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UKIP’s Turkey of the Year award

Posted by juniusukip on December 31, 2009

It was a hard decision. So many people in UKIP deserve the title – David Bannerman, Paul Nuttall, Nigel Farage, Douglas Denny, Derek Clark, etc, etc.

But after serious reflection it must go to ……….. Mike Nattrass!

And here are a few reasons why:

For denying being under investigation by OLAF. OLAF – enquiry Number OF/2009/0487

For not telling UKIPPERS he was under investigation by OLAF.

For threatening to sue the Sunday Times for publishing details of the investigation. Mike, you can’t sue them for telling the truth!

For wanting to become UKIP leader.

For thinking for even ONE second that he could win.

For claiming that the Sunday Times article was published in order to damage his chances of becoming UKIP leader. Mike, they couldn’t give a damn about you becoming UKIP leader!

For going on holiday to the Philippines during the leadership campaign.

For then trying to claim it was one man crusade to help the poor after details of his holiday were leaked to GLW and this blog. See: LINK

For allowing Derek Bennett to work for you.

For allowing him to write press releases for you. That one about your humanitarian trip to the Philippines was hilarious.

For losing that bus.

For carrying naughty photos in your wallet.

For not taking your wife to Brussels. Now why is that?

Mike can send his acceptance speech via the comments section of this blog. We look forward to reading it!


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The Junius photo file

Posted by juniusukip on December 30, 2009

Paul Nuttall interrogates East India Club cat suspected of supplying information to Junius.

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Lord Pearson makes an ass of himself in the Mail

Posted by juniusukip on December 29, 2009

Not one of Lord Pearson’s finest moments.

It is interesting to note that Pearson claims UKIP is for ‘individual thinkers’. What planet is he living on? In UKIP being an ‘individual thinker’ can get you into serious trouble. Just ask Del Young, David Abbott or Eric Edmond!

We also note that the noble Lord is still trying to deny that he offered to disband UKIP in exchange for the Tories agreeing to a referendum on the EU. Silly man. Trying to spin such nonsense won’t change the fact!

Is Lord Pearson suffering from foot in mouth disease? It seems so. But at least he has his wife to watch out for gaffes!

JAN MOIR talks to Baron Pearson of Rannoch, the gloriously eccentric and accident-prone new head of UKIP

29th December 2009

Oh, Lordy, Lordy. This is not going exactly to plan, is it? Lord Pearson of Rannoch, the newly elected leader of the UK Independence Party has had, to say the least, a rocky few weeks in office.

He had only been in the job 24 hours when he ignited a row that still threatens to tear UKIP apart, he has been drawn into the expenses debacle and then there is the small matter of allegations of his involvement with a corrupt South American regime.

‘Yes, yes, yes. It has been an interesting time. Not exactly a bed of roses, no,’ he says, with a cheerful nod.

On his first day in office, Lord Pearson annoyed many in the Right-wing, anti-Europe UKIP by saying that if the Tories promised a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU, he would disband his own party.

‘A rather original approach to leadership,’ as Glenys Kinnock dryly noted in the House of Lords recently.

It has also come to light that Pearson has received £100,000 over six years by claiming that his £3.6million house in London was his second home.

‘For tax purposes. That’s not fibbing or anything. You know, the point I find impossible to get over to critics is what I have actually given up to do this,’ he sighs, estimating that entering the House of Lords at Margaret Thatcher’s behest 20 years ago has impoverished him to the tune of £200,000 a year in lost earnings.

He says he is also losing money by selflessly leading UKIP. If he carries on down this spiral, he’ll be as poor as a church mouse.

Or perhaps not. Pearson’s critics would argue that, to the contrary, all he has done is indulge himself by funding his pet hobby; politics.

And as a millionaire insurance broker, he could well afford to take the drop anyway. ‘No, I am not rich enough,’ he says.

He insists that all he owns is a London town house, a moor, a deer forest and a 12,000-acre country estate in the Highlands, plus a share portfolio worth around £2.5million and a pension fund with ‘about’ £600,000 in it.

