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UKIP MEPs: Working hard to defend British interests?

Posted by juniusukip on September 30, 2010

Nigel Farage: Working hard to defend British interests by getting drunk in pubs and clubs.

Tim Congdon says that he has no intention of becoming an MEP. Good for him. UKIP needs a leader who is based in Britain and can devote their time to reforming the party.

But what of our MEPs?

We already know that UKIP MEPs have a dreadful attendance record. They rarely appear at Committee.

Nigel Farage has bagged a position on the Committee that entails amongst the least work so far as Committees go: The fishing committee.

Meanwhile, no UKIP MEP sits on the all important Constitutional Committee, which overseas the transfer of power from the member states to the Commission. In effect, the only UK MEP who minds the UK’s interest on this Committee is ironically Andrew Brons. Will Farage request a transfer? Will pigs fly?

Meanwhile, UKIP MEPs employ a large team of staff, most of whom do nothing but mind the party’s internal affairs in the UK, which is strictly illegal. In fact, UKIP cannot afford staff, so it uses the taxpayer – courtesy of the Parliament – to finance staff who then use their time in a manner that is forbidden by the Parliament. Earlier this year, the Sunday Times referred directly to this practice when it revealed that Messrs Bannerman and Agnew used their employees’ allowances to finance Reeve who worked on elections. And let us not forget those UKIP/EFD staff who worked illegally to promote Farage’s humiliating bid for Buckingham. This is now of interest to OLAF. See: LINK

UKIP MEPs cannot be bothered to vote or carry out the research on the votes that occur at least one week a month, usually in Strasbourg. During those sessions, hundreds of votes can occur each day on both the underlying resolutions and proposals, plus the amendments thereto.

UKIP MEPs justify their stance to abstain instead of voting on the basis that the best place to determine British legislation is in the British Parliament. True, in an ideal world, but this also means that in the real world UKIP MEPs are not doing the work for which they were elected.

Given that over 75% of British laws come from the EU, a fact that UKIP never tires of telling us, why do UKIP MEPs abstain? It is because they cannot be bothered to carry out the research and work involved in casting their votes, where they might occasionally have a beneficial effect on the legislation. Sometimes this would make the difference between passing a worthwhile proposal or adopting an injurious resolution.

Take the following example:

On Wed 22nd Sept, UKIP MEPs voted on the “Placing on the Market and Use of Biocidal Products; Report: Christa Klaß (A7-0239/2010)”.

Of some 360 amendments to that vast piece of legislation (many amendments of which were voted en masse), UKIP MEPs abstained on the following:

Committee Amendment 134 which reduced red tape for business and the time for evaluation of a biocidal product to be authorised from 12 months to 6.

Committee Amendment 156 – same.

Committee Amendments 181 – related to a safety measure.

Committee Amendment 184 – reduced red tape and improved safety.

Committee Amendment 192 – protected business investment and the protection of data.

Committee Amendment 205 – related to consumer safety.

40 plus MEPs Amendment 337D – related to safety and reduction of red tape.

Committee Amendment 353D – related to safety.

IMCO Amendment 349 – red tape reduction.

Committee Amendment 224 – related to cost and fees, which were only allowable if justified.

Committee Amendment 260, 267, 274 and 299 – related to relieving animal cruelty and less red tape.

Committee Amendment 251, 291, 322 and 307 – related to lessening red tape and pointless animal testing and safeguarding animal welfare.

Green Amendment 341 – related to animal welfare, reducing red tape and overseeing human health.


The above example demonstrates that UKIP MEPs were too busy enjoying the good life in Strasbourg than to do what they were elected to do: legislate in the interests of their country. The upshot, per the examples above, was that opportunities to reduce red tape for business, alleviate animal cruelty and unnecessary testing on animals were all flagrantly disregarded in an instance of gross negligence to their electors.

This information has been provided by an insider who is fed up with the grossly negligent manner in which UKIP MEPs treat their affairs.


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UKIP: Hustings

Posted by juniusukip on September 30, 2010

Tuesday’s leadership debate at the Western Tiverton Hotel was very much as expected. Farage gave his usual soundbites, false promises, lies and rants. Bannerman was about as interesting as a limp rag and Winston McKenzie seemed to be there for the fun.

Tim Congdon gave a passable performance but he really needs to take off the gloves and expose Farage and Bannerman for what they really are – liars, cheats and crooks.

Gerard Batten was attacked for the alleged collapse of UKIP London. This was then used to attack the judgment of Congdon who has promised to make him Deputy Leader and Head of UKIP Policy Development.

But what of the Farage supporting Derek Clark? Under his ‘inspired leadership’ the membership in the East Midlands has declined from 5600 members to just 820! And that was at the last count! The Farage sycophants don’t seem bothered about that!

We also note that Farage has promised to to put even more disciplinary powers into the hands of the Cabal. He wants to make it easier to kick out those pesky UKIPPERS who may have the audacity to complain about his leadership. Farage gets more like Hitler with every passing day!

And don’t forget the biggest laugh of the night! Bannerman promised to make Baloney Maloney Deputy Leader. Snigger!

