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UKIP: More from UKIP East Midlands

Posted by juniusukip on November 30, 2010

So Clark cancelled the East Midlands meeting. See: LINK. How very, very convenient. But at least Clark can avoid answering awkward questions about OLAF’s ‘interest’ in him. And he can also avoid a few awkward questions about ‘vanishing funds’ and ‘the disappearance of new membership fees’.

We understand that Clark was less than impressed to see that Junius had published details of the forthcoming meeting on this blog.

How sad that Diane Kelly has resigned as Regional Treasurer. No loss there. She failed to attend committee meetings and has been described to us as “about as much use as a chocolate fireguard”.

A Farage sycophant from Nottingham is set to take her place.


2 Responses to “UKIP: More from UKIP East Midlands”

  1. Well, I don't think anyone will be seeing Mr Clark at any meeting till well into January, when he hopes everything 'will have died down'.It willl be excuses of 'Christmas this' and 'Christmas that' that will 'prevent' him from seeing people. And, 'No point arranging meetings just near Christmas, will be the repeated phrase. 'Everyone will be far too busy to attend meetings …'. Waffle, waffle, excuse, excuse …

  2. Greg_L-W. said

    Hi,it is also unlikely that OLAF will pass on the files to The British Police until after Christmas – with a staff of only 18 they are grossly inefficient which is why it took such a long time to put Tom Wise in prison for his criminal behaviour.I do not know if OLAF will deal with their original case against Derek Clark for fraud and money laundering as a separate issue to the new material they have been supplied with – we shall have to wait and see.Though I gather Clark would be in a position to use The Ernest Saunders defence – even Farage wants shot of this nodding donkey I gather and he wants Steve in to replace him (a reward for 'screwing' Tim Congdon's campaign?)We can but muse on the internal corruption of The EU and its devotees in UKIP's leadership welded as they are to suckling at the witches tit!Regards,Greg_L-W.

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