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All aboard the UKIP Circus!

Posted by juniusukip on September 20, 2012

And so UKIP conference time is upon us again! This year, Farage has picked sunny Birmingham for his usual Fuhrer fest.

We look forward to the usual Farage/sycophants waffle about how well UKIP is doing. Do they ever bother to check election results or do they hope that the membership won’t notice?


And you can expect the usual band of failed ex-Tories and Z-list celebs to make up the numbers. Enjoy!


One Response to “All aboard the UKIP Circus!”

  1. Hi,

    Good to see Team Sinclaire’s ‘Campaign for a Royal Commission’ and subsequent informed, free, fair and equally funded and media promoted IN / OUT Referendum to ‘Let-The-People-Decide’ has moved Nigel Farage’s party to having to put an IN / OUT Referendum center stage in interviews (BBC News this morning) on the first full day of their annual Farage feste.

    I note UKIP’s most successful ever leader the retired MEP & resigned ex Tory MP for Stroud has thrown his not inconsiderable weight behind Team Sinclaire together with the ex UKIP NEC member and leadership contender Del Young.

    Katie Hopkins’ first political TV interview on the issue also went well, where Paul Nuttall volunteered the information that UKIP were indeed worried about the effect on their vote and well they should be having achieved virtually nothing of note since the success of Roger Knappman’s campaign of 2004 which raised membership to almost 30,000.

    That UKIP needs to keep recruiting failed Tories and disafected old men who have been dumped by the Tories speaks volumes of their collapse having failed to recruit ANYONE of any political opr intellectual gravitas for a considerable time sadly.

    That they have Finnish speakers and others on the EU gravy train speaking at their conference speaks volumes of their ‘values’ at a ttime where even their own MEPs concede they are failing and with liars & cheats who have betrayed their country like Derek Clark who was ordered to pay back 0ver £30,000 he hadtaken from the tax payers and then lied to his own Regional Committee and defamed both this blog and mine – it is the simple self serving criminality of UKIP that is called into question. not just their lack of intellectual rigour and ethics!

    Let us hope the Campaign for a Royal Commission and Referendum to Let-The-People-Decide on a straightforward IN / OUT question equally funded with equal media coverage and promotion.

    The Royal Commission will go a long way to provide a Responsible Exit & Survival Strategy which should have been drawn up and publicised by EVERY responsible main stream political party, as a contingency plan, long ago.

    We heard Mervyn King on Channel 4 News clearly state that such a plan has been drawn up by The Bank of England for the contingency of The EUro collapsing! We know the unelected leaders of The EU believe that if the single currency collapses then they believe the entire social experiment may well collapse – Just where is Government’s contingency plan?


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