Here is what Dr Edmond had to say:

Things started badly for me as I drove early into the car park and there was Farage in a one sided conversation with the other three candidates, Tim, Bannerman and Winston. It took a while to get going but I enjoyed my time at the bar meeting other UKIPers. I was pleasantly surprised by how many came up to me, said hello and shook my hand, even Mr Bannerman but not of course Mr Farage or any of his ‘team’.

According to the literature at the meetings the teams, most of whose members were not present, were with their promised jobs::

Bannerman: Maloney (present).

Congdon: Batten deputy leader (present) and Allison party chairman.

Farage: Crowther CEO (present), Pearson & Woolfe fund raising, Graves Party Sec, Nuttall YI.

McKenzie: None.

The meeting was chaired by Arnott, a Farage/Nuttall appointee The format is each candidate gives a 5 minute opening address followed by one minute to answer pre submitted quesions selected by young Farage man Arnott who seems to have put on a lot of weight since I saw him last 2 years ago. Positively Knapmanesque one might say. The meeting ended with each candidate given two minutes to sum up their position.

There was no unvetted questions from the floor and as a result Farage got away with some quite outrageous answers which were strangers to the truth as some members of the audience well knew.

The high spot was a Bannerman Farage spat over Farage admitting he had not bothered to read Bannerman’s policy document/manifesto something which Pearson had obviously not done either and as a result was crucified on live TV.

Tim gave a passable but lack lustre performance. He needs to sharpen his act, speak with more passion, take on Farage’s untruths head on and argue strongly for change..

Bannerman was better than I expected from working with him on the NEC. He did take on Farage head on over the policy issue.

Farage gave his usual loud monkey on a pole performance down to the cigarette paper metaphor. Has he ever given a speech without it? It went down well with the Faragistas in the audience who seem to have collectively poor short term memories. It was the same old Farage speech they must have heard many times before.

Winston was funny at times. I expect him to pull out in favour of Farage. He did sign Farage’s nomination papers after all! I next expect to see Winston in the London Mayor contest.

Who won the debate? Farage but it was a rigged deck. That is the UKIP way.

To see the original: LINK

The hustings moves to London on Saturday, October 2 with a further date in the South East on Sunday, October 3.

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UKIP leadership election: David Bannerman’s website and that offer to rejoin the Tories

Posted by juniusukip on September 29, 2010

Bannerman’s website is probably the best designed of all the candidates. See: LINK

It is interesting to note that not a SINGLE MEP is backing him. The only name of note is Sir Patrick Moore and we very much doubt if the old boy would have done this if someone had made him aware of Bannerman’s dishonesty and lies.

We do note that Douglas ‘Himmler’ Denny has abandoned Farage to back his rival. No surprise to see Peter Reeve endorsing his boss. You will recall that Reeve was exposed by the Sunday Times after it emerged that he was being illegally paid by Bannerman and Agnew out of their EU allowances.

Baloney Maloney is also a supporter. Bannerman has announced that he will make him Deputy Leader. So Bannerman does have a sense of humour! You may recall that Bannerman once promised to make Del Young Deputy Leader. He later stood by and watched as the NEC and the odious Nuttall forced him out of the party.

We had to laugh when we read Bannerman’s biography. So he reckons that his mum was a Sophia Loren lookalike? Do us a favour!

We see that Bannerman has dropped ALL mention of being related to a former prime minister. A wise decision as we all knew that you were lying!

We noted the odd criticism of Farage:

“It means working as one team, not a one man band.”

He claims that he is ‘looking for the right lady to settle down with, when he’s not working all the time’.

Still living a lie, eh?

The website also features a photo of Bannerman standing next to former Bishop Nazir-Ali. A quick look at the list of supporters fails to show his name. We would hate to think that Bannerman is deliberately using the photo to mislead UKIPPERS into thinking that Nazir-Ali is backing him.

Let us not forget that the former bishop has some rather interesting views on homosexuality.

Nazir-Ali opposes the ordination of non-celibate gay and lesbian clergy and the blessing of same-sex unions. He has been “accused of pandering to hate and homophobia” after publishing a statement, on the day a Gay Pride parade took place in London, calling for homosexuals to “repent and be changed”.

So is Bannerman using the photo as part of his “I am not gay” routine?

And thanks for letting us know that you once lived with a certain Armando from the Dominican Republic.

And do please spare us the nonsense that you were a key player in the Northern Ireland ‘Peace Process’. None of the real key players can even remember you!

But we really love this line:

David believed enough in the cause of saving lives, and achieving a respectable peace in Northern Ireland, that he was prepared to undertake a job regardless of the evident dangers to himself.

But we were very disappointed to note that he failed to explain why he decided to leave the Tories and join UKIP. But we can well understand his reluctance to mention this.

Here are the facts:

Bannerman left the Tories because his future career prospects as a Conservative were zero. He was disliked by far too many senior Tories.

Bannerman only joined UKIP after he was promised a lead MEP position in a ‘safe’ region. It had nothing to do with conviction. He later told one of our colleagues that he was desperate to become an MEP because he “needed the money”.

Bannerman was also promised the chance to lead UKIP.

We also note that Bannerman has failed to mention one VERY important recent fact.