‘And that’s it!’ he cries. ‘The house is worth £1.2million. Scotland is probably worth about £3million or £4million – but not unless you sell it. And then what do you do? Nothing? Lie on a beach? Oh, everyone is so anti-rich these days, aren’t they?

‘Andrew Neil was going on about my wealth the other day when I was on his television programme. I should have said: “Mr Neil, if being rich was a crime in this country, then you would have been behind bars years ago.”‘

Why didn’t you? ‘I’m just not quick enough, I’m afraid.’ How glad the uber-modern Conservatives must be that Pearson left their party years ago!

At a time when David Cameron – rightly or wrongly – seems obsessed with de-toffing his party, the last thing he wants is someone like the flamboyant anti-Europe, pro-hunting, outspoken millionaire Malcolm Everard MacLaren Pearson, Baron Pearson of Rannoch, rocking the careful carpentry of his egalitarian boat.

Small of stature, ruddy of cheek but loud of opinion, Pearson is the kind of unreconstructed Old Etonian dinosaur – ‘My nickname at Eton was Malc The Knife,’ he says, without a blush – who must give the Tory leader nightmares.

He even says yah! when he means yes; practically a hanging offence in the modern political world.

‘At least I am who I am,’ says Pearson. ‘David Cameron has given up shooting and hunting and he has resigned from White’s. I mean, it is absurd.

‘He is trying to show that he is something that he isn’t – or isn’t something that he is, let’s put it that way. I am not going to do that. I can’t be bothered to pretend. If people don’t like it, then tough,’ he adds, brushing the arm of his charcoal pinstripe suit.

Even at the age of 67 he still has his suits made by the Eton tailors Tom Brown because: ‘I am a very awkward shape; low-slung, with thick legs and rather short arms.’

His shirts are handmade for the same reason.

‘From Turnbull & Asser, I’m afraid. Whoops, there goes another headline,’ he says.

We meet in Pearson’s South London home, a perfect Georgian town house in a perfect Georgian square and practically next door to one of the original 18th century sites of the House of Bedlam, where fashionable Londoners used to come to stare at the inmates.
However, this is not Pearson’s famously flipped home; this is the one he moved to in 2007 to save money.

Lord Pearson and his third wife, the much younger, poetically named Caroline St Vincent Rose, ‘downsized’ here from his much grander, Grade II listed stucco house in Belgravia, situated in a square where Ian Fleming and Michael Portillo once lived.
Part of the £2million the Pearsons made on the property deal was ploughed back into the running of Lord Pearson’s ruinously expensive Scottish estate.

‘The thing about a deer forest,’ he says, ‘is that the income can’t possibly meet the expenditure.’

It must be appalling. ‘Yah. However, it is worth it. We have a lot of people to stay in Scotland in the summer. And a lot of them wouldn’t get that sort of holiday if they didn’t come.’

Who are they, orphans? ‘Important people. We refresh a lot of really good people who come to stay,’ he says. ‘People we put together who wouldn’t otherwise meet. People who do really good work and of whom you would approve.’

The ground floor of the Pearsons’ London home is all pale wood and white walls, with light pouring in from a conservatory-type extension to the rear. I count at least nine oil portraits of groupings of short-haired German pointers; a rapt audience of adoring doggy eyes which track your every move around the room.

‘That’s Jock, that’s Fred who ran away, that’s Suchard [named after the chocolate], that’s Jock Junior, that’s Fred’s grandfather. ..’ says Pearson, going on to point out the hunting dogs who live on his Scottish estate in a manner of which they would no doubt approve.

In the dining area, there is also a huge landscape of gloomy Glencoe, featuring some Highland cattle grazing in the foreground.

‘Oh, that’s just Malcolm! He always likes to imagine he is in Scotland,’ says Lady Pearson.

Willowy and rather lovely, she pads around in her tight green jeans and furry Uggs, keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. She has no intention, she says, of being a ‘political wife’, but she wants to support her husband as much as she can.

‘This has been his absolute obsession for years,’ she explains.

How does she think it is going so far? ‘Interesting,’ she says, and puts the kettle on.

