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UKIP: More on the rebellion in the East Midlands

Posted by juniusukip on June 30, 2010

Our readers will be aware of the move to oust Derek Clark. See: LINK

The revolt gathers momentum!

Members in the East Midlands have contacted Junius about Ken Browne’s initiative to allow ex-UKIPPERS back into the party. These include several former members of Kilroy’s Veritas party.
Ken Browne is particularly keen to get ALEX STEPHENSON, of Derbyshire, re-instated as a member. Mr Stephenson is a successful businessman and could prove useful to the party. However, Clark is against any move to bring these people back, claiming that they were disloyal to UKIP and cannot therefore be trusted.

Mr Browne has now called for the removal of Clark as regional chairman and is happily gaining a lot of support from disgruntled UKIPPERS in the region.

Clark usurped the hapless Peter Baker in 2008, using the excuse that, as Nigel Farage MEP was South East Chairman and Michael Nattrass MEP was West Midlands Chairman, he should be the East Midlands Chairman.

Sadly, the committee backed Clark, leaving Baker a bitter and humiliated man. A couple of objections were raised at the time but these were shouted down by Ransome.

Clark also tried to get Baker thrown out of UKIP. He failed.

And now back to Mr Browne and Alex Stephenson.

Donald Ransome, UKIP’s RO for the East Midlands, has been less than straightforward over this issue and seems strangely indifferent to Clark’s discomfort.

But we should not forget that Clark has been under investigation by OLAF. Ransome was also interviewed by OLAF officials. Indeed, OLAF was very interested in the way UKIP’s RO’s are funded, especially after hearing that Andrew Fear was employed by Clark and yet worked in another region.

So step forward a softly spoken, gently flattering Farage sycophant who goes by the name of Chris Pain – pictured above.

Several UKIPPERS have noted that Ransome has been promoting Pain (Skegness boy, none too bright and number two on the MEP list) to anyone who will listen, even to the point of sending out flattering emails about his new hero.

East Midlands UKIPPERS have told us that Pain has guaranteed Ransome his job as RO in exchange for supporting him in his bid to replace Clark in the event the MEP resigns. However, Mr Pain should realise that Ransome is also facing calls to call to go. Many UKIPPERS are still unhappy that their RO is now a convicted drink driver. See: LINK.

Peter Baker is also known to like Pain and would be more than happy if Clark was forced to fall on his sword.

So there we have an axis of vested interests. – Peter Baker gets his long awaited revenge, while Ransome and Pain get the money!

It is no wonder that Sue – Don’s wife – put their house on the market, telling anyone who would listen that she wanted a move up to a bigger and better house. RO’s certainly like the good life and all that EU money. Don’t forget to buy one with a conservatory, Sue. You know how Don likes to disappear into the conservatory for a few drinks!

However, there is at least one flaw in the nasty plan. The Electoral Commissioners, and others, have looked carefully at UKIP affairs and have noticed some interesting facts about the East Midlands finances. Mr Pain should take very careful note of this fact.

Meanwhile, the Talbot Hotel, West Bridgford, Nottingham has been the scene of the latest plot to oust Derek Clark, and bring back the old guard.

Mr Browne is still looking for support in his campaign to force Clark to resign. Would you like to help?

Mr Browne can be contacted on 07776 306668 or 0115 9821814.


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UKIP & the IRA

Posted by juniusukip on June 29, 2010

It was noted by a Conservative MEP this week that several UKIP staff were seen drinking with Sinn Feinners in an Irish bar outside the European Parliament. One of the UKIP staff present was press man Hermann Kelly.

He appears to be completely at ease in such company. We note that on the EFD website (LINK) Kelly refers to Dr Anthony Coughlan as “A good friend of mine…”

Coughlan is well known to us, for his support for Irish terrorist groups.

Coughlan has been involved with a number of Republican groups, at the height of the troubles, and is a former Secretary of the Wolfe Tone Society. Named after the founder of Irish Republicanism, its website (LINK) openly campaigns on behalf of Sinn Fein/IRA, and calls for complete British withdrawal from Northern Ireland.

