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UKIP: Godfrey Bloom sinks to another all time low

Posted by juniusukip on September 28, 2010

And just when you thought that Bloom couldn’t bring UKIP and the Euro-sceptic movement into further disrepute.

When not urinating in hotel corridors Bloom likes to post his words of wisdom on Twitter

Here are just a few:

@DowningStreet is worried about #climate deniers. We should worry more about the stupid Cnuts inside it. What a Stupid Bunch of Cnuts…

Delegates at #copenhagen who think they can control the elements are a bunch of stupid self-serving Cnuts. What a Stupid Bunch of Cnuts… #eu

So now we know why government scientists talk [B- ollocks] on climate change#ukip

And don’t forget these old extracts from his blog:

The dirty mac brigade visit Brussels for some fun.

What a Stupid Bunch of Cnuts…

One complete bunch of Cnuts – the editorial team at the Guardian newspaper – believes that it, along with 56 other publications throughout the world, can rightly issue instructions to the world through their editorial columns. The group of 56 newspapers today issued a statement simultaneously urging that there were just ‘fourteen days to seal history’s judgment on this generation’.

Complete Cnuts ex-Beatle, Paul McCartney, and IPCC Chair, Rajendra Pachauri were in Brussels last week, pushing lentils. They want to persuade the EU to persuade its citizens to stop eating meat because, according to them, eating meat causes climate change. This is the kind of nonsense that the Copenhagen conference (and the EU) is all about – bossing people about, telling them how they should live their lives and what to have for dinner. We had a barbecue in Brussels to let McCartney and Pachauri know what we thought of their silly plan.

Silly Cnut, the Prince of Wales has been invited to Copenhagen by the Danish government, according to the Times.

It’s easy for Cnut’s like Prince Charles to convince themselves that private jets are necessary for their job of saving the planet, and that poverty is just a trivial problem. He ought to be setting an example, and cycling to Copenhagen.

To see the originals: LINK

The sooner Bloom is kicked out of UKIP the better. The man is a disgrace to the whole Euro-sceptic movement.

And to think that UKIP could have had Richard North representing them in Yorkshire. He should have been UKIP’s lead candidate in 2004 but Farage rigged the selection so that his drinking buddy could join him in Brussels. Thanks Nigel!

For more on Bloom: LINK


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