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Paul Nuttall’s April Fool farce

Posted by juniusukip on April 30, 2009

My readers will recall that Paul Nuttall sent certain UKIPPERS a letter in which they were curtly informed that they must sign a declaration by the 28th April or face expulsion from the Party. See: LINK

Here is the text of the letter:


On 2nd March 2009 the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the (sic) passed the following motion:

“That the UK First Party (UKFP) be added to the NEC’s list of parties, membership of which is incompatible with UKIP membership under article 4.2 of the UKIP Constitution”.

It has been reported that you are a member of the UK First Party, which is committed to standing against the UK Independence Party in the forthcoming European Elections.

The NEC has now deemed that this is incompatible with UK Independence Party membership.

I am therefore asking you to sign the attached declaration confirming that you are not a member of the UK First Party, or that you have resigned from this party.

If you do not respond within 28 days I will take it that you longer wish to be a member of the UK Independence Party.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Nuttall
Party Chairman

DECLARATION: I confirm that I am not currently a member of the UK First Party (UKFP)
Signed ………….. Dated …………..

How very appropriate that the dishonest Nuttall decided to post this letter on April Fools Day!

So UKFP is a proscribed party for deciding to stand against UKIP in the General Election!

It has also been said by members of UKIP’s NEC that UKFP is beyond the pale for being ‘anti-UKIP’.

So what about Labour, the Greens, Lib Dems, English Democrats, Libertas, Jury Team and the Tories?

Can they be described as pro-UKIP?

I would very much like to know why UKIP’s leadership is happy to accept membership applications from card carrying Tories?

After all, didn’t David Cameron describe UKIP as “fruitcakes”, “loonies” and “closet racists”. And didn’t his predecessor described UKIP members as “cranks” and “gadflies“?

But apparently that’s ok according to Douglas Denny and the rest of Farage’s useful idiots on UKIP’s NEC.

Indeed, they are so proud of being branded cranks and gadflies that they not only formed a cranks and gadflies drinking club but also sell a tie bearing pictures of gadflies and cranks!

The sheer hypocrisy and stupidity of UKIP’s leadership is beyond belief!

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Is there nothing that UKIP will not stoop to in order to punish it‘s critics?

Posted by juniusukip on April 29, 2009

I have just been informed that Tony Ellwood – Derek Clark’s former researcher – was arrested by Nottingham Police earlier today.

Eight police officers armed with special equipment stormed his Nottingham home at approx 8.30 am.

A search warrant had been obtained because certain individuals had used ‘Crimestoppers’ to invent lies about large scale theft of clothing and money laundering – now that second accusation sounds familiar!

Mr Ellwood was cautioned, fingerprinted, photographed, his DNA was taken and he was tested for Class A drugs .

At 6.00 pm, the Police, realising that they had fallen for a pack of lies, released Mr Ellwood without charge.

I am pleased to say that they were somewhat more humble than they had been earlier in the day.

You will recall that Tony Ellwood was sacked by Derek Clark following disagreements between the two. See LINK

Mr Ellwood, 56, has been a loyal and committed UKIP member since 1994. He was a 3 times General Election candidate, a local authority candidate and for 14 years was UKIP’s elected treasurer for the East Midlands.

As you would expect Mr Ellwood has been left very shaken by the experience.

You may be interested to know that one of Derek Clark’s staff earlier this week predicted to Mr Ellwood that he would be shortly arrested.

Now how did Clark’s staff know of that fact in advance? Who else knew and for how long? Who informed ‘Crimestoppers’ and at whose behest ?

Should not the entire command involved in this disgraceful episode be sacked from their employment?

You can draw your own conclusions but I would suggest that you start making a few phone calls to Clark’s Nottingham office.

UKIP’s leadership has a track record of trying to punish it’s critics.

You may recall that John West made a complaint against Jeffrey Titford and within a few days his UKIP MEP video interview was posted on YouTube by Annabelle Fuller at the behest of her lover.

Derek Clark is under investigation by OLAF – the EU’s anti-fraud office.