For his part, the leader of UKIP feels that he has three main problems.

‘Expenses, disband and Costa Rica,’ he says, cheerfully counting them off on his fingers. ‘Costa Rica, disband and expenses. Disband is my big one. I mean, did I really say the word “disband”? I guess I must have done. Bit of a cock-up, really.’

What he actually meant, he now says, is that his party would merely stand aside at the next General Election to avoid any potential split of the Tory vote and to help put David Cameron’s Conservatives in a more powerful position.

In return, they would get their beloved referendum, and once they got that, they would reform themselves once more. Disband didn’t come into it.

‘I didn’t think I was suggesting anything particularly naughty as far as the membership was concerned. If we got the referendum, we are confident that we would win it.

‘Then we would be out of the EU and there would be a complete re-alignment of British politics. Perhaps even the start of a new party, like the Common Sense Party, co-operating with activists and real people in all the other parties.’

The Common Sense Party? ‘Yes, something like that. That is just an idea.’

Then there is Costa Rica. Malc The Knife faces fresh questions about bribery allegations against his company Pearson Webb Springbett – the insurance brokers he co-founded 45 years ago – when it was operating in Costa Rica in the 1990s.

Pearson sold the company last year, but has been helping an official investigation into allegations that PWS had bribed the then president of Costa Rica while allegedly overcharging the country for its insurance premiums.

In his defence, Pearson has said his company operated by the normal South American business practices adopted by all international insurance companies at the time and that PWS had done nothing wrong.

‘I knew my weak spots before I became leader of the party,’ says Pearson, who also courted controversy earlier this year when he invited Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders to show the anti-Islam film Fitna before the House of Lords.

In the end, Wilders was prevented from entering the UK on the instructions of the then Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith. In response, Pearson accused the Government of ‘appeasing’ militant Islam. Now he is cheered by other recent news from Europe.

‘God bless the Swiss. Look at what they did the other day; they knocked out the wretched minarets. Wonderful!’ he cries.

At other moments, he just sounds rather terrifyingly like the major in Fawlty Towers and he concedes: ‘I am a sort of loony. A rebel, a maverick. I was brought up in the wilderness of Rannoch which teaches you to think for yourself.

‘I spent all my school holidays there, wandering the hills and that made me an original thinker. I think I am even cursed with a little vision. No, not a seer. I wouldn’t go as far as that.

‘But as soon as I read the Treaties of Rome, I did see that this was a project heading in the wrong direction. I saw it very, very clearly.’

Pearson was elected to office when former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who is also a member of the European Parliament for the South-East, resigned in September to concentrate on his efforts to become an MP at Westminster.

‘He is a Derby winner and I am a carthorse who puts his hooves in it sometimes, I’m afraid,’ says Pearson.

‘Be careful what you are saying, darling,’ calls his wife.

The Pearsons married in 1997, after knowing each other ‘for ages’. They have no children together, but he has three daughters; one from his first marriage to Francesca Frua de Angeli and two from his second marriage to the Hon. Mary Charteris.

His middle daughter has Down’s syndrome and lives in a sheltered community. Over the years, Pearson has done much campaigning and political work on behalf of those with mental health problems.

‘Being divorced twice has been very sad, but I remain on good terms with both former wives and our children. I don’t make a very good husband, obviously, although Caroline and I are perfectly happy. I’m not all bad, though, am I?’ he wonders. ‘I do a few a chores.’

Such as? ‘Such as the breakfast washing-up when we are in Scotland. I cook a bit. I make the finest cheese omelette in the land. I put the rubbish out.’

As if to emphasise his lordly domestic credentials, he has a minor fit when his wife serves coffee in mugs.

‘A mug! Haven’t we got a cup and saucer for our guest?’ he cries, before absent-mindedly helping himself to one of my biscuits.

‘Oh, I am not really a politician,’ he sighs. ‘To be honest, I did not want to be UKIP leader, but I came to see that I ought to try to do it.

