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UKIP: Spivboy

Posted by juniusukip on November 16, 2010

Another interesting email from Andrew Edwards is doing the rounds. It is amusing to note that more than one UKIP MEP has spoken favourably of Mr Edwards and has even endorsed his comments about Farage to certain colleagues in the EU Parliament!

In my last post I claimed that Spivboy was hypocritical for claiming that the Armistice Day service he attended in Brussels was held an hour too early because he would have to be inside of the EU parliament for a voting session later that morning.


Since when did, Nigel – Spivboy – Farage ever concern himself with attending voting sessions of the EU parliament?

Whether because of laziness, or for some other reason, you frequently miss such things. Don’t you, Spivboy???

So for the benefit of the jury, let me remind you of your latest disdain for British interests:

Spivboy Farage actually walked out of the session early last Thursday, followed by several of his henchmen, including that disgrace to the Aristocracy, William Dartmouth and Mr Invisibility himself, Trev Colman.

Spivboy and co, chose to do this instead of voting on the important Livestock legislation before Europarl that day. BTW, most of those UKIP MEP’s remaining in the chamber also failed to vote.

As most of you know, the CAP absorbs about 50% of the EU budget, so how is it that Farage’s EUkip can pretend to care about the amount of money we pay to the EU without bothering to oversee how that money is spent?

Again, further hypocrisy. Do you dare to differ Spivboy?

Ukip’s claim that it is interested in farming matters, whilst it’s led by Spivboy, is also a load of nonsense and hypocrisy.

This is what Farage negligently and arrogantly dismissed last Thursday – despite his duty to his constituents and his salary and his expenses:

They missed out on important amendments to:

Help stop farmers being squeezed by supermarkets and large multinationals.
Weaken the scope of the Common Agricultural Policy
Stop price hikes in grain due to speculators
Stop price fixing and the squeezing of margins for producers/farmers
Encourage local produce
Weaken restrictions on feeding GM cereals to cattle
Moves to overturn the ban on meat and bone meal which was introduced after the BSE and CJD scandal.

This together with a number of moves that could have given a more sustainable future to British livestock farmers was wilfully and shamefully ignored by Spivboy and his acolytes.

So what was so important to you last Thursday old chap? Surely you didn’t put your own desires before the interests of Britain. Or did you????

Just where were Spivboy, Dartmouth, and Colman, in such a rush to get to last Thursday??? Probably best not to ask!!!!

PS: My thanks to a contact within the EFD group for offering this information to me, and, for supplying detailed copies of the aforementioned votes etc, that Spivboy was too busy to attend.


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