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08

Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-D2008.A1/7133/OF/2008/0240

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Another triumph for UKIP!

Posted by juniusukip on April 28, 2009

With just five weeks to go before the Euro elections you would have at least expected UKIP to be gaining some support.

Here is their latest electoral triumph!


Wanstead Ward

Thursday 23rd April 2009

Alex WILSON (Conservative) 1300

Kate GARRETT (Lib-Dem) 1030

Ross HATFULL (Labour) 894

Ashley GUNSTOCK (Green) 296

John EVANS (BNP) 171

Nick JONES (UKIP) 33

As Greg Lance-Watkins has said on his blog:

Thus for each vote EUkip gained 112 voters voted against them – FIVE WEEKS BEFORE the EU elections!I wonder how they would have done if they had actually done as they initially intended and stood their candidate in Bridget Rowe’s Libertas UK Party – or whatever her deliberate spoiler is called. Farage’s aim was to test brand recognition of Libertas through the Party they set up out of spite to try to damage Declan Ganley – seemingly because he dismissed EUkip as a spent force.

It seems they only reverted to fielding a candidate as EUkip and NOT Libertas to try to prove Junius wrong as he had leaked the facts before they could be announced by EUkip aka Libertas UK & Bridget Rowe.

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Tom Wise released on bail

Posted by juniusukip on April 28, 2009

Taken from BBC News:

A British member of the European Parliament has denied cheating the taxpayer out of thousands of pounds in an alleged allowances scam.

Tom Wise, 60, from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, now an independent for the East of England, denied charges of false accounting and money laundering.

He appeared at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court with his former researcher Lindsay Jenkins, 62.

They were released on conditional bail to reappear at the court on 8 June.

Ms Jenkins, of Queen Club Gardens, London, also denied both charges.

Mr Wise, a former Ukip MEP, is accused of claiming at least £36,000 in secretarial allowances in the 12 months until December 2005 under the guise of a salary for Ms Jenkins.

Prosecutors alleged he spent the money on a car, fine wines and paid off credit card and bank debts.

The offences are alleged to have taken place between 14 December 2004 and 24 December 2005.

The defendants are accused of signing official documents claiming the European Parliament money would be paid into Ms Jenkins’ account when it was allegedly controlled by Mr Wise.

The second charge of money laundering alleges they then used the dishonestly-obtained cash for their own purposes.

The prosecution follows an investigation by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and officers at Bedfordshire Police’s economic crime unit.

End of article. To see original: LINK

Let us hope that OLAF now move against Derek Clark, Jeffery Titford and Nigel Farage who have also been accused of misusing EU funds.

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Mark Croucher to replace Ralph Atkinson as UKIP MEP candidate?

Posted by juniusukip on April 27, 2009

There are rumours in Brussels and elsewhere that Mark Croucher – one of Farage’s more odious and dishonest drinking buddies – is set to be parachuted into the London MEP list following the imminent removal of Ralph Atkinson.

Croucher -pictured here with Steve Allison – was originally sacked by Farage both as a UKIP press officer and the editor of Independence.

This followed numerous complaints about his total inability to keep to deadlines, produce a magazine without hundreds of spelling mistakes, answer emails and letters or even set his alarm clock.

Even Nigel, it seems, could not tolerate Mark crawling into the office at 11.00, bleary eyed and somewhat the worse for wear after a night out on the town with his latest floozy – yes there are women out there desperate or drunk enough to go with UKIP’s answer to Homer Simpson.

The final straw came when Mark stopped turning up altogether. Nigel phoned him up only to be told that he would much rather work from home!

Nigel’s response was to give Mark the order of the boot.

As you can imagine Mark was furious and demanded severance pay.

He pointed out that he was in possession of a rather embarrassing conversation recorded on his mobile. This conversation had apparently been recorded by Mark without the knowledge of the ‘lady’ concerned – a certain Annabelle Fuller. During the recording Ms Fuller apparently refers to her sexual activities with the UKIP leader.

