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UKIP’s Nigel Farage: Battling for Britain?

Posted by juniusukip on November 23, 2010

More musings from Mr Edwards…..

Yesterday, in the EU Parliament, Strasbourg, there was a debate on, fishing, encompassing anchovy stocks, Atlantic horse mackerel, flounder and turbot.

Spivboy, who is rumoured to sit on the Europarl Fisheries Committee – a position of which he boasts about on his profile at the European Parliamentary website – was, yet again, absent from a debate on fishing!

But get this, he is on record as having been in the Parliament building (well at least he signed on for his daily attendance allowance).

Thankfully, Gerard Batten spoke out about the CFP during the debate.

But not a cheap from Spivboy of course who was, um, elsewhere. Sadly my EFD source was unable to say why Spivboy was, yet again, conspicuous by his absence!

Ye gods, even, Stewart Agnew, has woken up, and he led a delegation to see the Fisheries Minister, Richard Benyon, earlier today –



3 Responses to “UKIP’s Nigel Farage: Battling for Britain?”

  1. Atlantic Horse Mackeral!Maybe if the fishing committee had been discussing Cod and Haddock Nigel might have turned up!

  2. UKIP said

    Re: Local Council By-Elections 18th November 2010 ——————————————————————————–HYNDBURN BaxendenTerry HURN (The Conservative Party Candidate) 683David HARTLEY (The Labour Party Candidate) 434Les WOLSTENCROFT (Independent) 47Bobby ANWAR (U K Independence Party) 17

  3. Junius said

    Who knows? But you could be right!

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