Unsurprisingly, he shares Sinn Fein/IRA’s opposition to the Lisbon Treaty, which is probably why such people are acceptable to Farage’s UKIP.

Perhaps UKIP should consider its position at the point. It would appear that the party’s main allies are now convicted racists, convicted Nazis, anti-Semites, and the IRA.

We need to call a time-out, escort Farage to the door, and assess what UKIP has become.

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UKIP: Mike Nattrass

Posted by juniusukip on June 29, 2010

Some of our readers have complained that they were unable to read all of Mike’s letter. We apologise for this. Here is the text in full:

Letter to supporters from Mike Nattrass MEP


Dear UKIP supporter,

I feel I need to write to you directly to let you know of my decision to resign from the EDF group in the European Parliament, in which the majority of UKIP MEPs currently sit. My resignation became effective on 22nd June 2010.

It is not a decision I have taken lightly and it has cost me much in frustration and time. I feel that it was a decision forced upon me as a result of difficulties arising within the Parliament and the party, both before and after the General Election, and I would like you to understand why I took it.

I do not wish to associate with, nor assist, those non UKIP members of the EDF group who do not wish to leave the EU and have very odd views on many issues that are incompatible with my own.

I furthermore do not wish to see my funding drained away by the EDF group for their own nefarious purposes, when as a non-attached MEP I can use that funding to expose the negative impact of the EU on the West Midlands region.

As you know EU red tape closes British businesses, forces retrograde changes to our legal system, oversees the destruction of our hard won democracy, and is crushing our traditions, all in the name of harmonisation. By continuing to sit as a member of the EDF it would be condoning this progressive destruction of our cherished institutions, and I feel that I can be far more effective in fighting this decline by sitting as a UKIP non-aligned MEP.

My responsibility is to those people who elected me and I shall focus my efforts and indeed my funding in revealing the corrupt workings of the EU to the West Midlands electorate who have given me a clear mandate to do just that.

I intend to join the former UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire in founding “The UKIP group” in the Parliament where we will continue to raise awareness of the direct and damaging impact on the economic well being of our region.

As a former Chairman and Deputy Leader I can assure you of my loyalty to UKIP principals and my intention to fight for UK independence and I enclose a recent election leaflet. However if you wish me to delete your name from my, MEP database, please let me know.

Yours sincerely

Mike Nattrass MEP

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UKIP: More trouble for Pearson

Posted by juniusukip on June 28, 2010

Somerset County Committee – Extraordinary General Meeting

Monday 28th of June 2010

7.00 for 7.30 pm

The King’s Head, High Street, Wells

Reason: To propose a vote of No Confidence in Lord Pearson as Leader of UKIP

UKIPPERS in the South West are incensed that Pearson urged the voters of Wells, Somerton & Frome and Taunton Deane to ignore UKIP’s own candidates. Pearson wanted UKIP supporters to back the Conservatives in those constituencies.

Pearson didn’t even see fit to inform his PPCs before sending the letter to the media in Somerset! See: LINK

However, UKIPPERS should remember that Farage fully supported Pearson and clearly endorsed his decision to campaign for opposition parties. They should be calling on Farage to resign as well.

From Parliament.Com

Ukip deputy Nigel Farage has defended his leader’s call for people in the UK to vote against their own party in the country’s upcoming general election.

Farage stressed that Lord Pearson was referring to only an “isolated” number of constituencies.

Pearson, a life peer, sparked controversy when he wrote to a media group urging voters not to support his party in three constituencies in the south-west of England.

The party’s south-west regional committee responded by saying it was “at odds” with Pearson, who last year replaced Farage as Ukip leader in the UK.

In a statement, it said it “regrets finding ourselves at odds with him over this one vital area of policy”.

But, speaking to this website on Thursday, Farage, himself a candidate in the election, defended Pearson’s intervention.