Naturally oil was quickly poured on troubled waters and now Nigel and Mark are the best of friends. They are now so close that Mark even posts comments on the British Democracy Forum on behalf of the mighty Fuhrer.

In a further gesture of friendship he even allows Clive Page – UKIP Press Officer and convicted benefit fraudster – to stay at his pub. Let’s hope that when the bailiffs next call on Mark they don’t take Clive as well!

For more on Croucher see: LINK

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Fascism in UKIP: What happens when Farage & Nuttall lose a vote

Posted by juniusukip on April 26, 2009

Question: What happens when Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall lose a vote?

Answer: Ignore the result and carry on regardless!

My readers may recall that Farage and Nuttall’s attempt to give the Chairman dictatorial powers failed to gain enough votes from members for it to become part of UKIP’s amended constitution.

But as you would expect Farage and Nuttall were not going to be deterred by a few misguided members who had voted against the wishes of the mighty Fuhrer.

Farage and Nuttall simply decided to ignore the result.

Over the last month Paul Nuttall has been busily sending out letters to various UKIPPERS.
In these letters they have been told that they must confirm that they are not members of UK First which is – according to UKIP’s NEC – a proscribed organisation.

Mr Nuttall has kindly added that they must reply by the 28th of April. Failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion from UKIP.

Oh, the joys of being in UKIP.

And they say the EU is undemocratic!

Here is Bruce Lawson’s response:

17th April, 2009

Dear Member,

You have already been advised of our A.G.M. on the 23rd April at the Montgomery Institute at 7.30 p.m. – appropriately St. George’s Day. Although I will be at the meeting it will be for the last time as Chairman or member. I resigned from UKIP on the 10th April.

I was unhappy with the style of leadership and financial management of the Party when resigning as National Treasurer in October 2007. Since then the Party has become more undemocratic, seeming only to serve to put its leader on television and to secure his re-election as an MEP for a further five years on the Brussels Gravy Train.

In February, after a UKIP mailshot re rule changes, you are probably aware that some leading figures contributed to a countering letter at a cost of some £2,000. Consequently the changes proposed to Rule 14, which would have given the Party Chairman ALONE the right to expel dissidents from the party without redress, were defeated by 2,102 members voting against, 3,393 voting for – UKIP, therefore, failing to obtain the necessary two-thirds majority.

Subject to this, on the 2nd March, the democratic (!) UKIP N.E.C. decided to treat United Kingdom First members as PROSCRIBED, and wrote letters to two former Treasurers, including myself, and one long-standing NEC member, Delroy Young, asking them to effectively leave the party thus showing their true democratic colours.

It’s sad when things get so bad, but I and many others believe that forming a new party is the only way forward. We will not be opposing UKIP in Wales in the June Euro Elections, but immediately thereafter will begin to build again from a base of honesty, transparency and democracy.

My thanks to all of you who have supported the Branch and voted for me in the Welsh Assembly Election in 2007 (to achieve the second best result ever in Wales). I would also like to thank David Rowlands, who you are very lucky to have in Montgomeryshire. Good luck to you all in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Lawson

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And yet ANOTHER UKIPPER resigns!

Posted by juniusukip on April 25, 2009

Alison West – UKIP Suffolk chairman and PPC – has left UKIP.

Will the last UKIPPER left please turn out the light and close the door?

Dear member,

After four years of loyalty to the UK Independence Party, which I truly believed once showed such promise, I have come to the conclusion that its credibility and integrity have been destroyed by the corruption, egotism, greed, immaturity, irresponsibility and lack of discipline that has spread through the leadership.

I am disgusted and deeply concerned that my husband has been thrown out of the party for doing his civic duty by reporting an alleged crime involving a UKIP member.

As a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate I cannot, in all conscience, campaign and try to convince the electorate that UKIP in its current form is a trustworthy, viable alternative to the parties currently sitting in Westminster. To do so would be to lie.