A Tory MP of our acquaintance told us that earlier this year Bannerman contacted senior Tory officials in Brussels and the Eastern Region with an offer to rejoin them IF he was allowed to be their lead MEP candidate in 2014.

So when was Bannerman going to tell the membership of UKIP about his plan to jump ship and return to the Tory fold?

Is that the thanks UKIPPERS get for helping you join the EU Gravy Train?

The Tories wisely turned you down. And who can blame them?

Your entire career in UKIP has been based on a lie. You are a political prostitute without a single shred of integrity. Your patriotism is dictated by how much money you can earn while keeping your snout firmly in the trough.

Why on earth would the Tories want that chump as one of their MEPs? And why would any UKIPPER want him as UKIP leader?

We should point out that more than one UKIPPER has told us that Bannerman is only standing to split the Congdon vote.

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UKIP: Junius says Vote Nigel Farage!

Posted by juniusukip on September 29, 2010

Nigel Farage: Pan-European, spiv and liar.

Junius says Vote Farage but only if you want UKIP to fail!

Farage’s website is up and running: LINK

The usual spin, the usual lies, the usual promises. He made exactly the same pledges in his earlier 2006 leadership website and conspicuously failed to carry them out. So what has changed? See: LINK

We note that quite a few naive teenagers are backing him. The folly of youth! Someone should remind them that it was Nigel Farage who displayed complete indifference to the repeated attempts to set up the precursor of Young Independence. And look what he did to Del Young when the now former UKIPPER actually had the guts and vision to break the impasse and form YI. He soon got the push and was replaced by Lisa Duffy!

And isn’t it sad that Farage is desperate to present himself as Mr Youth? So how is your health, Mr Farage? Are the terrible back pains and sleepless nights taking their toll?

In the new website Farage promises to immediately abdicate from any form of management role. So what exactly is the point of electing him leader?

He promises big donors if elected. So will Farage block potential big donors if not elected?

And the shallowness of his thinking is most illuminating. He seems to think that leadership is just about appearing on the TV or in the newspapers. Will someone please remind him that he has been doing that for over 10 years and yet we are still no nearer to leaving the EU?

His website is shameless spin. Electoral failure is presented as success and public indifference to UKIP is presented as the exact opposite! And what about Farage’s commitment to turn UKIP into a pan-European party? You won’t find any mention of that!

Farage is a past master when it comes to lying and making false promises.

Don’t forget that in July 1999, Meridian TV’s Phil Hornby put a question to Nigel Farage, and received in response an unequivocal answer. An answer that has now come back to haunt him.

Hornby: “Is there something, Nigel Farage, a touch hypocritical about you flying out on these free flights and enjoying the restaurants and so on of the parliament here, and enjoyng the gravy train, so-called, life of an MEP? How do you square that circle?”

Farage: You will remember that right through (the 1999 Euro campaign) that we said we are not going on the gravy train; that we are the only people who are intending, annually, to publish so that the public can inspect them, our expense accounts, our allowance accounts, and the excess that we get – the excess that we are forced to take – particularly on travelling allowances, we are going to be putting into a trust fund and that money will be used to help victims of the European Union in our country, so I do reject the allegation that we’re on the gravy train and there’s certainly no chance of the three of us going native.”

He lied. Eleven years on and still no trust fund and no full audit of his accounts.

And don’t forget that a unanimous resolution passed at the NEC meeting of 17 November 1999 stated: “The NEC re-affirms its control over MEPs expenses and allowances, in accordance with the pledge signed prior to the Euro-election. Substantial allowances are being deposited within MEPs accounts which must come under NEC control for the benefit of the Party. Messrs Stone King, Solicitors, have been approached with a view to setting up the ‘Trust Fund’ promised to the electorate. The NEC wishes to take matters forward to counteract negative statements in the Press but is reluctant to incur legal expenditure without a guarantee of compliance by the MEPs”.

Minutes of the meeting were circulated to branch chairmen and candidates on 24 November 1999 with a covering letter that included: “Enclosed is a copy of the agreement signed by all Euro election candidates prior to June 10th. This is a matter of a serious nature which must be resolved. The Party is not receiving the benefit in the way that was promised to Party members and to the public who voted for us”.

The Trust fund was quietly forgotten.

Farage has said that he found it hard to lead UKIP and the EFD group. This is why he resigned. So what has changed?

He recommended Pearson as being “head and shoulders above the rest” of the candidates. Pearson’s short career as UKIP leader proved disastrous. After a few months he resigned. He admitted that he was “no good” at the job. What does that tell you about Farage’s judgment?

Farage has repeatedly said that he has spinal and other health problems. In a recent interview with the Kent News he said:

“Two or three of my vertebrae are damaged and will probably never be the same.”

Do you want to elect an invalid as UKIP leader? See: LINK

Farage also said:

“I’ve learned that you can’t really be a leader and a manager at the same time, so I would being in a chief executive and a team of professionals to run things while I focused on the media and publicity side.”

In other words:

‘Vote me into office and I’ll quit immediately and give the job to some mates’.

‘Vote me in and trust me to appoint someone else to lead, because I can’t’.