“Let’s be clear and put this in context,” he said. “Lord Pearson was referring to 12 isolated constituencies out of a total of 550 in which we are fielding candidates in this election.

“This is small beer. He was today [Thursday] urging people in another constituency to vote Labour.

“It is purely tactical and I have no problem with that.”

Some of UKIP’s 12 MEPs are standing in the election.

Meanwhile, Farage, who is by far the party’s best-known personality, has insisted he will continue as an MEP if he is unsuccessful in his attempts to oust the speaker of the UK House of Commons in the safe Tory seat of Buckinghamshire.

He said, “It is an uphill struggle but I am making progress.

“A lot of people I am meeting on the doorstep agree with our policies but it is not an easy seat to win.”

Some Ukip insiders have suggested Farage may be ousted by Pearson as leader of the party’s parliamentary delegation if he not elected in the 6 May poll. But he said, “If I am not elected I will stay on for the full term as an MEP.”

To see the original: LINK

And don’t forget that Farage called on voters to support Labour’s David Drew in Stroud.

He said: “This is not a deal. We have made a decision that Drew’s a good egg. We want David Drew to win.” See: LINK

Farage may want you to think that Drew’s a good egg. But read on and you will soon discover that Drew is a completely rotten egg!

David Drew is not a committed Euro-sceptic, as Pearson and Farage would have you believe. In fact, David Drew’s own website made absolutely no mention of his supposed Euro-sceptic views.

He is not on record, anywhere, stating that he thinks that Britain should leave the European Union.

Indeed, Drew had confirmed that he did not advocate a complete withdrawal from the EU, but favoured “a much more loose confederation…”

There is not much point Farage and Pearson attacking the ‘failed old party system’ if you are then going to tell your members to vote for them!

David Drew is a member of a political party that greatly desires ever closer political and economic union with the EU.

It is also interesting to note that:

David Drew voted in support of introducing ID cards and the smoking ban. UKIP is opposed to ID cards and the smoking ban!

Yet Farage tells us he’s a “good egg” and Pearson says he’s worthy of support!

And what good did it do, apart from angering UKIP members and supporters?

Annuziata Rees-Mogg was a Pearson favoured candidate. She lost to the Lib Dems. So was Heathcoat-Amory and Mark Formosa. They also lost to the Lib Dems!

And even the wonderful David Drew failed. He lost to the Tories by 1,299, with 1,301 still voting for UKIP, against Pearson and Farage’s advice!

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UKIP: Monckton’s money

Posted by juniusukip on June 27, 2010

One of the more controversial lobbying firms in the world of politics is the US based Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). This group, which was once paid by the tobacco industry to deny the evidence on passive smoking, has also received a great deal of cash from Exxon Mobil to deny the facts behind global warming. Iain Murray, who wrote UKIP’s response to the IPCC report is a paid fellow of CEI. Fellows basically put their names to documents and letters produced by the pr offices of large corporations.

CEI was somewhat embarrassed when the extent of the funding became the subject of intense debate, so they have opened a European office (EEI). In the EU, such organisations do not have to declare where they get their funding.

One of the most notorious figures in the world of denial is Siegfried (Fred) Singer. He denies everything, including the problems of acid rain. He is generally regarded as a charlatan.

Rolling Stone magazine wrote of him:

“A former mouthpiece for the tobacco industry, the 85-year-old Singer is the granddaddy of fake “science” designed to debunk global warming. The retired physicist — who also tried to downplay the danger of the hole in the ozone layer — is still wheeled out as an authority by big polluters determined to kill climate legislation. For years, Singer steadfastly denied that the world is heating up: Citing satellite data that has since been discredited, he even made the unhinged claim that “the climate has been cooling just slightly.”

