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Posted by juniusukip on November 21, 2010

Bannerman still chasing the Tories!

One of the most Europhile of all Tories is Councillor Tony Brown, from the London Borough of Ealing. Make no mistake, this man is the very last member of his party who would ever consider supporting UKIP’s position on the EU.

It was therefore something of a surprise to see him lunching on the 18th with…. none other than David Bannerman!

Having failed to ingratiate himself with the eurosceptic wing of the Tory party in Brussels, is is DB now setting his sights elsewhere?

And more on Farage’s Pan-European Party

UKIP’s drift towards the far-right first became evident in 2006, when Nigel Farage’s office in Brussels issued a statement supporting Vlaams Belang, the German NPD, the Austrian Freedom Party. Apparently they are not neo-nazis at all – just good ol’ eurosceptics!

In 2004, the presence of the Greek far-right politician Georgios Karatzaferis in the Independence & Democracy group attracted the attention of the Simon Weisenthal Centre – an interest that has been rekindled this summer.

But now Farage’s new project – a pan european political party – has really brought the filth out of the woodwork. In a letter circulated by Sharon Bonici (paid by Godfrey Bloom), she announces the involvement in the party of the ‘Sweden Democrats’. SD former Chairman Anders Klarstrom is typical of the good ol’ eurosceptics that will be sitting alongside Mssrs Bloom, Farage, and whoever else Farage orders to sign up to bring him in some more money.

Klarstrom was a pivotal figure in the delightfully named Nazi Nordic Reich Party!

Nice company you keep, Godfrey!


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