And don’t forget:

His failure to appoint competent media staff.

His failure to account for £211,000 that ‘vanished’ from the South East’s accounts

He lied to the media and the membership about firing Tom Wise.

His failure to account for 85% of the money raised through the Ashford call centre.

His involvement in the rigging of UKIP’s MEP selection process.

His failure to address outright fraud by Bannerman, Reeve and Agnew.

His failure to address money laundering by Agnew, himself and Pearson.

He endorsed the selection of Marta Andreasen as a UKIP MEP.

He promised not to employ family members. He later employed his wife.

His total failure to show ANY vision or leadership ability.

His total failure to implement a proper party structure or organisation.

His failure to account the €6,000 a year travel budget for each UKIP MEP.

His failure to conduct honest and transparent internal elections.

Do you really want this crook and liar as your future UKIP leader? A man who wants UKIP to become part of a pan-European party? A man who is happy to sit with fascists in the EFD?

Here is Farage’s list of supporters. You will note that some of the most corrupt UKIPPERS are backing him.

The Farage List of Shame

Proposer: Lord Pearson of Rannoch, London
Paul Nuttall MEP, Bootle
Stuart Agnew MEP, Norfolk and Broadland
Derek Clarke MEP, Daventry
William, Earl of Dartmouth MEP, Central Devon
Godfrey Bloom MEP, Haltenprice and Howden
Dr John Whittaker, North Lancs (Former MEP)
Gregg Knopp, Medway (South East Chairman)
Stephanie McWilliam, SE Cornwall, NEC
Jill Seymour, Telford & Wrekin, NEC
Michael Heaver, Norwich South, Young Independence Chairman
David, Lord Willoughby de Broke, Stratford-on-Avon, UKIP House of Lords
Frank Carson, Blackpool South
Margaret Titford, Lewes
Bruce Robertson, North Cornwall
Jamie, Earl of Wemyss, Tewkesbury
Richard, Earl of Bradford, Stafford
David Lott, Overseas
Christopher Gill, Ludlow, NEC and President of The Freedom Association
Graham Booth, Torbay, Former SW MEP
Winston McKenzie, London
Peter Street, East Lancs
George Curtis, Clacton, Harwich and North Essex, Branch Chairman
Geoff Mager, Camborne & Redruth
John Kelly, East Devon, Branch Chairman
Rod Trelease, Bournemouth West
Abhijit Pandya, London, 2010 Candidate Harrow East
Michael Zuckerman, London, Party Secretary
Mick McGough, Redbridge & Waltham Forest, NEC
David Rowlands, Montgomeryshire
Gordon Parkin, Teeside, Branch Chairman
Charlotte Bull, Darlington, Branch Chairman
Sonia Reilly, Northern Ireland
Phil Griffiths, Wirral, North West Chairman
Paul Henke, Fife, Chairman UKIP Scotland
Peter Adams, Fife, Gen Sec UKIP Scotland
Martin Bridewell, Horsham, South East Treasurer
Idris Francis, Meon Valley
John Moran, Kingston, Branch Chairman
Tim Bowling, South East
Yvonne Larg, Reigate
David Bendall, Cotswolds, Branch Chairman
Neil Hamilton, Devizes, Former MP
Dave Grylls, Newton Abbott
Elizabeth Burton, North Devon, NEC
Toby Horton, Richmond, ex-Aide to William Hague MP
Peter Lucas, Bournemouth East
Chris Pain, Boston & Skegness, No. 2 on European Election list, East Midlands
Andrew McArthur, Edinburgh South West
David Kelly, Liverpool,Wavertree
Matt Davies, Woking
Josef Laspina, Overseas Malta branch
Glen Wilson, Stourbridge
Tim Bowling, Mole Valley & Epsom
Avril King, Poole
Nigel Coghill-Marshall, County Durham, Branch Chairman
Derek Evans, North Notts, Branch Chairman
Alan Freeman, Wigan, Branch Chairman
Virginia Whinyates, Montgomeryshire
Mark Stroud, Surrey Heath, Branch Chairman
Peter Wyatt, Totness, Branch Chairman
Frances Howard, Salisbury, Branch Chairman
Stuart Parr, Telford
John Wilkinson, Rotherham
Martin Valance, Richmond
John Ryan, Devizes
Phillip Glover, Christchurch
Mick Mahon, Cornwall,
Steve Rush, East Lancs
Alan Stone, Cheltenham, Branch Chairman
Michael Hookhem, Hull
Robert Brown, NW Cambs, Branch Chairman
Cllr Ian Smith, W Suffolk
John Stocker, Hitchen & Harpenden
Jill Cronk, N Devon
Denis Cronk, N Devon
Chris Pratt
John Stocker, St Albans
Nick Smith, Lincoln
Stuart Gulleford, Brentwood & Ongar, Branch Chairman
Adrian Haynes, Wellingborough & Kettering, Branch Chairman
Don Ransome, Regional Organiser
Irena Marriott
Andy Smith, London
Judith Chisholme Benli, Redbridge & Waltham Forest
Victor Chisholme, Redbridge & Waltham Forest
Geoffrey Clark, Gravesham, Branch Chairman
M Wickett, Hartlepool
D Wickett, Hartlepool
Alex Elaw, Blackpool
Mike Lane, Liverpool
Karl Jones, Liverpool
Michael Kandy, Liverpool
Paul Livings, Liverpool
Rob Ager, Liverpool
Barbara Greeley, Liverpool
T Bodcock, Liverpool
P Creeley, Liverpool
M Bodcock, Liverpool
Neil Miney, Liverpool