Last year, Singer served as a lead author of “Climate Change Reconsidered” — an 880-page report by the right-wing Heartland Institute that was laughably presented as a counterweight to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world’s scientific authority on global warming. Singer concludes that the unchecked growth of climate-cooking pollution is “unequivocally good news.” Why? Because “rising CO2 levels increase plant growth and make plants more resistant to drought and pests.” Small wonder that Heartland’s climate work has long been funded by the likes of Exxon and reactionary energy barons like Charles Koch and Richard Mellon Scaife. “

Observers have recently been questioning why Christopher Monckton, UKIP’s deputy leader, continues to trot out the old climate change denial nonsense. There is an increasing suspicion that he may be receiving oil company money for his efforts. Certainly there are relationships between UKIP MEPs and the Cato Institute, with which Singer has been involved, and which has received significant funding from Exxon Mobil. In fact, the CATO institute was a supporter of TICAP/FORCES, the organisation behind Godfrey Bloom’s anti-smoking ban conference in the European Parliament, which was itself banned when it was discovered that there was tobacco industry money behind the event. A look at TICAP’s website reveals that UKIP is a “supporter” of TICAP.


Both Bloom and Nigel Farage are also listed as signatories of the “Brussels Declaration”. This seeks, amongst other things, to question the evidence against the health risks associated with passive smoking – but remember, the organisation and its associates appear to have taken funding from the tobacco industry! The lead figure in the Brussels Declaration is a certain Dr Gio Gori, who is strongly connected with the Cato Institute.

This particularly murky area of lobbying appears somewhat incestuous, as the same names keep coming up again and again…


Now it appears that there is a link between Monckton and Singer. Certainly, the two of them attended the Copenhagen conference together.


But possibly the most damning evidence against Monckton is his involvement with the US based “Heartland Institute”.


The Heartland Institute appears to have received funding from Exxon Mobil.


Monckton is an embarrassment to UKIP, and it now appears that his position on climate change may be motivated by more than his interest in science and politics. UKIP should launch an internal investigation to ascertain which of its senior figures are tainted by industry money, and offenders should do the honourable thing and resign their positions.

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UKIP: Mike Nattrass on why he resigned from the EFD

Posted by juniusukip on June 26, 2010

Here is Mike’s letter to to UKIP members. It explains in detail the reasons why he left the EFD. Click on the document for a clearer view.
In the letter he states that he no-longer wishes to associate with non-UKIP members of the EFD ‘who did not wish to leave the EU and have odd views on many issues which are incompatible with my own’.
He also states that he was concerned about EFD funding being drained away by them for ‘their own nefarious purposes’.

Furthermore, Mike wishes to concentrate on serving his constituents in the West Midlands by exposing the corrupt nature of the EU. He feels that membership of the EFD is incompatible with that aim.

It is a damning document. Indeed, it is impossible to disagree with it. How can UKIP’s other MEPs possibly justify staying in the EFD after this?

Mike now sits as an non-aligned MEP with Nikki Sinclaire.

Farage has already expressed indifference to Mike’s departure. He is not a very good liar! The departure of Nattrass is yet another hammer blow to Farage’s ego. Farage has always stressed the importance of UKIP’s role in the EFD Group. The departure of yet another UKIP MEP from that group is hardly going to do much for Farage’s personal standing in the European Parliament or UKIP.

We can confirm that at least one other UKIP MEP is now thinking of leaving the EFD Group and joining Nattrass and Sinclaire as an non-aligned member.


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UKIP: Derek Clark faces a rebellion in the East Midlands

Posted by juniusukip on June 24, 2010

It is not only Lord Pearson who is facing calls to resign. Our old friend Derek ‘Don’t forget your slippers’ Clark is also under fire.

Kenneth Browne, owner of the Talbot Hotel, Trent Bridge, Nottingham is leading the revolt against his former friend and colleague.

Ken Browne had allowed UKIP use of his hotel facilities for the 2004 Euro elections and beyond. However, freely giving your facilities and your time counts for nothing with certain UKIP MEPs and their staff.

Take, take and take again is sadly the motto for many senior UKIPPERS.

Mr Browne was a loyal volunteer and was well known for his sense of fun. Sadly, there is no-longer much fun being a UKIP activist in the East Midlands.