‘When I looked at the likely contenders for the leadership – (‘Darling! I said be careful,’ says Caroline) – ‘I worried that if one or two of them won it, it would be very difficult to hold the party together because of factions and personal divides. UKIP is not for sheep, you know, it is not for lemmings. It is a party for individual thinkers and strong characters.’

Indeed. Three years ago, David Cameron described it as a party of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists . . .

‘A somewhat puerile statement and churlishly rude of him, I think,’ he says. ‘But it helped us, in a way. It helped to bring a lot of people into the party.’ It did?

In many ways I can’t help liking this terrifyingly accident-prone, self-consciously eccentric aristocrat. However, the question is, will anyone take this seer of a peer Malc The Knife, his ideas and his wealth, seriously?

‘If you are wealthy, you are, apparently, rich and evil these days. My message to everyone is that, yes, I did go to Eton, but my father died in debt. I am where I am today because of what I made myself. So get out and do it yourself, for goodness’ sake.’

And what is he going to get up and do for the rest of the day?

‘Just take the flak on my mobile,’ he shrugs.

‘Oh, do be careful, darling,’ says Lady Pearson.

To see the original: LINK

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More on UKIP’s fascist links

Posted by juniusukip on December 28, 2009

The League of Empire Loyalists was formed in 1954. It campaigned for the preservation of white supremacy over the “Commonwealth”.

It was formed by disgruntled Tories, in an attempt to influence Conservative Party policy (where have we heard that one before?).

It is generally remembered for its neo-Nazi associations – Colin Jordan, the leader of the British National Socialist Movement was a prominent member, as was John Tyndall, the founder of the BNP.

Now it gets interesting…. again, Junius is privy to conversations in London clubs. Not the East India this time – we never really liked it there. It is shabby, and the tatty old bar is frequented by smelly pipe smokers! No, this time to the Carlton Club, that bastion of conservatism.

Discussion a few nights ago centered around the League of Empire Loyalists, and a particular faction, that fancied itself to be a part of Gladio, the Cold war resistance organisation. Our source, formerly a member of the League, now an elderly Tory businessman, told us about this faction. “A bunch of military fantasists – always totally pissed, and centred on the TA. Real weekend warriors! They fancied that they would defend Blighty from the Commies and the Wogs when the balloon went up!” Apparently, even Jordan and the other Nazis thought this lot to be bonkers.

Why do we mention this?

Because one of the leading lights of this clique was the father of a senior UKIP MEP.

There has been been some discussion of this in the past, but now our friend in the Carlton Club has really allowed us to open this can of worms.

A disgruntled Tory faction starting something new in order to influence Conservative Party policy? Drunken fantasists? Closet racism? Does it ring any bells? It seems it runs in the family!

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Gary Cartwright on UKIP lies and filth

Posted by juniusukip on December 27, 2009

We at Junius note that the usual EUKIP liars and cheats are still losing sleep over the identity of Junius. Indeed, we have recently been the subject of some discussion on the British Democracy Forum.

The list is getting increasingly longer with John West, Robin Page, Gary Cartwright and Adrian Muldew being added to the ever growing list of suspects.

You may recall that Mark Croucher accused Piers Merchant of being Junius. Piers has now been dead for several months and yet strangely we are still here. We note that Croucher has yet to apologise to the Merchant family for publishing his lies.

Croucher currently posts on the British Democracy Forum as ‘Skeptyk’. In a recent post he once again accused Gary Cartwright of being Junius. You may recall that Gary used to work for UKIP as a researcher.

Here is Gary’s response:

Exactly what am I being accused of now?

In 2005, before the General Election, I was tasked with doing an audit of candidates. A man I will call “Mr S” had very strong BNP connections. I reported this to Farage. He told me to “drop it”. More about this later….

I was accused of leaking information to Greg Lance Watkins once, by David Lott and Nigel Farage. When as a result of my own investigations into the matter I showed them that only they (and Gawain Towler) had that the relevant information at the time it was leaked, it very suddenly became “well, actually, its not something we are here to talk about”. Well. at least I had found the leak…!

I was accused of selling a story about Farage’s son to the Sunday Times. When I produced a letter from the ST to confirm that I was not the source, the leadership did not want to look at it… the lie had served its purpose. I lost my job as a result of that lie.

