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UKIP: Leadership election & Lisa Duffy in court

Posted by juniusukip on September 28, 2010

Leadership election

Here is the list of final candidates:

Nigel Farage
Winston McKenzie
Tim Congdon
David Bannerman

Mad Monckton withdrew from the race to support Farage.

Dear Nigel,

Just a note to say that I won’t be standing for the leadership: It is you who have built the UKIP brand, and it would not be fair to stand in your way. I’ll help in any way I can.

All the best, Christopher

We said that he was mad!

Jason Smith withdrew from the race to support Bannerman. Another fool!

McKenzie’s decision to stand has puzzled many UKIPPERS. He has no chance of winning and will be extremely lucky to get 200 votes. We hear that his decision to run had more to do with his ego.

Do you think that Winston would make a good leader? If so, watch this masterpiece….

And do listen for his urgent appeal to the cameraman. It can be heard 57 seconds into the film.

“Give me the cue for the next lot.”

But at least the pigeon was VERY impressed!

Lisa Duffy in Court.

Lisa Duffy’s picture. To be used by the NHS to highlight the terrible consequences of unprotected sex.

Mr Hardy has had his day in court. This concerned Gordon Parkin’s decision to unlawfully ban him from UKIP meetings. See: LINK

The trial was heard on Thursday and Friday of last week.

The party was represented by Lisa Duffy who, in common with Gordon Parkin, entered court with high expectations of success. We understand that she made a complete mess of it – no surprise there – and by the end of the proceedings was left feeling extremely foolish.

We understand that the Judge was less than impressed with UKIP and made some VERY pointed comments about the party.

We can only hope that the membership – the real payer – enjoys discharging the legal fees, which are estimated to run into thousands.

We will be publishing more details in the very future.


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