Ken has been emailing UKIPPERS across the region with calls for Clark’s resignation.

Mr Browne is looking for support in his campaign to force Clark to resign. Would you like to help?

Mr Browne can be contacted on 07776 306668 or 0115 9821814.

And we can’t blame him for wanting Derek Clark ousted. Clark spends very little time in the East Midlands. He clearly would rather spend his attending EU committees and functions. Supporting UKIP branches and concentrating on fighting local and national elections is not very high on his agenda. Indeed, several UKIP branches in the East Midlands have folded thanks to Clark and Ransome’s apathy.

It has been noted that Clark is becoming increasingly paranoid and has seen fit to ban many loyal volunteers from his Nottingham premises – now closed.

Many UKIPPERS in the East Midlands are far from happy with the way Clark and Ransome handled the General Election campaign.

One member told us that the campaign was “a shambles” and that Don “was bl**dy useless”. For instance, members wanting UKIP leaflets were told to drive all the way to Don’s home in Boston because “Don can’t deliver them because of his driving ban”. Some RO! See: LINK

And don’t forget the elderly member who donated a £1000 to a branch in Clark’s kingdom. Clark found out and demanded the money for his own campaign. He got it. East Midland UKIPPERS were not very impressed with that, either!

Even Deva Kumarasiri has abandoned Clark. See: LINK

Many UKIPPERS have never forgiven Clark for travelling to Bucharest – at the behest of Farage – and signing a declaration espousing the principle of “subsidiarity”. Prior to this UKIP has always been in favour of total withdrawal from the EU. By accepting the principle of subsidiarity UKIP was now accepting the authority of the union to take decisions which are not devolved to national or regional government.

At the same time Clark also signed up to the principle of “reforming” the Common Agricultural Policy, something which UKIP had previously refused to recognise at all.

Both Roger Knapman and Gerard Batten were far from happy with Clark’s betrayal. Here is what they had to say at the time:

Memo to UKIP MEPs

I am afraid I cannot in any way allow myself to be associated with the joint declaration with the Romanian Party PIN.

I hope you will agree with me.

The declaration contains statements with which we should not possibly agree and which are against the principles upon which we were elected.

May I draw your attention in particular to paragraphs 3 and 6. We are not in favour of the EU concept of subsidiarity which presupposes basic authority is centralised at EU level; we are certainly not in favour of the CAP and farming subsidies.

I am uneasy about paragraph 8 which implies that sovereignty is negotiable in areas other than fiscal policy. Paragraph 7 is vacuous and its meaning unclear.

We should not allow UKIP to be linked with this dubious initiative under any circumstances. Nor should we become involved in internal elections in other countries.

I also hope no UKIP MEP will become involved in the junket in Romania. We agreed in the group at the beginning of this Parliament that we would not allow ourselves to be seduced into the free international trips circuit. We should stick to our resolve. Nothing is to be gained by slap up dinners in Bucharest or bus tours round the countryside.

There is merit in us being part of a loose grouping, but with minimal policies in view of our unique position as withdrawalists. Group and bureau meetings should therefore be limited in nature and take place in Brussels or Strasbourg or we are bound to face justifiable criticism for “going native.”


From: gerard.batten@btinternet.com

To: alanbown@btinternet.com; bryanukip1@aol.com; davidfabbott@btinternet.com; partychairman@ukip.org; del1young@yahoo.co.uk; douglas.denny@btopenworld.com; emb@westanstey.fsnet.co.uk; gerard.batten@btinternet.com; percyguest@onetel.com; mazukerman@bensonmazure.co.uk; ukipse@ukip.org; rjoxley@lineone.net; dclark@ukip.org; ukipse1@keme.co.uk; gbloom@ukip.org; mrgrahambooth@aol.com; jtitford@ukip.org; jwhittaker@ukip.org; mikenattrass@hotmail.com; rknapman@ukip.org; tomwise@ukip.org

Subject: FW: Message from RogerDate: Wed, 16 May 2007 13:17:01 +0100

Dear All,

IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE TO UKIP NEC MEMBERS AND MEPS ONLY. I have just received a copy of this letter from Roger to the NEC. I agree with its contents.