Having found a new position in the European Parliament, I was then accused of being a member of the BNP, a cross-dresser, a closet gay, and – most insultingly – of having lied about my service record. This all came from the aforementioned “Mr S” and one of his chums. The allegations turned into threats, and I had to call in the police. The harassment then stopped. Mr S’s chum was an ex-con, and so they probably realised it was a good time to stand down on this one.

I was then informed that a certain UKIP MEP had been calling members in his region, and was alleging that I, and others, had been recruited into UKIP to destabilise the party. Apparently, I am an MI5/MI6 agent.

Then, whilst I was subsequently working as a journalist in Brussels, my editor was viciously attacked on the platform of a train station by a young lady working for in the offices of the UKIP Brussels clique, who objected to a story “Gary Cartwright had written”. I didn’t write that story… it showed me the measure of these folks. Idiots, one and all.

It gets better.

I was present when a young journalist was physically attacked by a UKIP MEP in a Brussels bar.

I was attacked by a young intern for being “Junius”. His behaviour was appalling. When Piers Merchant was “exposed” as Junius, did I get an apology? No way… again, it shows us the measure of these people.

Piers is no longer with us, but Junius is still active. Has an apology been issued to Piers’ family? You can guess… by now you will know the measure of these vile people.

I walked past Farage’s office a while back – his pa, who I once shared an office with, was there – I try to get on with everybody, and so I greeted him. I was verbally abused in the most obscene manner, and jabbed with an umbrella.

So what am I accused of now, Skeptyk?

End of statement. To view the original: LINK

Gary’s excellent post gives just a few examples of the serious problems within UKIP. To state that the corrupt and dishonest gain preferment in UKIP while the decent and honest are driven out by a corrupt leadership would be a colossal understatement!

Also see: LINK

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Happy Christmas from Derek and Mike!

Posted by juniusukip on December 24, 2009

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Nigel Farage: The truth about that resignation

Posted by juniusukip on December 24, 2009

Junius was delighted to be privy to a drunken conversation in the East India Club… The truth about why Nigel Farage resigned the UKIP leadership can now be told.

The somewhat noisy tantrum thrown by Marta ‘the Martyr’ Andreason at a meeting of the NEC, which culminated in her resignation as party treasurer, was just the start of a series of events that spelled the beginning of the end for Farage’s grip on UKIP.

Even before she confronted Farage and Nuttall with what she had found in the books, she had spoken to more than one of the party’s donors. Stuart Wheeler, whose “hot and cold” attitude towards UKIP owes more to Tory tactics than to his own beliefs, was furious. Then when the Elcom verdict came in, he issued Farage with an ultimatum – “Go now and put Pearson in, or else!”

So Farage obliged, but not before ensuring that his replacement vehicle, a pan-European political party, was taking shape.

Immediately Pearson was anointed, Farage went to work on his “scorched earth” policy. His press officer, Bridget Rowe, began to plant stories in the press on a daily basis – tax dodges, Tory deals, etc, etc.

Now Farage has fulfilled the demands of the all-important UKIP/Tory donor, ensured a safe berth in Brussels when it all goes pear shaped, and he leaves UKIP looking like a mess, (which of course would never have happened if he was still at the helm!)

You have to admire the man, he handled it well. If only his mates hadn’t got bladdered and talked too much at the bar.

Incidentally, Marta also talked to one of her old chums in Paul Van Buitenen’s office. PvB hates hypocrites, and Farage can expect some bad times in Brussels as a result! Cheers, Marta.

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Happy Christmas from the Junius Team

Posted by juniusukip on December 23, 2009

The Junius Team would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas. We can guarantee you that Nigel Farage won’t be having a very merry one after reading a certain email!