As a voter, I would be failing in my electoral duty if I continue to support UKIP. To do so would be a betrayal of all our country was built on.Therefore, it is with the deepest sadness and regret that I now resign as the PPC for the Suffolk Coastal Constituency and Chairman of the Suffolk Coastal Branch, and as the Chairman for the Ipswich and East Suffolk Branch.

Yours faithfully

Alison West

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Crisis in UKIP: Prof Smith writes to David Bannerman

Posted by juniusukip on April 24, 2009

My contacts at UKIP HQ have confirmed that they are now receiving resignations from the Party on a weekly basis.

Even Prof Derek Smith – a staunch supporter of UKIP – is getting rather despondent.

The following interesting email is just a another example of how UKIP is falling apart under Farage and Nuttall‘s dishonest and incompetent leadership:

Subject: Crisis at Head Office
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 09:52:16 +0100

Dear David

In attempting to e-mail my recent letter to INDEPENDENCE magazine, this has been repeatedly re-routed and rejected. Having now contacted Head Office by telephone to find out what goes, it appears that the Editor of INDEPENDENCE may or may not have resigned, there is no one editing the UKIP website and ” … we are uncertain about our communication channels either ‘in’ or ‘out'”.

Frankly, in the run up to important elections, this is simply not good enough. When I said exactly this, the riposte carried a strong inference of neglect of H/Q by the Leadership. I thereupon volunteered to contact you, whom I can rely upon to sort things out immediately.

Even if things are not as bad as they seem, it is obvious that morale has ebbed and someone needs to breathe new life into what many of the public will see as the Party’s nerve centre. I know that it is a busy time but good communications are of the essence and it could be that there is “something rotten in the state of Denmark” or, rather, Newton Abbott. Let us hope that it is merely the stench of rotting seaweed!

Professor Derek Smith

E&E Committee

Please note my new email address as below:


I must say that I am surprised that Prof Smith’s is so naive.

Bannerman is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. He is incompetent, dishonest, lacks charisma and has repeatedly lied about his ancestry.

His only interest is joining the Brussels Gravy Train on June 4th. To expect David ‘twitcherBannerman to do the decent thing and ‘sort things out’ is about as likely as Nigel Farage giving up the booze or keeping his hands off Annabelle Fuller!

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Junius and Dr Edmond on UKIP’s Exeter Flop

Posted by juniusukip on April 23, 2009

As you can see from this photo I was totally unimpressed by the speeches made at Exeter. By the end of the day I was wondering why I had wasted both my time and my money listening to the same old garbage.

Farage was his usual arrogant self. A few sound bites and nothing else.

Andreasen was a joke. You could barely understand a word she said. She was also extremely nervous and spent most of the time following Farage around like a little puppy.

Deva Kumarasiri was uninspiring, but at least he got paid for his trouble.

Stuart Wheeler was competent. It’s a pity that he has chosen to align himself – albeit loosely – with such a corrupt and dishonest leadership.

I was not in the hall for all of the speeches and so missed several speakers, including Gawain ‘don’t’ mention the blog’ Towler.

The Exeter rally was undoubtedly the last gasp of a party led by a man who, since he became leader, has led UKIP from one disaster to another.

After June 4th both Farage and UKIP will be history.

Here is Dr Edmond’s view on UKIP’s damp squib:

I did not attend this rally. I watched what has been posted on the Democracy Forum linked to YouTube. It may just be me but I did find the sound quality poor and the speeches difficult to hear. I have not seen a copy of the full speakers list but I do find it surprising that neither Trevor Colman or William Dartmouth have You Tube links on the forum or any where else. I cannot believe the two lead candidates in the South West were not speaking at this event.

I looked at the speeches by NF, Stuart Wheeler, Gawain Towler, Marta Andreasen and Deva. Of these Stuart Wheeler’s was by far and away the best. It was witty and pertinent. NF’s was his usual rant that we have all heard many times before. It clearly pleased the audience but will not resonate outside UKIP circles. Marta’s effort was boring and dreadful, I do hope they do not push her on to Question Time. Gawain’s was serious and factual but did not enthuse the faithful in the hall. Deva, the sacked bloke, the former LibDem looked out of his depth. All in all it will not do anything to persuade the uncommitted to vote UKIP.

