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UKIP shamed in the Northern Echo

Posted by juniusukip on November 20, 2010

Alan Hardy

So now many, many more people know just how ‘democratic’ UKIP really is!

UKIP has been exposed in the north’s best selling newspaper as a party where the rights of individual members are treated with total contempt. UKIP has become a mini version of the EU!

Arnott should resign immediately – along with Gordon Parkin – for their disgraceful treatment of Mr Hardy. See: LINK.

Arnott has been exposed as a fool and a liar. But what is new?

Our readers may recall that Arnott – along with Peter Reeve – represented UKIP when John West took them to court over the You Tube posting of his MEP interview. Their inept performance in Ipswich County Court resulted in UKIP losing the case. See: LINK

Gordon Parkin. If he had two brain cells to rub together, they’d die of loneliness

Jonathan ‘Frightened Rabbit’ Arnott. It moves, it talks but the lights went out a very, very long time ago.

If Arnott and Parkin had a brain cell between them, they’d be dangerous!

From The Northern Echo

Party tried to expel ex-BNP member

By Joe Willis

A TEACHER has won a legal battle with the UK Independence Party (UKIP) over an attempt to use his former membership of the British National Party to expel him.

Judge Peter Fox ruled that UKIP and the party’s Stockton branch chairman Gordon Parkin acted unlawfully when they tried to throw out member Alan Hardy.

The High Court in Middlesbrough heard how Mr Hardy, the branch’s former press officer, was initially expelled after falling out with Mr Parkin, who stood for UKIP in the Stockton North constituency at the last general election.

In his ruling, which declared Mr Hardy’s expulsion as null and void, Judge Fox summed up the relationship between the two men.

He said Mr Hardy, from Stockton, accused Mr Parkin of being “incompetent, dishonest and self-seeking”, while Mr Parkin accused Mr Hardy of being dishonest and so disruptive that it was impossible for the branch to function.

The row came to a head when Mr Hardy asked Mr Parkin to resign as branch chairman.

An argument between the two men resulted in UKIP Stockton branch being temporarily banned from the venue it used for meetings.

In September last year, Mr Parkin wrote to Mr Hardy saying he should no longer attend branch meetings.

In January, when Mr Hardy tried to renew his membership, Judge Fox found that UKIP general secretary Jonathan Arnott contrived to exclude him from the party on the grounds that he was a former BNP member, despite party leaders being aware of his past when he joined.

Mr Hardy, from Stockton, who is teaching English as a foreign language in Saudi Arabia, last night welcomed the ruling.

He said: “This has been about accountability. Gordon Parkin, aided by the UKIP hierarchy, now knows he cannot treat those who may disagree with him like dirt.

“Indeed, in light of the outcome of this case, I think he should do the decent thing and resign his membership.”

UKIP executive chairman Steve Crowther told The Northern Echo that the party was very unhappy with the judgement and would be reviewing its position.

He said: “UKIP is a tolerant, inclusive and non-sectarian organisation and it is important to our members that those values are maintained.”

To see the original: LINK


2 Responses to “UKIP shamed in the Northern Echo”

  1. How can Steve Crowther say UKIP is tolerent and inclusive when so many incidents in quick succession one after the other, year in year out indicate clearly it is not.I'm no politician and I can see it.Surely a man in his position should recognise it too.Or is Mr Crowther's definition of tolerence and inclusiveness different to everyone elses.It certainly sounds like it.

  2. Junius said

    Mr Crowther is just another example of why UKIP does not deserve power.He is a man who would sell his own mother if Farage demanded it.

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