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Why Harry Aldridge has some explaining to do

Posted by juniusukip on February 22, 2009

Mr Harry Aldridge – another Farage sycophant- recently made the following announcement on the British Democracy Forum:

“Just seen incoming links to my blog from this thread, and thought i’d answer. I know nothing of this meeting if it indeed happened, and it was certainly not the doing of the A&SD committee. For avoidance of doubt Martin Haslam is no longer our PPC and we are seeking new applications. (ant takers?)”.

End of quote. The comments was posted on 16-02-2009 at 10:37 AM

I can now confirm that this statement came as quite a surprise to Martin Haslam who was under the impression that he was still a UKIP PPC.

Would Mr Aldridge care to explain when it was decided to remove Mr Haslam as a UKIP PPC?
Who made the decision?

What reasons were given for this decision?

Was an EGM called?

Why wasn’t Mr Haslam given the opportunity to defend himself?

Why didn’t anyone bother to tell Mr Haslam that he had been de-selected?

Do you think it is acceptable to de-select a candidate behind the candidates back?

Don’t you think that you should have had the decency to inform Mr Haslam of this decision BEFORE announcing it the world?

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