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UKIP leadership election: David Bannerman’s website and that offer to rejoin the Tories

Posted by juniusukip on September 29, 2010

Bannerman’s website is probably the best designed of all the candidates. See: LINK

It is interesting to note that not a SINGLE MEP is backing him. The only name of note is Sir Patrick Moore and we very much doubt if the old boy would have done this if someone had made him aware of Bannerman’s dishonesty and lies.

We do note that Douglas ‘Himmler’ Denny has abandoned Farage to back his rival. No surprise to see Peter Reeve endorsing his boss. You will recall that Reeve was exposed by the Sunday Times after it emerged that he was being illegally paid by Bannerman and Agnew out of their EU allowances.

Baloney Maloney is also a supporter. Bannerman has announced that he will make him Deputy Leader. So Bannerman does have a sense of humour! You may recall that Bannerman once promised to make Del Young Deputy Leader. He later stood by and watched as the NEC and the odious Nuttall forced him out of the party.

We had to laugh when we read Bannerman’s biography. So he reckons that his mum was a Sophia Loren lookalike? Do us a favour!

We see that Bannerman has dropped ALL mention of being related to a former prime minister. A wise decision as we all knew that you were lying!

We noted the odd criticism of Farage:

“It means working as one team, not a one man band.”

He claims that he is ‘looking for the right lady to settle down with, when he’s not working all the time’.

Still living a lie, eh?

The website also features a photo of Bannerman standing next to former Bishop Nazir-Ali. A quick look at the list of supporters fails to show his name. We would hate to think that Bannerman is deliberately using the photo to mislead UKIPPERS into thinking that Nazir-Ali is backing him.

Let us not forget that the former bishop has some rather interesting views on homosexuality.

Nazir-Ali opposes the ordination of non-celibate gay and lesbian clergy and the blessing of same-sex unions. He has been “accused of pandering to hate and homophobia” after publishing a statement, on the day a Gay Pride parade took place in London, calling for homosexuals to “repent and be changed”.

So is Bannerman using the photo as part of his “I am not gay” routine?

And thanks for letting us know that you once lived with a certain Armando from the Dominican Republic.

And do please spare us the nonsense that you were a key player in the Northern Ireland ‘Peace Process’. None of the real key players can even remember you!

But we really love this line:

David believed enough in the cause of saving lives, and achieving a respectable peace in Northern Ireland, that he was prepared to undertake a job regardless of the evident dangers to himself.

But we were very disappointed to note that he failed to explain why he decided to leave the Tories and join UKIP. But we can well understand his reluctance to mention this.

Here are the facts:

Bannerman left the Tories because his future career prospects as a Conservative were zero. He was disliked by far too many senior Tories.

Bannerman only joined UKIP after he was promised a lead MEP position in a ‘safe’ region. It had nothing to do with conviction. He later told one of our colleagues that he was desperate to become an MEP because he “needed the money”.

Bannerman was also promised the chance to lead UKIP.

We also note that Bannerman has failed to mention one VERY important recent fact.

A Tory MP of our acquaintance told us that earlier this year Bannerman contacted senior Tory officials in Brussels and the Eastern Region with an offer to rejoin them IF he was allowed to be their lead MEP candidate in 2014.

So when was Bannerman going to tell the membership of UKIP about his plan to jump ship and return to the Tory fold?

Is that the thanks UKIPPERS get for helping you join the EU Gravy Train?

The Tories wisely turned you down. And who can blame them?

Your entire career in UKIP has been based on a lie. You are a political prostitute without a single shred of integrity. Your patriotism is dictated by how much money you can earn while keeping your snout firmly in the trough.

Why on earth would the Tories want that chump as one of their MEPs? And why would any UKIPPER want him as UKIP leader?

We should point out that more than one UKIPPER has told us that Bannerman is only standing to split the Congdon vote.


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