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Another UKIP Chairman resigns

Posted by juniusukip on February 27, 2009

Peter Cole – UKIP Chairman of two branches in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire – has now resigned from UKIP. Yet again another decent, hard working member is driven out thanks to Farage and Nuttall’s dishonesty, deceit and corruption.

Here is his resignation letter to Paul Nuttall:


Dear Paul

Thank you for your letter dated 20th February 2009 signed again by David Challice.

With regard to your second paragraph, I find your comments completely unworthy, firstly, if an unlawful committee (as defined in the Party Rules) is selecting the prospective MEP’s, there certainly ARE ‘Grounds’ for a re-run. After having read both the returning officer’s statement and the letter from George Curtis to John West there most certainly ARE ‘Grounds’.

Secondly, you state there is insufficient time for a re-run, should anyone be surprised when it has taken you twenty-one (21) weeks to come to this conclusion?

I joined UKIP thinking I had joined a democratic, honest party. I think that it was when I joined, but during these last two years things have ‘gone to pot’, I am still very much against the European Union and desperately want my country back, I now have grave doubts that this is UKIP’s aim.

What has happened to the very serious complaints I have made about the liar George Curtis, who I now note has become another NEC ‘nodding donkey’ and the liar Peter Reeve who I understand has now been interviewed by the Cambridgeshire Police after assaulting another person at a UKIP meeting?

I am so disgusted with the way you, the ECC and the NEC conduct yourselves I will now not only refuse to help UKIP in the EU elections but strongly oppose anything that UKIP tries to achieve, consequently I have no other choice than to resign my UKIP membership.

Good luck to all in UKIP, you will most certainly need it!!

Yours very sincerely

Peter Cole


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