UKIP is clearly worried about the BNP. Farage tried to steal their clothes on immigration in his speech. All the other parties particularly Labour are playing this me to game as well. People know full well that this is the BNP core policy and if they want to vote to stop immigration they will vote BNP. Worse the ridiculous Bannerman has tried to copy the Nick Griffin poster of NG with Churchill by appearing in a similar position either on a copied poster or photographed in front of such a poster. This is a bad move. The electorate detects phoneys very quickly and when you start doing a me too on opposition ideas it does look phoney. It could get worse if Bannerman is still trading under the Campbell Bannerman badge. The media will investigate and demolish Bannerman.

I have carefully stayed away from the South West campaign so I cannot be accused of influencing ordinary UKIP members. I noted the part of Farage’s speech about his ruthlessly getting rid of the bad apples. Well it looks to me like its the good apples that have been forced out, David Abbott, Petrina, Del Young to name but three and the bad apples are still there. Nigel has to have someone to blame for his incompetence as have dictators through the ages. In the last days of Hitler the true Nazis blamed their failure on the German people who were not worthy of the great leader. Sounds familiar.

To view the original see: LINK

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John West & Peter Cole join Robin Page as UKFP MEP candidates

Posted by juniusukip on April 23, 2009

I was pleased to see that both John West and Peter Cole have joined Robin Page as UKFP MEP candidates in the Eastern Region.

Let us hope that they stop the dishonest David Bannerman – the man who has repeatedly lied about being related to Sir Henry Campbell-Banneman – from becoming an MEP!

I was also pleased to see that UKFP has two excellent websites up and running.

The national website can be found at: http://www.ukfp.org/

John West’s UKFP Eastern Region website can be found at: LINK

I wish UKFP the best of luck on June 4th!

John West’s MEP election statement

I have always been passionate about defending our national identity. That is why I am not prepared to allow Britain to become part of a centralised and undemocratic EU.

I am asking for your vote on 4th. June because I wish to serve you, my region, my country and her people. I will fight for justice, democracy and freedom.

If elected I will spend a large part of my time as an MEP working here in East Anglia. I will hold frequent surgeries for the general public.

Each month I will put part of my personal salary as an MEP into a fund that will be used to help good causes in the Eastern Counties.

I will hold conferences and public meetings in order to promote UK First Party’s domestic policies. I will hold forums where members can exchanged ideas and plan future campaigns. I will work closely with branches in order to get members elected as councillors and Members of Parliament.

In two World Wars in the last Century the cream of this nation gave their lives so that we in Britain could remain free. We cannot allow the European Union to betray their sacrifices.

If YOU & I do nothing a 1000 years of liberty and independence, justice and democracy in Britain will end.

Rest assured, I will not allow this to happen. Your vote will help me fight this evil.

Peter Cole’s MEP election statement and details.

“It is evident”, says Peter, “that the only reason certain people want to become or stay MEP’s is to be able to join or stay on the Euro gravy train”.

Peter and the other prospective MEP candidates have signed and agreed, should they be elected, NOT to go to Brussels or Strasbourg unless it is absolutely vital. They will also publicly disclose any earnings, expenses or allowances they receive. No other party is willing to do this.

Peter decided to join the consensus committee of the United Kingdom First Party after becoming thoroughly disenchanted with the dictatorial attitude of Nigel Farage and his followers in UKIP.When it was suggested that he stand as a prospective UKFP MEP candidate he jumped at the chance.

“We will fight for a better Britain” says Peter. “ We believe in accountable government, lower taxes, less interference in our daily lives and freedom from the EU. We believe in putting the British people first. Vote UKFP for a better tomorrow”.

Peter is also standing as a UKFP candidate in the Central Bedfordshire Council elections on June 4th. He will be contesting the Dunstable Downs Ward.

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