Eric Kirby, Liverpool
Bobby Anwar, Blackburn
Eric Pollitt, Blackpool
Colin Denby, Chorley
David Duxbury, S Ribble
Fred McGlade, N Lancs
Graham Pound, Blackburn
Hayley Reed, Blackburn
Jeanette Dilton, S Ribble
Jeff Mallison, Chorley
Joe Relton, Garstang
Martin Bleeker, Blackpool
Nick Hogan, Chorley
Nigel Cecil, Chorley
Patricia Freeman, Wigan
Ron Loasell, East Lancs
Roy Hopwood, Blackpool, Branch Chairman
Joan Worrall, N Lancs
Kathy Lott, Overseas
Daniel Arnott, Fife
Annabelle Murray, Caithness
T Linney, New Forest West
Noel Baptiste, New Forest West
Mike Beggs, New Forest West
Joy Foulston, Mole Valley
M Foulston, Mole Valley, Branch Chairman
Brian Elliott, East Worthing & Shoreham, Branch Chairman
Jeffrey Elenor, Thanet North
Rosamund Parker, Thanet South
Sarah Larkins, Thanet South
Chris Adams, Aylesbury, Deputy Regional Organiser
M Baker, Esher & Walton
Marie Balcerski, Surrey Heath
Jo Bateman, Surrey Heath
Michael Bedford, Esher & Walton
David Black, Newbury, County Organiser, Berkshire
Claire Bridewell, Horsham
John Brown, Cherwell
David Capon, Spelthorne
Robert Doughty, Witham
Maureen Elenor, Thanet North
Howard Farmer, Canterbury
Ray Finch
Mike Fitzgerald
Steve Harris, Havant, South East Regional Organiser
Beryl Humphrey, Eastleigh
Buck Humphrey, Eastleigh
Alan Latham,
Hugh McGuinness, Eastleigh, Branch Chairman
Pauline Miller, Surrey Heath
Janet Penn, Worthing West
Mick Penn, Worthing West
Jocelyn Penn-Bull, Winchester, Branch Chairman
Paul Perrin, Sussex
David Phipps, Witney, ex-Branch Chairman
JD Riley, Kingston
Bernard Smith, Chichester, Branch Chairman
Robert Snare, Aldershot, Branch Chairman
Christian Stevens, Reigate
Sam Sutton, County Organiser, Hants
John Wallace, Arundel & South Downs, County Organiser West Sussex
Carol Ward, Kingston
Michael Watson, Kingston
Molly Bennett, Eastleigh
Maurice Bennett, Eastleigh
Gwyn Thomas, Wells, Branch Chairman
Jeanette Bettleley, Weston Super Mare, Branch Secretary
Pam Booth, Torbay
Mike Hobson
Gary Booth, Torbay
Stanley Booton
Peter Bowman, Cheltenham
Jim Carver, Forest of Dean
Richard Edwards, Central Devon
Florence Glover, Christchurch
Julie Harrison, Torbay
Lesley Kelly, East Devon
Jenny Knight, Bath
John Shepherd, Torbay
Jenny Wood, Salisbury
Robert Gotts, North Devon
Marcia Gotts, North Devon
Jack Bullard, North Devon
E M Bullard, North Devon
B Smith, North Devon
R Berrell, North Devon
O M Berrell, North Devon
Martyn Richards
Mark Langford, Telford
Jean Groves, Telford
B Seymour, Telford
Glenys Gray, Telford
Raymond Knight, Telford
Jonathon Carr, North Shropshire
George Flynn
Jule Flynn
Emma Brader, Yorkshire
Jane Collins, Yorkshire
Henry Hudson, Grimsby
Sam Lander
R Elliott, Salford
B Howarth, Salford
Alf Haggert, Rochdale
Steve Sutton, Bolton
A Williams
Duran O’Dwyer, Tameside
A McManus, Tameside
Steve Evans, Bury North
Mike Lane, Liverpool
Karl Jones, Liverpool
Michael Knut, Liverpool
Barbara Green, Liverpool
T Dodcock, Liverpool
P Greeley, Liverpool
M Dodcock, Liverpool
Amul Pandya, London
C Maddison, Glasgow West
Ian Walsh, Torbay
Jenny Walsh, Torbay
Wayne Harling, Sheffield, Young Independence
Chris Cassidy, Sale East, Branch Chairman
Danielle Brannoni, Sheffield
Michael Cruddus, Mid & South Derbyshire, Branch Chairman
Andrew Reed, Overseas
Graham Bailey, East Surrey
Deirdre Hicks, Reigate
Cynthia Jaume, Reigate
J Large, Reigate
Tim Pearson, Reigate
Annabelle Fuller, London
Michael Fuller, Spelthorne
Marylyn Fuller, Spelthorne
Nigel Brown
John Tennant, Newcastle
Michael Jose
Nicola Weatherill
Laure Ferrari, Overseas
Malcolm Wood, Salisbury
Linda Hudson, Houghton & Washington East, Branch Chairman
Richard Longhurst, Kingston and Surbiton
Julie Graham, Mid Dorset & North Poole
Jacob Campbell, Gosport
Arnold Foster, Wigan
Gary Watson, Teesside
Sean Howlett, Stevenage
Phil Howell, Walsall
Donald Munro, York Central
John Wilkinson, Rotherham
Keith Savage
Mark Ward, South Staffordshire
Mr S Holroyd, Bradford East
David Cammegh, Ashford
Judith Morris, York, Branch Chairman
Andrew Smith, Epping Forest, Branch Chairman
Tim Veal, Yorkshire and Humberside
Stephen Engledow, West Suffolk
Stuart Parr, Telford & Wrekin
Mark Hudson, Sevenoaks
Oliver Foster, UKIP Leeds
Charlie Maggs, Bristol North West
Martin Bleeker, Blackpool South
Oliver Neville, Guildford
Paul Vodden, Barnsley East
Torquil Dick-Erikson, Overseas (Rome)
Michael, Romsey and Southampton North
Philip Leyton, Bexley
Mazhar Manzoor, Guildford
Guy Kempson-Dixon, Runnymede
Michael Bedford, Esher & Walton
Michael Watson, Kingston And Surbiton
Henry Hudson, Northern Lincolnshire
Shirley Jacobs, Spelthorne
Angela Lawrence, SE Cambs
Mick Lawrence, SE Cambs