Tensions have also long been evident between Derek Clark and Peter Baker. Clark attempted to rid himself and the party of Baker with a Kangaroo Court. He failed miserably, disciplinary rules were ignored and certain witnesses – GLW included – prevented from giving their evidence. The residue from that escapade still lingers for many. See: LINK

UKIPPERS are also asking why Derek Clark needs to control everything. Clark’s age is now proving a problem. He has been known to fall asleep during meetings and has trouble hearing what is being said by his colleagues.

Why doesn’t he delegate some responsibility to some of the many staff that he appears to employ? Or, should we say, the staff listed on internal party documents

But do they really work for him? After all, Farage’s wife is listed as working for the ex-leader. She earns £30,000 but even his fellow MEPs don’t know what she does to earn that money. One wag has suggested that £30,000 a year is the price he has to pay for her silence!

Clark has been under investigation by the EU’s anti-fraud body OLAF. It is claimed that Derek Clark used EP money to employ a person (Andrew Fear) who in fact worked as a membership officer for UKIP in the party headquarters in Devon and who did no work for Clark as an MEP. This would appear to be against EU expenses rules.

Derek Clark OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08

Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-

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UKIP: Loon Monckton and that Question Time invite !

Posted by juniusukip on June 23, 2010

News from the West Midlands

We at Junius were most amused to hear feedback from the UKIP West Midlands Rebellion meeting in Walsall last month, organised by the grassroots as an open forum for members to discuss Pearson’s stupid election strategy and support for other parties throughout the campaign. See: LINK & LINK

Even more entertaining, was the feedback from the follow up meeting last Wednesday organised so the leadership could respond to the previously raised concerns. In a cowardly and very Farage like manner Pearson refused to visit the Midlands, turning down the invitation to face the accusations and, of course, his accusers. Interestingly, he never seemed to have a problem when dropping by to do Farage’s dirty work when removing Ms Nikki Sinclaire!

Instead, he sent Lord Monckton to address the reform meeting in what seemed a longer evening than normal to those in attendance! Indeed, most members had fallen asleep by the time Monckton made the biggest clanger of the night – a scathing attack on the BBC for UKIP’s embarrassing performance in the General Election!

He let slip that Lord Pearson had been invited onto the BBC’s Question Time just a few weeks ago but obviously conscious of his previous disastrous performances turned it down, wanting Lord Loon to take his place. The Party duly passed on the offer to the BBC. They quite rightly responded that they had invited UKIP’s LEADER and repeated that it was Pearson who they wished to see on the show. Annoyed again at UKIP’s response, the BBC producer has now made it clear that until Pearson takes a place at the table there will be no more invitations to UKIP representatives.

Good going Malcolm, we are told Farage isn’t too happy!

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UKIP: Mike Nattrass leaves the EFD Group

Posted by juniusukip on June 23, 2010

Nigel Farage has suffered another hammer blow after Mike Nattrass decided to leave the EFD Group.
The negotiations have been long and we were asked to remain silent about this for obvious reasons. Farage needed to kept in the dark for as long as possible.
We are extremely pleased that he has the courage to defy Farage and put his principles before any loyalty to UKIP’s corrupt ex-leader.
Mike has now joined Nikki Sinclaire as a non-attached member in the European Parliament. See: LINK
Mike’s name has now been removed from UKIP’s website. See: LINK
More news soon. And apologies for this late post. It has been a very busy day!

And this is from New Europe:

The plenary session on 23 June of the European Parliament had a dramatic start, when Mike Natrass MEP, from the UK Independence Party decided to leave the EFD Group, claiming it didn’t represent his views. It became known that Natrass had left when his profile on the Europarl website listed him as Non-Attached.

