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UKIP to feature in the Northern Press

Posted by juniusukip on November 19, 2010

UKIP can expect some bad publicity in the press. We understand that the Northern Echo is to run with Alan Hardy’s court victory against UKIP. See: LINK

Here is UKIP’s response to their defeat:

“UKIP acknowledges the judgement, but are very unhappy with it, and will be reviewing our position carefully.

UKIP is a tolerant, inclusive and non-sectarian organisation and it is important to our members that those values are maintained.”

Oh, really?

So why do UKIP MEPs sit with fascists in the EFD?

So why is Nikki Sinclaire taking them to court over homophobia and her unlawful ban from standing as a UKIP candidate, etc, etc, etc?

So why did Lord Pearson lie about Nikki not having the support of the West Midlands Committee?

So why were Eric Edmond and David Abbott expelled from the NEC for trying to raise concerns about corruption in the party?

So why was John West expelled from the party for trying raise concerns about the same thing?

So why was Del Young kicked out of UKIP after the odious Nuttall claimed that he was a member of UK First? He wasn’t.

So why is Farage happy to have Herman Kelly – a republican sympathiser – working for the EFD?

The list is endless. What hypocrites. Indeed, hypocrisy should be Farage’s middle name!


One Response to “UKIP to feature in the Northern Press”

  1. I would prefer it if UKIP and other organizations stated that they are ASPIRING to be tolerent and inclusive, rather than presuming they are.That would seem to me to be more honest.Considering the vagaries of human nature, surely that would be more accurate.It is what we ASPIRE to be that determines what we will be.How many of us can claim to be tolerent and inclusive in our attitudes and behaviour ALL THE TIME.I know I don't.Old prejudices can sometimes surface in me that shocks me and reminds me that I have a long way to go.I sm 54 and was brought up in a British society that was prejudiced and racist.It is only recently that British society has put the emphasis on inclusivity and tolerence. Prior to that, we were, most of us, racist, very intolerent and insufferable of others who differed from us.Change does not come overnight.It takes time.This is why it is so important for the leadership of organizations such as UKIP to be vigilent and to be aware that members who transgress these new aspirations should be put on 'the naughty step' and reminded of their responsibility to be an example to others.I am not talking of draconian punishment, just the honest willingness to acknowledge that certain members still have a long way to go regarding their attitudes and behaviour and they need to be reminded and disciplined as such.This will convince the rest of British society that UKIP is serious regarding its goal to be inclusive and tolerent, and thereby persuade sceptical people to join the party.It is tolerence and inclusivity 'All the time', that is the challenge for all us.Ungaurded, at times of stress and tiredness it is easy for something to pop out of our mouths, that later with hindsight we regret.So we must be careful and watch ourselves.It is unfortunate that it is those with the most responsibility in UKIP who are lacking insight into their attitudes and behaviours and the effect it is having on the members of UKIP.So many members of UKIP have left the party because of the lack of tolerence and prejudice.This is not good.In the light of so many members leaving UKIP it would seem quite ridiculous for UKIP to state that they have achieved the noble position of tolerence and all inclusivity when all the evidence suggests otherwise.The evidence suggests otherwise.

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