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UKIP: Leadership election & Lisa Duffy in court

Posted by juniusukip on September 28, 2010

Leadership election

Here is the list of final candidates:

Nigel Farage
Winston McKenzie
Tim Congdon
David Bannerman

Mad Monckton withdrew from the race to support Farage.

Dear Nigel,

Just a note to say that I won’t be standing for the leadership: It is you who have built the UKIP brand, and it would not be fair to stand in your way. I’ll help in any way I can.

All the best, Christopher

We said that he was mad!

Jason Smith withdrew from the race to support Bannerman. Another fool!

McKenzie’s decision to stand has puzzled many UKIPPERS. He has no chance of winning and will be extremely lucky to get 200 votes. We hear that his decision to run had more to do with his ego.

Do you think that Winston would make a good leader? If so, watch this masterpiece….

And do listen for his urgent appeal to the cameraman. It can be heard 57 seconds into the film.

“Give me the cue for the next lot.”

But at least the pigeon was VERY impressed!

Lisa Duffy in Court.

Lisa Duffy’s picture. To be used by the NHS to highlight the terrible consequences of unprotected sex.

Mr Hardy has had his day in court. This concerned Gordon Parkin’s decision to unlawfully ban him from UKIP meetings. See: LINK

The trial was heard on Thursday and Friday of last week.

The party was represented by Lisa Duffy who, in common with Gordon Parkin, entered court with high expectations of success. We understand that she made a complete mess of it – no surprise there – and by the end of the proceedings was left feeling extremely foolish.

We understand that the Judge was less than impressed with UKIP and made some VERY pointed comments about the party.

We can only hope that the membership – the real payer – enjoys discharging the legal fees, which are estimated to run into thousands.

We will be publishing more details in the very future.

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UKIP: Godfrey Bloom sinks to another all time low

Posted by juniusukip on September 28, 2010

And just when you thought that Bloom couldn’t bring UKIP and the Euro-sceptic movement into further disrepute.

When not urinating in hotel corridors Bloom likes to post his words of wisdom on Twitter

Here are just a few:

@DowningStreet is worried about #climate deniers. We should worry more about the stupid Cnuts inside it. What a Stupid Bunch of Cnuts…

Delegates at #copenhagen who think they can control the elements are a bunch of stupid self-serving Cnuts. What a Stupid Bunch of Cnuts… #eu

So now we know why government scientists talk [B- ollocks] on climate change#ukip

And don’t forget these old extracts from his blog:

The dirty mac brigade visit Brussels for some fun.

What a Stupid Bunch of Cnuts…

One complete bunch of Cnuts – the editorial team at the Guardian newspaper – believes that it, along with 56 other publications throughout the world, can rightly issue instructions to the world through their editorial columns. The group of 56 newspapers today issued a statement simultaneously urging that there were just ‘fourteen days to seal history’s judgment on this generation’.

Complete Cnuts ex-Beatle, Paul McCartney, and IPCC Chair, Rajendra Pachauri were in Brussels last week, pushing lentils. They want to persuade the EU to persuade its citizens to stop eating meat because, according to them, eating meat causes climate change. This is the kind of nonsense that the Copenhagen conference (and the EU) is all about – bossing people about, telling them how they should live their lives and what to have for dinner. We had a barbecue in Brussels to let McCartney and Pachauri know what we thought of their silly plan.

Silly Cnut, the Prince of Wales has been invited to Copenhagen by the Danish government, according to the Times.