The party was not informed of the move, and was intended to hear of the decision when European Parliament President, Jerzy Buzek announced it to the deputies at the opening of the session. It is believed that Buzek was informed of the decision on 22 June.

In the British election no candidates were elected and those running managed to collect not more than 1,000 votes. Many in the party are believed to be angry with Lord Malcolm Pearson, the party leader, who replaced Nigel Farage MEP, when Farage relinquished the post in order to contest a seat in the UK election. Farage finished third, behind a pro-Europe candidate. Pearson had a dismal campaign, according to observers, including being ridiculed by reporters on British television when the Peer revealed that he has “only skimmed through” the party’s manifesto and hadn’t read it.

The manifesto is just 16 pages long. Pearson also said that they wouldn’t put candidates against certain MP’s who were judged to be eurosceptics, even though they often had candidates in place, and the Peer was seen campaigning with some Conservative MP’s.

Nattrass is the second MEP to resign from the group. In January this year, Nikki Sinclaire MEP left the EFD Group and was subsequently expelled from UKIP. She cited extremism, anti-semitism and homophobia as her main reasons for leaving. It is expected that Nattrass will remain as non-attached and be ejected from the party.

Nattrass told New Europe that he left “because I don’t share the same principles of some of the Group, on balance, the majority of the Group want to stay in the EU and I’ve always believed that we should leave.” He said he had decided to leave now, after the general election, when it would cause less disruption. He says that he intends to form a Non-Attached UKIP Group with Nikki Sinclaire, but said that he was loyal to UKIP, but others may join him in the Non-Attached UKIP group.

“I am the true face of UKIP,” he said, explaining that he was determined to push for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. He said he hoped to remain with UKIP, adding that, “I am a former Chairman and former Deputy Leader and I’ve been fighting for UKIP for 15 years and I don’t expect to be expelled from the party.”

A senior source from UKIP agreed that it was “inconceivable” that he would be expelled from the party, pointing out that the circumstances of Nattrass and Sinclaire’s departures were very different. The source added that, “We’re sad to see him leave the group but we’re happy that he’s still in UKIP. We wish him all the best, there’s no animosity, but I don’t see what advantage there is in being non-Attached.” Should Nattrass regret his decision, the UKIP source said, “We’ll keep the door open for him, should he decide to return, which I would like to see.”

To see the original: LINK

And this is from EU Reporter:

All is not well among the European Parliament´s F Bloc as the so-called fringe groups are becoming known.

David Cameron last week held what amounts to a clandestine meeting with Michel Kaminski, the much lampooned hate figure of the British media association with whom has rebounded badly on the Conservatives.

Amid rumours that the Conservatives are about to abandon their European Conservative and Reformist Group (ECR) the leader of the UK Conservative delegation was seen during the June Strasbourg week tapping his feet at a coffee table outside a Place Luxembourg restaurant in Brussels after finding out second hand what his leader was up to.

It appears that no one in the ECR group has yet managed to determine what the content of David Cameron´s conversation with Kaminski was. It does not appear to bode well for Daniel Hannan the near UKIP Conservative MEP whose newspaper The Daily Telegraph has been waging war on the UK coaition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

Even worse has overtaken UKIP. Today Mike Nattrass a former deputy leader of UKIP was due to announce his resignation from the European Freedom and Democracy Group -where UKIP sits with the notoriously right wing Italian Lega Nord, amid concerns about “lack of financial transparency”.

He will sit as a non-attached MEP alongside Nikki Sinclaire who has already resigned from the group over concerns about right wing extremism.

Nigel Farage the UKIP leader was back today after a period recovering from his election campaign air crash. Still in some pain he threw his hands up and without mentioning any of the above said: “The experience has changed my outlook. Problems in the European Parliament I don´t worry about any more”

Perhaps that is a good thing because we hear increasing rumours that all is not well in the party back home. Senior UKIP figures are to meet in Somerset next Monday where they intend on proposing a motion of no-confidence in the party leader Lord Pearson.

