gain – thus undermining ANY claims of moral high ground or right to criticise EU bureaucrats for stealing money from the UK taxpayer.

Farage and Clark lied to senior members of the East Midlands Regional Committee about the investigation.

Farage, Clark and their supporters approve of defrauding the UK taxpayer as long as it’s used to fund UKIP!

The hypocrisy of Farage and his clique is staggering! So what does the hard pressed UK taxpayer think of that? Are they happy to fund Farage and Clark’s stay on the EU Gravy Train?

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