It’s easy for Cnut’s like Prince Charles to convince themselves that private jets are necessary for their job of saving the planet, and that poverty is just a trivial problem. He ought to be setting an example, and cycling to Copenhagen.

To see the originals: LINK

The sooner Bloom is kicked out of UKIP the better. The man is a disgrace to the whole Euro-sceptic movement.

And to think that UKIP could have had Richard North representing them in Yorkshire. He should have been UKIP’s lead candidate in 2004 but Farage rigged the selection so that his drinking buddy could join him in Brussels. Thanks Nigel!

For more on Bloom: LINK

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UKIP’s Lisa Duffy: Unfit for purpose

Posted by juniusukip on September 27, 2010

Nuff said!

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UKIP: More recent dire election results

Posted by juniusukip on September 26, 2010

Gerard and Tim, any comments?

Local Council Byelections 16th Sept 2010


Gerard Neil HARGREAVES (Conservative Party Candidate) 602
Mabel Ellen MCKEOWN (The Labour Party Candidate) 583
Peter KOSTA (Liberal Democrats) 180
Julia STEPHENSON (Green Party) 51
David Adam COBURN (UK Independence Party (UKIP)) 46

Conservative hold

Turnout 24.9%


Linda WADE (Liberal Democrats) 703
Malcolm David SPALDING (Conservative Party Candidate) 594
Joel Alexander Muir BISHOP (The Labour Party Candidate) 151
Elizabeth ARBUTHNOT (Independent) 49
Jack BOVILL (Independent) 29
Michael John ENRIGHT (Green Party) 26
Antony LITTLE (United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)) 18

Liberal Democrat gain from Conservative

Turnout 24.0%

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UKIP: The Third Bus

Posted by juniusukip on September 25, 2010

A Right ‘Ard’ Man! Don’t mess with the Nuttall or you may just find yourself eating hospital food!

We hear that Farage has been quietly told that his involvement with the Hannan/Pearson referendum campaign is not required. How sad! However, the odious Paul Nuttall is more than welcome. See: LINK

Interesting article from our friends at New Europe.

The Brits, with their characteristic downbeat outlook have a saying, “you wait forever for a bus and then three arrive at the same time”. A situation that anyone who has been hanging around Place Luxembourg can relate to.

And so, it applies to referendum petitions. The British eurosceptics, peeved at being denied a referendum on Lisbon have been racing to organize campaigns, asking the Brits to sign petitions asking for a referendum on EU membership.

So far, three have turned up. It’s uncertain how many more are due.

First out the starting gate was Nikki Sinclaire MEP, who left the EFD Group because of what she saw as anti-semitism and homophobia amongst its members.. Her campaign ( LINK), which she dubs ‘the people’s petition’ is trying to raise 100,000 signatures. She argues that the UK is neither in, nor outside the EU and a referendum on membership will provide a firm position for the country’s future relationship with Europe, either inside or outside the union.

She is touring the UK garnering signatures. She claims to have had 10,000 in the first week of campaigning.

UKIP responded to this by launching a referendum petition of their own (LINK) their third in recent years. One that closed in 2008 had 10,782, another one, launched in November 2009, seems to have disappeared. It remains to be seen how the latest will do, but there doesn’t seem to be much promotion behind it and it is said that some UKIP people are a little embarrassed about launching a second petition.

Junius says: The earlier UKIP referendum ‘campaign’ was simply a front to trouser more EU money for Farage.

Enter Dan Hannan.

He has launched a third petition. This is the slickest of them all, and possibly crucially, has support from the left and right. The move,(LINK), which announces itself as a “ballsy, cutting edge campaign” is getting the most press and is a much more professional effort, even though it was the last one off the ground.

They say that, “It’s a sad fact that Britain is sleepwalking into the European Super-State and Britain must wake up to the nightmares hiding under the sheets of Brussels. EU laws and directives made without our knowledge or consent, behind locked doors of the most complicated clauses and sub-clauses imaginable.”

Sadly, there is no joint campaign against cliches and tired metaphors.

One interesting aspect to the last of the petitions is its address, 95 Wilton Rd, Westminster.

This must be a one-stop shop for eurosceptics. It is also the home to Just Skips, which could help cart off all those EU Directives. It is also houses Career Amazon, a recruiting agency that could be useful for those seeking work beyond Barroso’s empire.

After a hard day’s eurosceptiking, why not pay a visit to Elite London Escorts or Discrete Angels, who also share the address. They can arrange a relaxing session, short or long with a “busty escort”. If you’re feeling a bit strapped for cash, call in at Crv Solutions Loans to tide you over, or help pay the escort!

It is also the base for Pornoteufel, a community of “swingers and voyeurs”. I’d tell you more but there’s no way that I’m going to their website.

Or you could entertain your escort, by introducing her to some of the amazing and unusual machines offered by the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.

Perhaps the most chilled experience comes courtesy of Kind Seed LTD, who use the address to mail out “Authentic Marijuana Seeds”.

Now, that’s what I call a comprehensive platform.