To see the original: LINK

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UKIP: Nick Griffin, Morten Messerschmidt and Farage’s EFD Group

Posted by juniusukip on June 22, 2010

Remember our article on Nick Griffin’s invitation to a meeting organised by Morten Messerschmidt? This meeting concerned Turkey’s wish to join the EU. See: LINK

We have decided to return to this topic as UKIP’s leadership is still desperately trying to deny any UKIP involvement. They have even tried to claim that Griffin ‘just turned up’.

They are lying.

Here are the facts:

Nick Griffin was invited to attend the meeting by Messerschmidt.

Messerschmidt is the vice chairman of the ‘Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group’.

This is the same Messerschmidt who received a custodial sentence for a “racial offence”, and was forced to resign his government job after being caught “Heiling Hitler” in a bar in Copenhagen.

The Turkey Assessment Group is an EFD supported forum.

The fact that each MEP was invited individually means that Nick Griffin could have been excluded had the EFD not been willing to work with him.

Messerschmidt is an EFD MEP.

There is no such thing as a UKIP MEP in Brussels, they are EFD MEPs.

The EFD’s Director of Communications wrote a report on the meeting which is posted to the EFD’s website. Nick Griffin’s photo is used to illustrate the report on the EFD’s website. It is still there. See: LINK

Nigel Farage is the president of the group. He has repeatedly stressed the importance of UKIP being part of such the group. It is simply not good enough to say that Griffin’s invite had nothing to do with UKIP. You can’t disown UKIP’s membership of EFD when it suits you.

Farage has attacked the BNP on numerous occasions:

“We have no time for the iniquitous policies of the BNP or for their criminal leadership” (press release 5/5/03).

“We have no links or associations with the BNP whatsoever” (The Guardian, 22/4/07)

But in Europe it is a very different story!

Fact: The group headed by Nigel Farage promoted an initiative which sought the BNP leader’s involvement.

The extent of the BNP link established by Morten Messerschmidt is immaterial. UKIP’s leadership have failed to censor their EFD colleague for inviting Griffin. Farage’s supposed hatred of the BNP should have resulted in UKIP distancing themselves from both the meeting to which the BNP leader was invited, and the group which supported it.

And what is completely unacceptable and has led, rightly, to UKIP being condemned for hypocrisy, is that so-called ordinary party members are insulted, disciplined and even expelled for the most tenuous of imagined BNP ‘links’, whilst UKIP MEPs work with the BNP on committees in Brussels and accept without demur that their EFD colleagues invite and consort with the BNP at group events.

UKIP’s leadership has routinely smeared so-called UKIP dissidents by claiming that they have connections to the BNP. Eric Edmond, Martin Haslam, John West, Richard Suchorzewski, Nikki Sinclaire, Gary Cartwright and many others have all been accused of links to the BNP.

Any member who disagrees with Farage is labelled as “BNP”. Anyone who criticises him is “BNP”. He even had legal action threatened against him after he accused a staff member he had fallen out with as “BNP”.

The chairman of UKIP’s Bath branch was expelled from the party for emailing two BNP members an item about political correctness in the probation service.

And remember Mark Croucher’s statement that a leadership candidate “managed to consort with nazis” because a supporter of his campaign had once made a donation to a BNP connected organisation?

Farage even tried to link Nikki Sinclaire with the BNP after she left the EFD group. He claimed that as she was now non-attached, she was “with the BNP”.

And can you imagine the outcry from UKIP’s leadership if Nikki Sinclaire had invited Nick Griffin to a meeting organised by a member of her staff?

Farage should denounce Morten Messerschmidt’s invitation to Nick Griffin, order the removal of the report on the Turkey Assessment Group’s meeting from the EFD website and make it very clear that UKIP MEPs will leave the group if there is any further consorting with the BNP.

Or Lord Pearson should rule that UKIP has now dropped any objection to members associating with the BNP.

Or is Farage just a damn hypocrite?

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