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UKIP’s fascist allies are dreaming of a White Christmas

Posted by juniusukip on December 23, 2009

From Time:
Italy’s influential Northern League Party has stood out over the past decade for its particular knack in finding new (and not-so-new) ways of offending people based on country of origin and color of skin. In 2003, Umberto Bossi, founder of the party, which once espoused separatism, told an interviewer that police should open fire on the boatloads of undocumented Africans arriving on Italian shores, calling the would-be immigrants “bingo-bongos.” Other Northern League pols have proposed everything from separate trains for immigrants to banning the building of new mosques and even prohibiting the serving of kebabs and other non-Italian food in city centers.

The latest swipe by the Northern League attempts some kind of holiday spirit. The league-led city council in Coccaglio, a small town east of Milan, has launched a two-month sweep — from Oct. 25 to Dec. 25 — to ferret out foreigners without proper residency permits. It has been dubbed Natale Bianco, or “White Christmas.”

Claudio Abiendi, a longtime Lega Nord member who leads security policy on the city council, told the daily La Repubblica that he came up with the initiative as a way “to start cleaning things up” in Coccaglio, a town of 7,000 with some 1,500 immigrant residents. “For me, Christmas isn’t the celebration of hospitality, but rather of Christian tradition and our identity,” he said. Abiendi also told the paper that approximately half of the 150 inspections already carried out turned up people who no longer had a right to reside in Italy. He said he would report them to national authorities.

The city council office is responding to requests for interviews with a press release denying any racist intent, noting that the Natale Bianco moniker was not an official public designation. The impromptu local census “was born to know the real number of foreign-born citizens present in Coccaglio so as to better manage the economic resources destined for integration projects.” Local officials say the measure follows a national policy set forth by Italy’s Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, a member of the Northern League, to give local administrators more authority in monitoring the residency status of foreigners.

The Northern League, founded in 1991 on a platform to separate the richer northern regions from the rest of Italy, is as strong as it has ever been. It is now a key ally in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s majority in Parliament after garnering 10% of support in the last national election on a campaign focused on deepening worries about crime and the economy. Last week, the league floated (but then withdrew) a measure in Italy’s budget bill that would have capped unemployment benefits for foreign-born workers.

Both the economic scapegoating of immigrants and the vision of the league’s White Christmas irk the Comunita di Sant’Egidio, an influential Catholic lay group that defends immigrant rights. “The insults and rhetoric help to exploit uncertainty and create political consensus,” says Mario Marazziti, Sant’Egidio’s spokesman. “But in the end, it is against the national interest. Italy is in demographic decline, and the only real chance is to work to integrate immigrants, who are the last hope for the country to start to grow again. All the rest just creates conflict and puts off resolving this crisis.”

Indeed, even as the Northern League continues to cite Christian themes in its opposition to a growing Muslim minority, Pope Benedict XVI on Nov. 27 presented the annual message for the upcoming World Day of Migrants and Refugees. “Jesus’ words resound in our hearts,” he said. ” ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me,’ as, likewise, the central commandment he left us: to love God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our mind, and to associate this with love of neighbor.” Now that is a different kind of Christmas spirit.

To see the original: LINK

The Lega Nord are members of UKIP’s Freedom and Democracy Group.

Lega Nord even have a paramilitary wing known as the greenshirts (camicie verdi).
To say that some of UKIP’s MEPs are unhappy joining forces with the LD would be an understatement. Some have already threatened to leave the group.

It is interesting to note that the odious Paul Nuttall – who would not even stay in the same room as Nick Griffin – is more than happy to embrace his European racist, homophobic and anti-semitic allies. The words stinking hypocrite spring to mind.

One wonders what Mark Croucher – self-proclaimed anti-fascist warrior, Searchlight supporter and EFD Press Officer – makes of all this?

Perhaps someone should report him to Searchlight for his pro-fascist activities?

Also see: LINK

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UKIP: Nigel Farage’s Fuhrer complex

Posted by juniusukip on December 22, 2009

If Napoleon and Hitler had possessed video technology we doubt that even they would have had the arrogance to put this out ………


And don’t be too impressed by quality of the video. UKIP did not make it. They paid a company to put Farage’s photo on a pre-existing video.

It is interesting to note that the title of the video is ‘A Hero for Europe’. Nice to see Nigel promoting his pan-European credentials!

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