To see the original: LINK

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UKIP’s Steve Allison: Pan-European

Posted by juniusukip on September 25, 2010

Steve Allison is in charge of Tim Congdon’s leadership campaign. This has set a few alarm bells ringing as Mr Allison is now in favour of pan-European parties and funding. Mr Congdon is not in favour of this. You may recall that Mr Congdon spoke out against the EFD at the UKIP conference. See: LINK

So why is Mr Allison willing to campaign for a man who it totally against the idea of UKIP becoming a pan-European party? Allison is a man not to be trusted.

Readers may also recall that Steve Allison tried to leak false information about Mike Nattrass to this blog. Allison claimed that Nattrass was going to join the BNP. A quick check proved this to be a lie. See: LINK

Here are Mr Allison’s views on pan-European parties. We also include Wolfman McGough’s comments. He is also in favour of UKIP becoming pan-European. They are taken from the UKIP members only forum:

The Euro-sceptic Parties, like UKIP, tend to shy away from forming organisations that are seen as taking them deeper into the system. As illustrated by the almost frenzied rush by some sections of UKIP to ensure our party is not contaminated by receipt of such money! This means Euro-sceptic groups don’t access the funding that is available and leave the field clear for the pro-EU organisations to grab all the cash.

UKIP Members seem to fixate on the requirement that to draw down such funds the party must “observe the founding principles of the European Union”.

However, those ‘founding principles’ are the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law.

Which of those principles does UKIP Object to? Obviously we have a different interpretation of them from other parties and nations, and we understand and practise them in a very different way from Continental Europeans. But we, as a party do support these principles. There is no requirement for example to support any other aims of the EU, there is no requirement to support political union or greater integration. The irony is that UKIP could take EU Money and use it to fight political union and further integration in the name of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law.

So it’s not that such funding isn’t available to Euro sceptic groups. It is just that such groups chose to not access the funding due to some mistaken idea of ideological purity.

The phrase “Cutting off one’s own nose to spite one’s face” comes to mind here.

Paid by whom and with what?

One of the carrots of accepting membership of a pan-European political party would be funding for a “think tank” to develop policy. This would probably be based in the UK with a big slice of 1,300,000 Euro Budget. This money could be used to research positions, produce policies, print and distribute booklets, etc. It could also be used to fund conferences and meetings. Yes I know its a buy off (or a sell out?) but its a lot of money that UKIP could use to fight the EU with.

I rather like the irony of using the EU’s money to fight against it. At least we’d be getting some of our own money back.

If you think about it UKIP does only exist because of the EU! At the risk of breaking NEC Confidentiality I will say there was extensive discussion about this at the NEC and a lot more information is still outstanding. I went into the meeting pre-disposed to fight the “Pan European Party” to my last breath, but I listened to the presentation, I asked questions and received answers and I agreed at NEC that the party should investigate the outstanding issues and the NEC receive another report.

The proposal was then to present this report at a special meeting open to all UKIP Members in London on October 9th. The morning session could have been an official Leadership Hustings and an afternoon session on the pan European party proposal. This would have allowed three or even four hours of informed discussion rather than just the very brief debate and prepared speeches to the motion at conference.

Unfortunately I understand the amendment to the motion was defeated and so the Special General Meeting will now not take place. I think this is a real shame as it would have allowed informed decision making and not knee jerk responses

I have not agreed to the proposal but what I have said is that it doesn’t need to be rejected out of hand without some really serious consideration. There is some serious money on the table and UKIP needs every penny it can get. The key question I asked, and received assurances to, was that being in such a party would in no way mean the end of UKIP, we would still be UKIP and would continue to campaign and stand in elections as UKIP.

The whole thing is by no means a done deal but there are some very attractive carrots on offer and I for one find the irony very attractive in taking EU Money to spend fighting the EU.

Junius says: And what about UKIP’s core principles? UKIP was supposed to be against the pan-European ideal. And so yet another UKIPPER sells himself to Farage ‘For A Few Euros More’. We know full well what Allison is after – Steve Allison UKIP East Midlands MEP. Or so he hopes!

Posts: 202

Re: NEC and policy
Reply 16 on: September 06, 2010, 06:53:04 PM

I endorse what Steve has said;

Perhaps we should put this to the membership;

“Should we set up a UK based think tank to fight the EU ,using money that would otherwise be available to our enemies in other parties to promote the EU “

together with;

“Should we leave the pan european EFD Group thus depriving us of funds to educate the public about the EU such as we have previously done with the two excellent videos”

And more from Allison:

A plan is a vital tool but it can’t be so inflexible that it ignores targets of opportunity. The qualifying date for accessing this funding is November so the conference decision effectively shuts the door on up to 1,300,000 Euros of funding next year and makes the pot to be shared out amongst the other parties that much bigger, so not only have UKIP thrown away a huge amount of cash they have effectively donated that cash to our opponents who are happy to use it.

And this from ukipdowntown:

September 06, 2010, 07:23:55 PM
Steve- I thought you guys had a business plan? Is that it, Get more money from the EU?

End of quotes. So there you have it. McGough and Allison are in favour of UKIP becoming pan-European just to get more money. So much for fighting for British independence. No doubt most of the money will vanish into a certain MEP’s bank account!

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